Mental Health Awareness

Good Evening guys,

As it is World Mental Health Awareness day I thought this was a great opportunity to share my feelings and how I stay mentally healthy.

We live in a day and age where we are constantly surrounded by negativity and it is extremely difficult to stay positive on some days with the likes of Donald Trump constantly spreading rubbish on Twitter and trolling on the internet.

Some days I just avoid watching the news altogether as I just say ‘I can’t stand the negativity’. It’s true, how often do you see a ‘good news story’…not that often! One of the ways I remain positive is that if I don’t like something that I see on TV or online I will just avoid it. I am not going to be one of those people who watch stuff that I absolutely hate just to write a nasty message, no-one likes a troll.

I really wanted to share some of my tips on how to stay mentally healthy especially for those of you students out there. I’m a final year student and I am remaining very positive and I am going to try my best to avoid the ‘absolute overwhelming stress overload‘.

1. Stay Organised. 

I take great pride in my organisation skills and if that means investing in pretty coloured notebooks or a huge box file to keep stuff in then do it! My goal for this final year of my educational career is to make it as enjoyable as possible and I know some people may think I am talking the impossible. But hey i’ve done 3 years of university already let’s go for this last year and enjoy every second because everyone I know says how much they miss it.

I’ve also created a really fun, colourful deadline schedule so I can cross out when I hand in a bit of coursework so it feels very satisfying; plus it makes deadlines look less intimidating. Also with the help of my course mates we created a little to-do list over the year so all these bits of coursework are clearly set out with what we need to do.


My colleagues at work also bought me this amazing planner for my leaving gift and it is a life-saver. Helping me to know where I am and what i’m doing especially with my university timetable I love it!


2. Treat yo’self! 

Over this year I have so many deadlines and I’ll be spending most of my time doing coursework. I have numerous events planned such as going to see Nothing but Thieves in November & Ed Sheeran next May to help have stuff to look forward to and not just the deadlines.

I am also a huge believer as i’ve mentioned on a previous post (Origins York: Launch Event) in taking time out of your week to pamper yourself. Whether that be having a bath, sitting back and reading a book or doing a face mask. I always make time in my week to do a face mask to fully detox my skin. Doing something like every week helps you to always look forward to something and helps to cleanse your mind.

I always used to scare my parents when I walked through the house with all sorts of different face masks on. Now I make sure that me and my flatmate do a face mask or some sort of good thing for our skin every week.

Origins is by far my favourite brand and they do free facials so if any of you are needing a good ol’ pamper then head on over, I highly advise it! The one in York is absolutely stunning and so relaxing plus the girls are amazing. I definitely miss them now I’m back in Sheffield (just look at Origins York below!)


I also just want to add is that yes we are students but me and my flatmate have some damn good meals. We had a Camembert evening and Aldi has the best Camembert for only £2, you don’t need to spend a fortune! 

That Aldi Camembert…

3. Stay Healthy

This is  something I feel that we can all do in some way, shape or form. For 10 years I did a Korean self-defence class and punching some sparring mitts twice a week used to be the best stress-relieving exercise ever! Unfortunately as I’m away from home I had to find other means of exercise by signing up for spin & boxing classes.

Exercise is all about taking your mind away from your busy working life and working up a sweat. I recently found Hot Yoga which is honestly so incredible (Hot Yoga Review!) I am yet to start up Yoga again since I moved to Sheffield but even my mentor in York said that Hot Yoga classes are one of the only times she doesn’t think about work.

It is also good to eat well, now I don’t mean fancy quinoa & fancy vegetables that you’ve never heard of dishes but taking care of yourself. Eating fruit and drinking plenty of water helps to keep my mind open and awake throughout the day.

I like to make dishes that are fun, exciting and healthy at the same time. I absolutely love Madeleine Shaw‘s books and I have all of them & I’d highly recommend her books if you fancy making some interesting healthy recipes or just check out her website she has loads of recipes on there too.


4. Be Kind

This is something very simple that we can all do. As previously mentioned we can be surrounded by harsh words on social media. I try my best to be kind and help those around me whenever I can. Whether that be cooking dinner for my flatmate, helping out a colleague of mine or treating my mum for lunch.

Take some time out of your day to be nice to someone as that might just completely change their mood for the day. It’s typical to remember that ‘treat yourself as you would want to be treated’ and it is so true.

I’m currently living in a flat just with myself and my best friend and honestly we have so much fun, despite this being a tough year I know having each other we will absolutely ace it. If you can see someone is stressed out or not acting themselves, ask if you can help or if they fancy a chat. That could honestly change someones day or even their life!

It’s easy for me to give advice but I would like to share with you guys some honesty on how I feel sometimes.

I can feel very paranoid sometimes, this sounds crazy but I can get very self-conscious and think that people are talking about me behind my back. This happens sometimes when I’m tired and I just overthink situations way too much.

How do I avoid this?

  • Well I know I have done absolutely nothing wrong to anyone and I always treat people how I wish to be treated.
  • Take my mind off my overthinking brain by doing some yoga, exercise or just simply having a shower.
  • Or I may just need a good sleep so I make sure I get my necessary hours.

I also have gone through some changes with my body over the past few years where i’ve gained weight, this I think is due to just simply growing up. I also got a contraception called the implant in my arm and I’m pretty sure that has made me gain weight. I’ve just learned to accept that i’m not going to fit in smaller sizes but I am healthy, I do exercise and eat well. Sometimes I do treat myself to something a little less on the healthy side but if it makes me happy then whats the harm in that? 

I’ve found it really important to not aspire to be anyone else and you know those ridiculous fitness pictures you see on Instagram, they are all very overly edited and photoshopped so ignore them!! 

It is very important to speak to your loved ones, family, friends or partners on how you feel and ask how they are feeling.

Go out of your way to make someone happy this week and then do it every week. Whether you give someone in a restaurant more tips than you normally would or compliment a stranger on how they look.

I would like to thank many people in my life recently for keeping my mental health positive, my family (mum, dad, grandparents), my amazing boyfriend of nearly 4 years Phil & his family, my wonderful flatmate Bekah & my fellow course-mates (Ivan, Freya, Harriet & Hannah). The list for me of thank you’s are honestly endless I am blessed to have some incredible friends including those I met on my placement year; you know who you are by me saying thank you to all of you.

Now lets end this positive post with a phrase that speaks very true in the words of RuPaul ‘if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else’!

Learn to love who you are, we are all unique and we should all appreciate that! 

Sending all my love to you all supporting my blog, this blog has honestly increased my confidence and pride in myself so much!

Lots of love & thank you for reading,



  1. Renard Moreau Reply

    [ Smiles ] I didn’t know that today was World Health Mental Awareness Day. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

    And, I also believe in being organised and being kind!

  2. bobbiejrae Reply

    Amen!…We all have to love ourselves first and be kind to others…

    • Bookitblogger Reply

      Thank you so much I couldn’t agree more!

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