Why I’m Taking Part in R.E.D

Good Evening guys,

We are reaching ever closer to Christmas and I have handed in my coursework for this term. It feels great but the work does not stop as I have 2 deadlines in January and I’m working right up to Christmas Eve I’m not celebrating Christmas just yet.

I’ll be hopping on my train back home on Christmas Eve ready to spend the holidays with my family. I can’t wait and I’m not going to lie to you it is hard seeing everyone leave to go home and I have to stay but I know that it’s all worth the wait. I love being sent pictures from home and my dad just sent me a picture of my beautiful dog Lola, just take a look…


Lola got her haircut ready for Christmas and she looks so cute in her Santa Hat and Scarf.

Getting little messages or face-timing my mum helps me to keep myself safe from being homesick. I’m a pretty independent person but everybody likes to have contact with their close ones on a regular basis. I’m very lucky to have such an incredible family and support system and I’ll always be grateful for that.

I like to constantly push myself and i’ve been really focused on my mental health whilst being at University. I’ve researched statistics and it was revealed that approximately 1 in 4 people every year will report an issue with mental health, that equates to around 500,000 students. On a more serious note as well it’s been reported that those who take their own lives in the UK, only 28% had been in contact with a mental health service and with students only 12% have been reported to have been in contact with student counselling (Universities UK, 2017).

I know first hand how stressful the university life is and without the right support it is really overwhelming. That is why I take time for myself to relax, pamper myself with a face mask, keep on top of my work and if I’m struggling with anything I will talk to somebody. I am happy to say that if I ever see anyone struggling with stress I’ll always ask if they need someone to talk to, it’s just something simple but it’s exactly what I’d want if I’m going through some difficult times.

I have written a previous post all about Mental Health Awareness and I give some tips and how I keep myself positive so go and check it out:

Now as I’ve mentioned from the title I am going to be taking part in R.E.D.

What is R.E.D?

R.E.D is a fundraising challenge set in January to kick-start the year and help to raise not only money, but awareness for mental health. This is all part of the charity Mind. Mind provide access to advice and support for anyone that experiences a mental health problem.

Proving just how vital raising money and awareness for this charity is truly justified through their recent report. They have over 3,000 Mind members including 745 volunteers. In 2016 they answered over 70,000 calls and they made a total net profit of £28.8 million this is an outstanding amount of money but we can always improve it.

There is no limit to raising money for such an incredible charity, hence why I’m getting involved in January 2018. As soon as I start the New Year I will be running every single day to clear my head, and raise money for Mind, there’s no target but I want to try and raise as much money as I can.

For every phone call it costs Mind £6 to answer.

That is a lot of money so I am going to include the link to my Just Giving Page and if you would like to help, then please donate.


I am really excited to start and if you would like to get involved, don’t worry if you’re not a runner you can do a small jog, go for a long walk or even just run on a treadmill anything suitable to your fitness level.

Head over to this link to get involved: R.E.D Sign up


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I will be documenting throughout the entire of January my progress and how I am finding my challenge.

If you liked this post let me know in the comments and share any posts you would like me to do.

Thank you so much for reading.

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