Edinburgh: What I missed

I spent a lovely weekend in Edinburgh with my mum recently and like I said in my previous post you can cover so much in a weekend, but looking back there are things I definitely missed.

If you want to see what I got up to on my weekend then check it out here:

We ticked off the main highlights including a day trip to Glasgow.

Edinburgh Castle
Victoria Street
Ashton Lane

As I said in my last post I’m the kind of person who used to not be spontaneous. I would need an itinerary whereas I think the more I travel the more I realise that those times you just wander down a random side street you can discover something amazing.

Another reason why I’ve realised I missed a fair few bits is that my mum had been to Edinburgh before so I didn’t want to make her repeat bits she’d already seen.

Now let’s have a look what’s on my list for next time:

The Haunted Side of Edinburgh

Now I am not one to be that faint of heart I grew up watching nearly every horror movie there is with my dad. Watching films like Jeepers Creepers from a rather young age so it’s safe to say a good old ghost story is right up my street.

Edinburgh is absolutely packed full of gothic architecture with dark stone, just walking around Edinburgh whether it be during the day or at night you instantly get a feel of its’ history.

Cockburn Street

There is no doubt in my mind why Edinburgh is one of the UK’s most haunted locations, just like my home, York. It does remind me a lot of York with all the little alleyways leading off The Royal Mile.

Interestingly, a fairly new attraction named Mary Kings Close just happens to be one of these alleyways leading off The Royal Mile underground, with its 400-year old history. Mary Kings Close is a 17th-century street which is preserved and you can now walk this very street for yourself.

Photo courtesy of Edinburgh Spotlight

Doing a bit of research myself, in the 17th century the old town of Edinburgh got so overcrowded they couldn’t expand outwards, so they expanded upwards. The richer would live at the top of the buildings, the poor would live in the dark ground floors surrounded by the sewers and squalid conditions.

Photo courtesy of Edinburgh Spotlight

There is something so eery about this whole community living underground and the fact the poor were forced to live underground and even continued working when they were practically half-buried to make way for new buildings.

You can visit Mary Kings Close on your own trip with tours going from 10:00am until 5pm or from April to  October from 09:30am until 9:30pm. Standard Adult prices cost £15.50 and you can prebook your visit here: https://www.realmarykingsclose.com

The infamous Ghost Tours

I saw so many ghost tours going out around Edinburgh in the evening and I know just judging from the amount of history in Edinburgh that there will definitely be many good ghost stories to be told.

I love a ghost tour and when I managed the Tourism Society at university I organised one in Sheffield and it was so much fun seeing the place that you’re living in or visiting, in a whole new light.

I would love to hear from you guys, have you done any Edinburgh ghost walks and what would you recommend for me?

Let’s have a bit of a laugh

Now pretty much all of you will know Edinburgh as being home to the Fringe Festival that happens every August.

It’s quite incredible the Fringe Festival dates back to 1947 when eight theatre groups were not invited to perform at the International Festival but performed anyway on the ‘fringe’ of the festival. It’s amazing, nowadays this festival constantly grows bringing more and more unique artists.

Of course when I went back in November I missed the festival but I still think it’s great to appreciate the local artists especially with the Fringe Festival being the start of many comedians careers.

I’ve always been a fan of going to comedy gigs and Edinburgh is the perfect place for this. You can visit The Stand Comedy Club on York Place and attend any of their events including their club on a Thursday to Saturday and Sunday night laugh-in. I had my eyes on visiting the comedy club but we ended up being too tired to give it a go but it’s definitely on my list for next time with tickets costing around £5.00-£10.00 and performances will normally begin around 20:00pm.

The Stand (photo courtesy of Meeting Edinburgh)

Get my butt up Arthurs Seat

If you haven’t already ready my post about my weekend in Edinburgh then go ahead and check it out.

For those of you that have you’ll know that we did our own little miniature walk of Arthur’s Seat heading to St. Anthony’s Chapel. It was extremely windy and I did not even think about coming prepared with walking boots.

Next year I would love to make it to the top of Arthur’s Seat and get the stunning views and doing the circular route walk should take around 2 hours. Why not start the day heading up Arthur’s Seat and end it with a pint and comedy to tickle those funny bones?

Arthur’s Seat (photo courtesy of Edinburgh Spotlight)

Now that sounds like a good weekend doesn’t it?

Start it by finding out all about the Haunted Side of Edinburgh with a visit to Mary Kings Close and end it with a view from Arthur’s Seat and local comedy artists at The Stand. 

I would love to hear from you guys is there anything that I have missed and should add to my list for my next visit to Edinburgh?

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