What turning 23 means to me.

Find about what turning 23 has meant to me and why I’m making some big changes to my blog.

Yesterday I celebrated my 23rd birthday, having a birthday so close to Christmas and in the so called ‘worst month’ of the year can be a little bit rubbish. However, me being forever being positive, to me it’s the month of my birthday so surely it’s not that bad.

I guess it’s a blend of turning 23 and starting a fresh year in 2019 that I have actually found some new inspiration. I really want to turn this blog and my Instagram feed into something that I am more dedicated about. For ages I’ve been trying to force posts that just do not keep me motivated at all. I learned very quickly from my Life Update (check it out here) that being honest and talking from my heart really does work.

There was no better moment in 2018 than finally graduating with a First Class Honours in International Tourism Management, it was a powerful feeling. I have grown so much mentally since and could not be prouder of myself.

I want you all to feel a lot more familiar with who I am, and what I am truly dedicated towards. There’s one particular topic that I haven’t really covered on here and I think it is more of a confidence thing.

Fashion has been missing from my life.

I spend hours flicking through Instagram on the explore feed seeing all of these beautiful girls with those picture perfect outfit posts and think well what’s the point in me even attempting to compete with that? I guess now I have grown a new mentality and just think ‘F**k it’. I feel 1000% better when I wear an outfit that I’ve spent time planning out and when people compliment your clothes you feel a million times better.

You have to try it. You’ve only got one trip, you’ve got to remember that.

Iris Apfel

I have always been very fashion focused, I think it comes from my mum always being my style icon. I really want to inject a bit of my love for fashion as it really does improve my mental health dramatically. I am really trying to ask myself why it has taken me so long to write about this.

If I can be even an inch as eccentric and confident as Iris Apfel, being in my young age of 23 then there will be absolutely no stopping me.

Iris Apfel – image courtesy of The Times

I have created an entire new category on my blog under ‘The Fashion List‘ and I am going to challenge myself to write new posts regularly and use my Instagram to really show you what I’m thinking.

I have started creating some Mood Boards on Pinterest (including my 2019 Hot List which you can check out here) and even bought a copy of Vogue Magazine to kickstart my motivation.

I am really excited to get started and I hope you guys are ready for it. I have so many ideas running around my head including ‘My Style Predictions for 2019‘ and ‘My Wardrobe Essentials‘.

If you have any ideas on what you would like to see my talk about here then let me know in the comments, or head to my Twitter and Instagram @bookitblogger

It may take me a while to gain the confidence to post some outfit pictures of myself as it is not something I do regularly at all but I am really going to work on this to bring this whole new blogging adventure to a new level.

Get ready for the change

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