Mix it up with the Eurostar

Mix up your travel, why not take the Eurostar and

Need some inspiration for a quick little weekend break away? Well I have the perfect option for you.

Sometimes it can be a bit boring just getting a flight and you miss out on so much scenery doing it that way. I often forget how quickly we can get into Europe just within a couple of hours from London. The Eurostar is a perfect way to try something new and try somewhere different.

There can be rather nice perks of working within the travel industry, for example getting to try out the Eurostar. I have been lucky to do a day trip to Paris and now to Brussels there and back in one day.

The Grand Place in Brussels.

Both times I have been astonished with how quickly we got there and doing it by rail just feels so much nicer. You get to sit back, relax and look out of the window at the scenery going past. Then your station generally is right in the centre, so no hassle of airport transfers and waiting for your luggage to arrive.

It is quite funny, one of my first blog posts on here was all about my trip to Paris and it is what got me enjoying writing about my travel experiences. I have kind of been a bit on the ‘downlow’ with writing blog posts and I guess it is fair and honest to say my heart has not been in it. I have not found inspiration to write anything and I have always said I don’t want to write just for the sake of it.

It isn’t until I go on a trip or plan something new that it fuels a fire in my brain to get writing again. Well my most recent little Eurostar trip to Brussels did exactly that.

The Grand Place in Brussels.

We got rail from York to London that took just over 2 hours and then checked in for our Eurostar with ease at St. Pancras.

Image of neon sign at London St. Pancras, reading 'I want my time with you'.

We did Standard Premier on the way out; I personally feel is well worth the upgrade. You have so much space for yourself and your luggage; you also get a meal delivered right to your seat with a choice of refreshments. It feels so much more luxurious and if you have the choice I would upgrade. 

We set off from York at around 7:00am, then by 14:00pm we were in Brussels. That is pretty amazing right? 

It can mean an early start from your home to get down to London for your Eurostar but if you plan on going for a weekend break away it is well worth it. I felt so much more relaxed rather than having to go to an airport it has a completely different vibe around it. 

Image of group holding Belgian Waffles.

I love the fact that we are so easily able to exprience somewhere new. Eurostar have increased their destinations recently with Amsterdam, Avignon, Lille, Paris and Brussels being amongst the bunch of lucky destinations you can just sit back and arrive at your leisure to. 

I have definitely added Amsterdam to my list of Eurostar journeys and may be a trip later in the year. 

Map of Europe showing the routes of the Eurostar
Eurostar Destination Map, image courtesy of Trainline

If you do live a bit further out of London I would probably advise staying a night after you get back as it can feel like a much longer journey having that additional journey when you get back to the UK especially if your Eurostar is delayed. Plus why not see a bit of London to finish off your break?

Have you ever tried the Eurostar before, or ever thought of doing it?

I would strongly recommend it to you all. Have a little look over on the Eurostar website and start planning your own weekend trip: https://www.eurostar.com or you can even book your tickets through the Trainline app which I love.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog posts as it is getting exciting with blogs such as my review on Prague and how my first solo trip went.

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