How to Up your Work Wardrobe

Sometimes it can be frustrating you see so many clothes but think when will I get time to wear them if you work 5 days a week in an office?

It has taken me a while but my wardrobe is now 99% office wear and I hardly wear jeans anymore. I think this all comes down to Topshop they for me have been absolutely killing it. So many wardrobe essentials of mine have come from there with midi skirts, boiler suits and some serious animal print.

There is definitely something to say about what you wear and how it makes you feel. When I put an outfit together and feel good then my behaviour at work improves. If you look good, you feel good it is as simple as that.

I wanted to put some little wardrobe essentials together to up your office wear game:

The Midi Skirt

I currently own 5 different midi skirts, 5 out of those 5 are from Topshop and everytime I go into store I get tempted with adding another to my collection.

They are so easy to wear and transition throughout different seasons. They are in so many different colours and are so flattering on everyone. You can transition them from winter paired with a chunky knit jumper and some ankle boots.

To paired with a boxy t-shirt doing the classic ‘French Tuck’ as Tan from Queer Eye would say.

Finally in summer you can pair it with the upcoming trend of strappy camisoles and buckled sandals.

I am so excited to transition my wardrobe into summer as browsing through the S/S collections in Vogue and online the colours excite me. I have already been living in my midi skirts at work and even at the weekends and I love them.

Images courtesy of Glamour UK

The Animal Print

I never thought i’d be somebody to say that I own a lot of leopard print and snakeskin but…I own a lot of leopard print and snakeskin. I’ve found it so easy to wear and you can really use it as a base to really bring out your outfit. You can be completely out there and wear a full leapord print jumpsuit or throw on a pair of snakeskin ankle boots.

I always find people really notice my outfit and it is definitely a strong choice to make but makes your office wear slightly less boring. Plus if you feel a bit fed up and want to brighten up your day then you can let out your inner Bebe Zahara Benet (for all you Rupaul’s Drag Race fans) and bring out a little bit of sass.

Images courtesy of net-a-porter.

The Ankle Boot

It sounds really simple I know. I remember buying a pair of Chelsea Boots from Office and wearing them to their final day until the soles fell off. They went with absolutely everything and I always felt they looked a bit more dressy.

Just like The Midi Skirt they can really be worn throughout the whole year from A/W to S/S. I adore wearing them with a pair of skinny jeans and a chunky knit jumper or even now to bring your midi skirts to an even more dressed up look. You could say wearing a pair of heeled boots to work can be a lot but what if you plan on going on a date night or some cocktails after work?

Bring a pair of Ankle Boots to work and you can switch your day ‘office look’ to ‘night out look’ in as simple way as switching your shoes.

I am currently obsessed with my Topshop HARLEM Taupe Western Boots – they also can double up as a weapon because they are extremely pointy (let’s hope nobody annoys me at work…)

Images courtesy of Glamour

The Co-ord

This is my most exciting part of the blog post. I have been on a hunt for a long time for a ‘power suit’ I absolutely adore co-ord suits there’s something about it that just makes me feel like my female power would seriously increase. I see images on my Instagram @bookitblogger all the time with people like @inthefrow and @samanthamariaofficial posting their ‘power suits’ and they can be dressed up with a pair of heels or made more casual with a pair of chunky trainers.

Maybe one day I will find my power suit but until then I will continue my goal to increase my co-ord outfits. I see so many online for Summer with gorgeous crop tops and midi skirts which look so beautiful. I feel like doing a co-ord you can really make a statement with bright colours and prints whilst keeping it subtle and smart.

Images courtesy from @inthefrow and @samanthamariaofficial

The Accesory

It can be as simple as an accessory, whether it be a headband or a statement pair of earrings. I am not gonna sit here and type away making out like a make an effort with the clothes I wear every single day because some days I just can not be bothered.

I remember being at primary school and being obsessed with different headbands and some were seriously bright and out there. I never thought I would see this coming back so quickly but I am obsessed with the safari, animal print looks that are coming out. Just simple headbands, headscarves and little hair pins not only can get my hair out of my face at work but they also can bring out hints of colour from your outfit.

I am also currently obsessed with wearing gold jewellery. For a long time I have wanted to own rings and necklaces that I can layer and wear with anything. I follow @tanyaburr on Instagram and always saw her jewellery from Missoma and fell in love with their accessories. Since I got my job last year they’ve become like a little gift to myself and I’ve since bought several pieces which I wear every single day. They look so classic and chic and I feel like they bring just a simple boxy white t-shirt to looking more ready for the office.

Images courtesy of @missomalondon and Glamour

I am so glad I have finally done my first ‘Fashion’ related post and I really enjoyed it. I hope to eventually pluck up the courage to start posting images with myself and outfits that I put together but I am not quite there yet. I hope this inspires you to up your office game and I would love to hear from you if it changes your mood at work for some reason it works for me and I hope it does for you too.

I am going to start really posting more on Instagram and on my ‘stories’ so please go over and follow me @bookitblogger and keep up to date on what I post.

I have so many more posts lined up so if you subscribe you will get to hear all about them and I’ve just updated my blog page so it’s even easier to find my posts. What post would you like to see next, Travel or Fashion related?

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