My Dermaplaning Experience with Meraki Healing Collective

Ooooh I am excited to tell you all about this. Now it is not sponsored unfortunately but I really want to share my experience with you all.

I am that kind of person who will sit at home with the weirdest looking face masks and I do really take care of my skin. I am obsessed with those charcoal pore strips and I am always up for trying something new if it means it may improve my skin.

Let’s get real

Back in ye olde days of my college years my skin was at it’s absolute worst. I thought that if I had a break out with my skin it meant it needed a big old exfoliation. Now, being a bit more clued up on skincare, I know now that is the absolute biggest no-no. If you have a break out you need to let your skin breathe, exfoliation will break off the heads of your spots and spread all that nastiness around.

I used to just clean my makeup off with baby wipes and the thought of not doing a deep cleanse now is such a strange thought. Having all that dirt just sat on your skin is never going to end well. I decided to do some research and I found an old Tanya Burr video of her skincare routine. Doing a 3 step, Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. I now do this every day. Sometimes around certain times of the month my skin will go into overdrive and start to hate me so that is the time to pay more attention.

I want to tell you all about my skincare routine if you keep your eyes peeled for my next post.


The one thing about my skin that I am still quite conscious of is redness. It is scarring from my previous breakouts, I used to be so picky at my skin and now I do have scarring on my chin and around my nose. Now my routine that I am currently using definitely helps but I really wanted to do a deep cleanse to really kick start my skin to rebalance.

Not only is the redness an issue but I can be very oily especially during summer.

I am always browsing Instagram for new skincare treatments and I had seen many people offering Dermaplaning and I found it so satisfying to watch, but nowhere offered it in York that I could find.

Why Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation, the aesthetician takes a surgical blade and will scrape off the peach fuzz and dead skin.

Did you know that you have layers of dead skin cells just chilling out on your face, causing things such as breakouts and oiliness?


I could tell that the reason I was getting so oily was because I did have a lot of clogged pores. I had also heard that by removing any excess peach fuzz asks as a perfect base for your makeup to rest and also opens up your pores to make your skincare routine work in overdrive.

My experience

We have this amazing space in York right in the city centre called Spark:York. It is an area for small independent businesses to start-up, the units are all made from converted shipping containers. It is really lovely to see different companies coming in and then opening up their own properties just like Cardamom and Dill. I have been longing for a beauty/skincare pop-up to appear and I was so excited when I heard Meraki Healing Collective was moving in.

I immediately followed Annie on Instagram and I was so excited to see that she was offering Dermaplaning and for an introductory cost of just £25.00! I could not say no to at least giving it a try. So I booked myself in and last Tuesday I had my first treatment.

Annie and her colleague share Unit 11 and not only offer Dermaplaning but also Massage, Reiki and even Mindfulness. The Unit is so well done and is a really welcoming, relaxing space. The smell of incense welcomes you in and a lovely smiling Annie was there to greet me.

I filled in the consent form because of course there can be some risks involved and we were ready to go. Annie normally assigns an hour for her treatments but I had about 45 minutes as I was going before work so we got started straight away.

Does it hurt?

Now that was my thoughts exactly. A surgical blade to your skin does sound painful but it is literally just like shaving any other part of your body. If you shave your legs right it does not hurt so this is exactly the same. I weirdly found it really relaxing, and almost fell asleep.

Won’t your hair grow back weird?

No, your hair is not going to grow back and give you a full facial beard. I am only 1 week since my experience but my skin feels fresh and normal and it will grow back just like how it was before as you are not impacting the hair follicles directly.

Will it cause any side effects?

Annie did explain to me that if you have any current breakouts or severe acne this is not a good option, just like what I mentioned about exfoliation it would do your skin more harm than good.

I also do, like I said, already have redness on my skin so I was expecting to go quite red and I did but surprisingly nowhere near as much as I thought.

My results

Now even though I did have redness Annie popped an anti-itch balm on my skin to calm it down and I was expecting my face to feel hot or even maybe irritated but it did not feel that way at all. I looked immediately very fresh-faced and glowing and oh my goodness my skin was so soft.

I absolutely loved how fresh faced I felt and even 1 week on it feels as good as new. My redness from previous scarring is still there but I can actually see that by keeping this up it would improve massively. Just like any new addition you make to any routine whether it be to your skincare, healthy eating or exercise you will not see the best results straight away. I am definitely going to make this a more regular addition to my skincare as a treat to myself and I personally feel it is well worth at least trying as you may fall in love with it but every result will be different depending on your skin type.

Can you put make-up on straight after?

Annie did advise that you should at least leave your skin to breathe overnight. Mainly because your pores will be so open it is best to let your skin breathe, you can put make-up on if you want to but you may as well make the most of it and keep it clean.

To take even more care of it, it is also advised to not touch your skin too much even though it is tempting and to pop some fresh pillowcases on when you go to bed so everything is nice and clean.

Upcoming with Meraki Healing Collective

When I was talking to Annie we were discussing all the ideas she has about making some quirky different kinds of facial treatments. She did mention that she was having training in manual extractions so is looking at building this into an Express Facial. She would look at doing a ‘Steam, Manual Extraction, Face Mask and then Dermaplaning‘ and I said sign me up straight away! She also discussed about possibly making some treatments nice and quick so you could go before, during your lunch break or after work making it even easier to fit this into your routine.

She did also mention a couple of other unique ideas which I can not wait to find out more about.

My final thoughts

I am definitely converted to this treatment and I knew that I would be, it already feels like a huge improvement and of course if you do have already irritated/inflamed skin then you may want to give it a miss. When your skin is back to normal and you want to treat yourself go and give it a try.

My mum said my face felt like a baby’s bottom and my dad said it felt like a balloon…both positive comments I would say.

I would love if you could go show Annie over at @merakihealingcollective some love and also her lovely colleague Kat @alltheaces, you can keep up to date with the treatments they offer and get yourselves all booked in!

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Up next…

I am going to tell you all about my skincare routine with the products I currently use and my favourite brands.

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