The Oily Skin Routine

I want to tell you all about my Oily Skin Care routine, what works well for me and some products not so well!

I told you all I would do it, I have absolutely no idea why I haven’t already chatted about this on here before. I always mention on my social media about my face masks and how much I love treating myself to new skincare products.

I mentioned in my previous post all about my skincare routine and where it came from, it all started back in college when my skin was it’s worst and I decided to really pay attention to skincare.

It’s easy just to say start your own skincare routine, it has taken me years to really build it as part of my daily routine and now every evening I do my full cleanse, tone, moisturise without fail. Well, I say without fail I have maybe once or twice just used a baby wipe after a night out when I was in no way going to start doing a whole skincare routine. Who hasn’t though?

What about the morning?

Now I have tried and failed many times to become a morning person. I do not have the time in the morning to do my full skincare routine but I may cleanse my face quickly before my make-up to make sure any excess oil is removed but that is about it. I think it is always so much nicer to really pay attention to your skincare on an evening when you have no time restrictions and can truly relax.

Why is a routine important?

I worked at Lush only for about a year whilst I was at university but my amazing colleagues taught me so many great facts about skincare. Did you know:

Your skin has it’s own skin cycle, for anyone aged around 21+ it can take around 21-28 days to regenerate new skin cells.


Hence why certain times of the month your skin will be more oily or dry. I definitely find that being a woman we do have our hormone cycles and certain parts of the month my skin becomes more oily and I am much more prone to getting spots.

Knowing your skin has it’s own cycle really points out the importance for building a great skincare routine into your daily life as just like anything you will not see any effects from just the one deep cleanse. Using products on your skin that will be beneficial everyday for around 4 to 6 weeks is the best true way to test them.

Now let’s get on with my current favourite products and my routine:

1. Cleanser

Now I used to always use the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm and it is a fantastic product and lasts a long time, you just use pea-sized amount and it melts off all your make-up. I still have a tub of this in my bathroom as it is definitely my old faithful cleanser.

Now there is this whole ‘double-cleansing‘ routine going on at the moment. I am not quite there yet but I have now switched to using a cleansing oil. I am all for trying new products and I am now currently using the Malin + Goetz Cleansing Oil. It is so lovely and gentle containing camomile and lavender to rebalance and condition my skin.

It also comes in a pump bottle so I take around 1-2 pumps on an evening and if I have time I will take 1 pump in the morning to cleanse my skin.

I have only recently started using this product but I really like how gentle it feels and although I had not heard of the brand before I can not wait to see the longer term effects this has on my skin. I may look at also purchasing their Grapefruit Face Cleanser to build up my double cleansing routine with an oil-based cleanser, and a cleanser that lathers to really get deep into my pores after.

Is it a good idea to use oily products on oily skin?

Now there is this common skincare myth that using moisturisers and oil-based products on oily skin is not a good idea. That is often not the case, most of the time your skin will be trying to produce more oil to make up for the moisture it is missing.

2. Toner

A toner is something I always saw as kind of pointless and unnecessary. I now see my toner as an extra step of cleansing as it helps to get any of those last remaining bits of dirt and oil from my skin. It can also help to tighten your pores back up and by using this before bed helps any impurities from entering your skin.

I have used quite a few different cleansers but they all felt too chemically and I wanted something a bit more natural feeling. I am now absolutely obsessed with the iconic Pixi Beauty brand, I did try the Glow Tonic firstly but I am more obsessed with the Rose Tonic.

I love the smell of the rose oil and not only does it smell great but it helps to calm my redness down on my skin. As well as carrying over the chamomile from my cleanser into this toner to help soothe my skin. I recently bought it in its large 250ml size but I firstly tried it in the small 100ml as this brand is often on offer in Boots and it gave me a perfect excuse to give it a try.

I take a small amount on a little cotton wool pad and wipe it over my skin after I have cleansed.

3. Serum

This is something I have recently added to my routine this year. I tried a few years back the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment but it cost me around £70.00 and I did use the entire product but in terms of results compared with the price I paid it was definitely not worth it.

Now I have started using the cult product La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+). It costs around £16.00 and is in an easy applicator you just pump a pea sized amount onto your skin after your toner and I can feel it getting to work straight away.

The Effaclar Duo is said to deeply penetrate your pores and help reduce the signs of redness and acne scars. The thing I am most conscious about with my skin is my redness and I do really feel like in the space of a few months I have seen the signs of the scars on my skin and cheeks have gone down significantly.

Specifically for individuals with acne the ingredients in this are so gentle yet affective with Niacinimide and Procerad to reduce the signs of scarring, post acne breakout.


It is only £16.00 from Boots which in comparison to £70.00 for the Good Genes treatment is well worth the try and it will last you a long time with just the smallest amount every night to be applied directly to your skin.

4. Moisturiser

A product I used to shy very much away from but is a vital part of keeping the balance of my oily skin in check. It is really easy to over-apply moisturiser and feel like it is too heavy. Use the smallest amount and dot it across your cheeks chin and forehead making it easier to distribute evenly.

I would look for a moisturiser that is gel based or ‘light’ and it is even better to look for products with some form of citrus in it, which sounds weird but grapefruit/lemon act as a way to absorb oils in a natural way and brands like Lush have plenty of more natural options.

I am currently using the luscious Olay Luminous Whip Light as Air Moisturiser which I purchased from Boots for around £30.00. It has a matte finish and sinks into my skin nice and quick so it doesn’t feel heavy and can be used easily under make-up as well. This product also has Niacinimide built into its glowy formula so helping to even your skin tone at the same time. I have repurchased this moisturiser already and I am really enjoying it, nice and simple perfect for my oily skin.

I have tried a couple of samples of new moisturisers which I have really enjoyed. Both at different price points but very tempting to switch to once I have finished this pot of Olay.

The Neutrogena Hydro Boots Water Gel Moisturiser is only £12.99 and has a cool, refreshing feel to the skin which both on a morning and evening is a great way to finish your routine. Alternatively, the new brand growing on me is the Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturiser retailing for around £40.00, it is definitely a higher-end product but if I enjoy the cleanser once I have finished the moisturiser I would be intrigued to try more from this brand.

In case of Emergency

Beauty Bay posted this great image on their Facebook Image and it pinpoints where you get spots and what they can mean.

Now, for certain times of the month being a female I get spots around my chin and nose area from hormones. When this happens and I can feel them appearing I break out my Grease Lightening Spot Treatment from Lush, I take 1 pump and place it on to the area of my spot. It helps to take down the irritation and using this everyday will help to make it disappear in a flash! It is only £8.00 and should be a staple in everyone’s skincare collection.

Now of course my favourite items to use to actually cleanse my skin are really simple they come from Primark, they are the Makeup Cleansing Cloths. So much better than using skin care wipes or even a towel. These are dedicated purely to my skincare and are really easy to clean. Plus they are only £3.00 and you get a pack of 3!

How can you start?

Now just to run though I currently use my Malin + Goetz Cleansing Oil, Pixi Beauty Rose Tonic, Effaclar Duo (+) serum and then the Olay Luminous moisturiser. You can get stared by just trying to cleanse every night, get a small toner and apply it with a cotton pad and end with a small amount of moisturiser.

Take it one step at a time and you will see the difference eventually, it may not be straight away and everyone’s skin is different but I swear by these products and I am gradually becoming more comfortable with my natural skin.

What’s new?

I am going to start dermaplaning and having a deep thorough cleanse once a month or every six weeks. I really feel the effects after my previous experience it is also helping for these products to work even harder. Head on over and check out my previous post:

My Dermaplaning Experience with Meraki Healing Collective

I am so happy that I have finally told you all about my skincare routine and the products that I love. I may update this and talk about new products that I will try. I have also recently updated my makeup routine and the products really work well for my skin. If you want to see a post all about my makeup for oily skin, let me know in the comments.

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