Driving: What to Avoid and Overcoming Anxiety

Now, I am no expert but I have definitely had my fair share of experience learning to drive in York. I really want to share my tips on the best ways to learn to drive in York and how to get over any anxiety you may have.

I started to learn to drive when I turned 16 back in college. I had driving lessons for around a year and I never got to a test. I first want to tell you of some warning signs and what to look out for to get the most out of your driving. Because let’s face it, learning to drive is an investment and you want to pay for lessons, pay for a test and pass right?

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What you should avoid and look out for:

  1. I would avoid learning with a ‘large driving group’. Mainly any large companies, I am not going to name my exact previous instructor because that’s not fair. Now the large company I learned to drive with originally was RED Driving School. They definitely intrigued me with a special offer and I booked my first block. I found that they were definitely in it for the money and that leads to the next point.
  2. A red flag for me should have been when I saw how many people my instructor was teaching and I did not see many people on their Facebook page passing their test. Now I may be wrong but I felt that not as much attention was focused on my driving and just trying to book more and more lessons.
  3. Your progress should be fairly obvious, I had been driving for a year and had no sign of a test being booked and I had only just started driving on dual carriageways.
  4. Finally, how you feel on your lessons. Do you feel more confident and end your lessons feeling accomplished or do you still feel anxious. Your instructor should calm those nerves and do everything to make you feel comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable their teaching style may not be for you.
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Now I ended up not doing a driving test before I moved to university as it mysteriously got cancelled and I was never told why. To be honest I’m quite thankful as looking back I was nowhere near ready for it.

I moved to university and had 4 years without driving, I did not need to drive but once I moved home I did regret never hitting that benchmark of passing my test. Everyone told me how much freedom it would give me and I knew it was my target.

So, for 2019 I set myself a New Years Resolution to pass my test this year. I was very lucky as an old school friend of my mum’s had a driving school of his own so I enquired and booked my first block of lessons.

I had completely forgotten but my anxiety started creeping in when I realised it was time to start driving. I weirdly enough got anxiety before every lesson, I had booked them after work for 2 hours and throughout the entire day at work I got so nervous.

How did I get over my driving anxiety?

  1. I had set a goal and I was sticking to it. I kicked myself so much that I still had my provisional and that I got so close so I basically gave myself no choice I had to get it passed so it was done and out of the way.
  2. For personal reasons I knew I had to do it, my mum had her license taken away due to her brain tumour and only got it back in May this year. I realised how much she missed driving and knew if I had the chance to drive then I should take it.
  3. I realised on my lessons that I was actually a pretty good driver. I had a years with of experience and I could drive I just needed to power through and focus because I could do it.
  4. I listened to feedback and my instructor carefully and knew that I was safe plus your instructor should make you feel comfortable and help you learn in the best way that you can.
  5. I would also say get your Theory Test done first and out of the way then you only have your Practical test and lessons to focus on.
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One of the biggest things I learned this time around is:

Make sure you book your test once you have finished your first block of hours. This gives you something to work towards and aim for.


Truthfully my anxiety never went away and I do still get anxious about driving but the best thing to do is keep practicing even once you’ve passed your test you will have new experiences that make you better. It is now such a great feeling to know that I have passed my test and that I don’t have to do it again.

I feel that getting anxious is completely natural and if you’re not a little bit nervous about driving then that might be more odd as it’s quite a responsibility.

In conclusion, anxiety is normal and just keep calm and carry on. Make sure your instructor is the best for you, if it means trying out several places then that is absolutely fine. They are going to be the people getting you ready for a test and you need to feel comfortable. I learned to pass with Apollo Driving School and I am going to share all about it

This post is only Part 1, the next part is going to be all about Preparing for your lessons and Acing your Driving Test. Stay tuned for that post coming out next week. I have been pretty on top of posting on my blog and I have managed to post every Tuesday for over a month now and I am sticking to it.

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