A Snapshot of our Week in Split

I wanted to give you all a quick little snapshot into our week in Split, more posts to follow as well as many, many more photos.

I thought to ease into my many posts from our trip to Split, Croatia I would do a little quick snapshot of what we got up to.

I will go into a bit more detail and give you all the links and stuff in my later posts but I mostly wanted to show you all through my photos. I am really trying to get into more photography and the camera I purchased earlier this year is the Fujifilm X-T100 and it is a great camera for what I need.

The reason we chose Split, is that we both really wanted to go to Croatia and Jet2 were doing great flights from Manchester so our decision was made. The other reasons is that I wanted to go somewhere with crystal clear water and to see some sights famous from Game of Thrones.

The bonus flying at the end of September is you can grab the last bit of that sunshine whilst avoiding most of the large family groups making it hopefully a little quieter.

So let’s have a little look over at our week:

Day 1 – Getting to know Split

We arrived in Split on the Thursday evening, then on our first full day we had originally arranged a guided tour of Split wth Air BnB experiences. However, that got cancelled so we took it upon ourselves to get accustomed to the area and had a little wander around.

Our Air BnB that we stayed in was set back from Trstenik beach. This meant we were not directly in the centre but our walk was lovely as you can walk entirely on the seafront and to get into the city centre it took around 30 – 45 minutes.

In a way we were both quite glad our tour got cancelled as it meant we had a little lie in and we could just get a little look into where we were at our own pace. We spent most of the day wandering around Diocletian’s Palace walls and then walking back to Trstenik beach as we sunbathed into the late afternoon.

For our first dinner we headed to Velo Misto as we spotted it on our walk and it was probably one of the closest restaurants to us and I had the Shrimp Truffle Pasta. It was a nice straight forward restaurant and the food was good, it seemed very popular and if you get there early enough you can sit outside.

Day 2 – Fortress of Klis and River Jadro

Now, if you are going to Croatia you may know that many others will be going to see the sights of Game of Thrones. We wanted to book some experiences before we got to Split so we had things planned to look forward to.

We spotted this trip on Air BnB experiences and I mean the title sold us ‘Unique GoT tour by Unsullied’. It sounded so amazing and getting a completely different insight into these locations. The first spot we went to was the Fortress of Klis (also known as Meereen) and our guide Marin was actually in Game of Thrones as an Unsullied so he told us all about the different locations and how they actually filmed the scenes.

The Fortress of Klis is set above the village of Klis and if you look up from Split it is located within the middle of the mountains. It acted as a base of protection from the Ottoman Empire from inland and towards the sea protecting from the Venetians. It only took around 20 minutes from Split and you get the most amazing view. Even if you are not a GoT fan it is well worth the visit.

We also nipped over to the River Jadro to its crystal clear water, famous also for GoT as the location of Missandei’s naked river scene.

I will post a full review on our Air BnB experience and share lots of photos as well as prices and transport.

Day 3 – Relaxing at the beach

Now there is no mistaking Split and Croatia in fact of having some of the most beautiful beaches. What I loved about Split is that you can walk along the seafront almost all the way into the centre. The sounds of the waves crashing against the pebbles was so relaxing.

From our apartment we walked across Trstenik, Firule and Bačvice beach. Trstenik is a pebble beach, whereas the closer you get to the centre the more sandy the beaches are. Even though the pebbles aren’t the most comfortable to sit on they personally to me looked the nicest and were actually nice and quiet too.

As we had a busy day planned for Monday we decided to spend Sunday the way everyone should just relaxing on the beach, sunbathing and reading our books. I read Shari Lapena’s book ‘The Unwanted Guest’, I love her books and I have read her ‘The Couple Next Door’ the twists and turns and the sense of these thrillers are addictive, a perfect holiday read.

The weather we had got up to around the mid 20’s, it cooled down in the evenings but we were lucky to still grab the rays and come back with a little bit of a tan.

Day 4 – Krka Waterfalls and Šibenik

Now, this was a wonderful day and we both have said is our ‘highlight’. We booked another Air BnB experience, as we both work for a holiday company our customers go over to Plitviče Lakes National Park. This park is a little further out from Split, however Krka Waterfalls National Park was only around an hour outside of Split.

Again, I will do a separate post going over the day in much more detail.

The Waterfalls were absolutely beautiful and easy to get around via the wooden walkway and steps. You can also swim in the water which is a must! My camera was never turned off and if you are staying in Split make sure you add it to your list. After a swim and going around the park we stopped at a local village for lunch and the family had cooked us food and even served us their very own wine.

We then ended our day with a walk around Šibenik, a historic city. There was something about Šibenik that reminded me of Venice, I think it was the tall winding streets feeling like a labyrinth but full of historic charm. Another charm that Šibenik has is that it is slightly less untouched by tourism so has a more relaxed feel which is perfect for a day trip.

Day 5 – Diocletian’s Palace

We had set ourselves little activities to do for what we wanted to see yet we did not explore Split that much. So we decided on Day 5 that we would go and explore more of what Split had to offer. It also meant we could purchase our ferry tickets for Dubrovnik the following day.

To tick off another place in our Game of Thrones checklist we had to go to Diocletian’s Palace. It was a palace built for the Roman emperor Diocletian. It is very well kept and people actually live within the walls of the palace to this day.

The basement of the palace is the area famous in GoT, the main hall is where Daenerys kept her dragons as well as other important scenes located in Meereen. The basements you do have to pay to get into but the rest of the palace grounds are free.

Now, I seem to always make it a mission of mine to get a birds eye viewpoint of the cities that I visit, I even did it recently in York where I live:

We walked up the Bell Tower and paid 30 kuna each, the steps were tough and steep but the viewpoint is absolutely worth it. You can also go inside several other places within the walls and entrance is paid separately into places like the Cathedral and Bell Tower.

Split is a fascinating city with its beaches, easy access to the surrounding islands and historical charm I do believe it has something for everyone.

Day 6 – Dubrovnik

From Split you can get to Dubrovnik in several different ways including coach and ferry. We took a day trip by Ferry with Kapetan Luka which did take around 3-4 hours each way.

It gave us around 4 hours in Dubrovnik which looking back is way too little time. Dubrovnik is one of the most popular places in Croatia. In more recent years as it is known as Kings Landing in Game of Thrones as well as a landing spot for many large cruises.

We came across large cruise groups and many other day-trippers meaning that even at the end of September the Old City was rammed full of people.

The Old City itself is again just like the Palace in Split, they are so well kept you can see the amount of work going on in Dubrovnik with renovations and tour groups constantly flooding the streets. There is a lot to do there with going around the walls, wandering the winding streets or even sitting by the old harbour port.

I’ve set it on my list to go back and stay in Hvar or in Dubrovnik and spend more time there as there is so much more to see.

Day 7 – Final day

Our final day was wandering back to near Bačvice beach to sit on the waterfront and have some lunch and drinks before heading for our transfer to the airport.

It only took around half an hour to get back to the airport, and a top tip for booking an Air BnB experience is having that local contact. We actually managed to get a private transfer considerably cheaper than a taxi so it was a real bonus for us.

It’s strange isn’t it, you can spend a week somewhere completely different and achieve so much yet a week really isn’t long enough. We added so much more to our list and the many islands off Split were absolutely stunning and we only saw a snapshot of them.

Thank you James

I just wanted to thank James as well for this trip, it was our first trip as a couple and was honestly the easiest trip ever. He helped me a lot on this trip with going up the Bell Tower helping me down with the heights and for just making me cry laugh on several occasions.

I had the best time and I can’t wait for our next trip…where’s next?

As you can tell I have several posts planned, I want to tell you more about my Air Bnb Experiences, my thoughts on Dubrovnik and it even brought up memory for my trip to Prague as well that I still have not written about.

There are many more photos and blogs coming up so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you are subscribed so you can get emails as soon as the blogs are posted. You can also follow me over at @bookitblogger on Instagram, I have been posting a lot on there lately. 

Thank you for reading,


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