The Deluxe Dermaplaning with Meraki Healing Collective

Goodness, I have to tell you all about my Deluxe Dermaplaning experience with Meraki Healing Collective over at Spark:York.

After having my first Dermaplaning experience well over a month ago, my skin afterwards felt amazing. I knew I had to have it done again and when I last wrote about my experience I mentioned that Annie was looking at offering a Deluxe Version:

The Deluxe version is a lovely cocktail of Facial Steaming, Manual Extraction, Dermaplaning and a spooky looking cooling Face Mask. It is definitely a bit of me and I immediately booked myself in.

As you may know if you read my previous post, Annie has her set up in Spark:York so it’s extremely central and easy to get to. She’s only open when she has bookings so it’s best to head over to her Instagram @merakihealingcollective and send her a message over.

The Experience

I turned up a little early as Annie was setting up so I chilled out with a nice herbal tea. I then hopped up onto the bed and we started off with the Facial Steaming.

The Facial Steaming

One of the main reasons you would do Facial Steaming is to open up your pores, it’s ideal to do before a good cleanse or face mask to properly prepare your skin. It also works as a steriliser and anti-bacterial so helps to clean your pores as well and release any of that sebum, ideal for having a manual extraction done.

A little hack:

If you want to do your own DIY facial steam at home, if you head into Lush you can purchase little Toner Tabs. You can get a Tea Tree or a Lavender and Rose one, all you do is get a hot bowl of water, drop the tab in and if you cover head with a towel over the bowl you have your very own little facial steamer.

Have a little look at them here: Lush Toner Tabs

The Manual Extraction

Now, this part is not for the squeamish. I have always surprised myself with my pain threshold I can be a bit of wimp but generally I can be tough when I need to be. Manual Extraction is all about getting all those white heads and black heads away to unclog those pores. Perfect for those like myself with oily skin and clogged pores are a problem for me.

It isn’t the most pleasant sensation but Annie is so gentle and she will only do around 10 minutes of manual extraction as she understands it isn’t very comfortable. Depending on who you go to it can be a bit more painful but for me it was absolutely fine.

I wouldn’t advise trying to do this yourself as without the proper preparation and aftercare you can make your skin worse with all that pulling around not having clean equipment. What I have done myself is if you do have any spots and you wish to pop them properly, I do use a little extraction tool and it really does help rather than using my hands and irritating my skin further.

You can get lots of different tools and I got mine from Boots: Skin Care Tool

Now even better, Annie also used the little blackhead hoover tool. I had seen this all over Facebook and Instagram and never knew if it actually did anything. But after Steaming your face and having a Manual Extraction it works really well to get loose any of the sebum and white heads being a bit tricky.

The Dermaplaning

Just like in my previous post, this part of the process does not hurt. I actually find it very relaxing and it felt like it went even quicker this time around. Depending on your skin type this can make the process a little different, my skin is quite dry after being on holiday and using sun cream on my face so it wasn’t as easy.

If you do have any significant acne or open breakouts then it is strongly advised to not getting this done. You should wait until your skin has cleared and there is no chance of breaking any heads of your spots.

The Jelly Mask

My favourite part was the Jelly Mask. My skin was quite red after the extraction and dermaplaning so Annie used a Re-gen Jelly Mask with Algae, Flax Seed and Oats which really help soothe my skin. You can have done over your eyes and mouth with your nostrils free so you can still breathe. I opted to go for the full experience and completely covered my eyes and mouth.

It felt so soothing and relaxing and wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Whilst it was kept on I had a foot massage which was absolute perfection after all the walking I did on holiday.

I don’t think I could have felt any more relaxed it was amazing. I am such a skincare lover and I never knew I could love it any more but having this professional experience and time taken with such care is the best.

The best moment was the peeling off of the mask, it was so satisfying and now I have a trophy of my face which gives me serious Doctor Who vibes, what do you think?

My Thoughts

Well, the Deluxe Dermaplaning Experience is incredible. It is so relaxing even including the manual extraction as it is so worth it as I can really see the difference in the texture of my skin. It is also so glowy and I feel like I have the most natural highlighter all over my face.

If you are wanting to try Dermaplaning I would strongly recommend booking the Deluxe version, it was around £60.00 and I would say you generally would have it done possibly every 6-8 weeks. As you will find out in my next post I am prioritising any spending to things that are going to improve my health and wellbeing rather than unnecessary purchases. This means any money I would have been spending on shoes or clothes I can focus on my skincare and brand new gym membership.

Annie, you did such a good job even if you did not have the best start to the day I absolutely loved it. I want to recommend you to absolutely everyone and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for any future treatments you introduce.

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