A Weekend in Liverpool

A weekend break in Liverpool, exploring somewhere new. Liverpool has honestly something for everyone.

For such a long time I have been thinking of what should be on my priorities in terms of travel. I feel like it’s easier to gravitate towards those places far away and exotic. Yet there are so many places that are a train ride away which I have never been to. Liverpool being one of them.

When you go to university you live with people and see them everyday, then when it ends you can lose touch quite easily. One of my best friends moved down to Bournemouth and recently moved back up to Liverpool and I knew I had to see her. I worked it out that I hadn’t seen her since 2017 when she graduated.

I decided to book my tickets and spend a long weekend in Liverpool. Going there lunchtime on the Friday coming back in the evening on the Sunday. It’s a great excuse if you have either a Friday or a Monday off week to go and spend it somewhere new.


Taking the train from York to Liverpool was nice and easy and took around 2 hours. When I arrived I had my destination to head to as the Club House Restaurant, now I’m pretty good at being on my own and getting around places but I got lost. I was trying to follow Google Maps and it sent me in circles. But I made it in the end.

The Clubhouse Restaurant

I had a Gin cocktail to start my day because why not? I did a little search on Instagram at the restaurant before I arrived and they did a Peanut Butter and Jelly Toastie – which I had for my lunch. They had so many lovely food options and the actual restaurant looked like an upmarket Clubhouse and transported us from the rainy British weather outside.

We had so much to catch up on and it was amazing yet strange to see how much we had missed from the last 2 years. This restaurant was great and if you are in Liverpool go and check it out – it’s in Liverpool One and the staff were really welcoming, I would definitely go back.

Friday was one big catch up with Prosecco and food, plus a cheeky horror film at midnight. Just reminiscing about university life and it was so nice to switch off from work and be a bit nostalgic.


After breakfast we headed out and I was armed ready with my camera. Luckily for me my friend lives in Albert Docks so that is where we started. Liverpool is renowned as UNESCO Maritime Metropolitan City, it’s such a brilliant place to visit as you have this vibrant shopping and food centre as well as the maritime and musical heritage.

The docks are packed full of museums and galleries to visit such as the: Merseyside Maritime Museum, International Slavery Museum and the Tate Gallery. You could easily spend at least half a day just wandering around this area.

There are so many statues around Liverpool as well and I feel a must is to get a photo of The Beatles at the Albert Docks.

After the Docks we walked over to the Cathedral which really took me by surprise, I am not a religious person but I always gravitate towards and I am amazed by the architecture of the cathedrals that I’ve visited already. This Cathedral was beautiful and gothic which was free to get in so you must go and see it, we then wandered over to see the more modern Metropolitan Cathedral. It didn’t have the seem feel we only looked at it from the outside. It resembled something like a Crown or a UFO, and actually acts as the seat of the Archbishop of Liverpool.

We decided to finish our little tour and decided to go shopping. Liverpool is hands down probably one of the best places I have been to for shopping in a long time.

They have the biggest Lush I have ever seen and is 4 floors, I was walking around as if I was in another world. It was amazing and Lush is a brand I adore and this store had so many exclusives and items that I’ve never seen before and entire brand new floor dedicated just for Christmas. I have never seen anything like it.

We headed to Morphe and then John Lewis where I picked up some brand new make-up including the Morphe Setting Spray, a little Jaclyn Hill Palette, Jeffree Star’s Celebrity Skin Liquid Lipstick and finally the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Foundation.

These products I had been looking at online for so long and knowing I can buy them in person and actually try them was great and it’s always so much fun trying new beauty products. After shopping we headed to Yo Sushi for some lunch.

Then in the evening we got a little glammed up, had some drinks and went to go and see Hustlers at the cinema which was incredible – we then finished our Saturday like any of our university nights out with a trip to McDonalds and laughing all the way back home.


We had a nice lazy morning and again I picked up my camera as I still had a full day. We went over to the Baltic Market as I had it recommended to me by many people. On route there was a lot of graffiti which I always gravitate towards the artwork was amazing.

This are had a really cool vibe around it. It reminded me of Brixton in London with all the artwork everywhere and the food market.

The Baltic Market I can imagine would have a great energy in the evening with places for craft ales and different street food to choose from as well as the Peaky Blinders Bar. I loved the feel of the Market as it is located on an old brewery site so the buildings have a new generation of people visiting to have fun.

The Baltic Market is open from Thursday to Sunday every week so fits perfectly in for your long weekend breaks.

After the Market of course Liverpool is famous for being the home of The Beatles so we headed to the world famous Cavern Club. The Cavern Club is said to be one of the most famous clubs in the world as it has over 60 years of iconic history being the home of The Beatles and many other bands including Queen, Echo and the Bunnymen and in more recent years even including Adele.

After lunch it was time to get ready and go home, saying goodbye to Liverpool.

Looking back at the weekend

I had so much fun over the weekend and saw so much. Liverpool definitely has something for everyone, with shopping, art, music and history. I absolutely loved it and will definitely be back – all thanks to my lovely host.

I really hope you all enjoyed hearing about my little city break away for the weekend. I have a few more trips planned I was in Manchester this week and then Bruges at the end of November. I just keep ticking off places from my list and I really want to start planning weekends away for next year to see more of the UK such as the Lake District and even more of Scotland.

What about you guys, where do you think I should visit next year in the UK?

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