Hotpod Yoga in York

I’m always up for trying something new and I was invited over to Hotpod Yoga in York and I want to tell you all about it.

I am so happy to tell you guys that I was invited over to the Hotpod Yoga in York. They asked me to head on over to try it out and tell you all my thoughts.

Now I have done Hot Yoga before so i’m not a complete newbie, but if you are their website first of all is so handy to know what to expect. I went to my first ever session somewhere different wearing completely the wrong clothing and without a towel which is a rookie error.

About Hotpod

So Hotpod came around back in 2013, the creators wanted to make Yoga more accessible to people and reinvent it to keep it running with the modern world. They have done this by creating this unique pop-up style inflatable pods.

Their studios are completely unique and have been created with architects and heating consultants to make the most immersive Hot Yoga experience.

The main studios that are run are across London. However, this as a business is fantastic as they work as a support system for yoga teachers across the UK and even the world who want to set up their own studio. They now have over 50 locations across 8 countries including; Berlin, Bucharest and Porto.


If you go online you can book your class with the studio that suits you best. It’s really nice and easy, you can just set up an account and book. You can purchase single class passes, a 5 or even a 10 class pass.

I would advise if you go on Instagram and follow the studio they may post special introductory offers and things like that on there.

When you book it pops up with some really helpful little tips which are essential to know before a Hot Yoga Class

There’s also a list of FAQ’s which are really helpful to know including what to wear and why hot yoga? Check out the link for more:

The Ups and Downs of Hot Yoga

The reason I do enjoy Hot Yoga more is that the heat really helps relax my muscles more so it helps me to be more flexible. It gives my body such a good stretch and the heat is definitely a help to that as I can get deeper into the flow and try some of the more advanced moves.

Now, I am nowhere near an expert I have not been to 100’s of classes but I always enjoy a class when I go. It is something that I would like to build into my fitness regime as my body responds really well to it.

There is now a growth in breathing exercises and meditation as an aid to relax us from our stressful everyday lives, Hot Yoga is perfect for that. The heat acts as a way to make you breathe deeper as you push yourself a lot harder.

If you are not used to Hot Yoga, it can seem quite intense as you do sweat quite a lot and if you do not hydrate yourself enough you could feel a bit dizzy or sick. I would strongly advise to drink plenty of water before and during the class. You will lose lots of water and electrolytes through your sweat and hydration is key.

My experience

I booked onto the Friday session which was at 12:30 so it was nice to go during lunchtime as I wasn’t working it was ideal.

The Hotpod location in York is on Stamford Bridge Road near Dunnington, it’s not central York but doesn’t take long to drive there or cycle and there’s plenty of parking spaces available outside. I did end up driving straight past it so if you look out for the Dunnington Car wash it is right next door.

I had a friendly greeting from Oli and Victoria and the room was absolutely huge. There was a little cloakroom area, seating area and of course the Pod. The Pod is so unique looking and you would have no idea what awaits you inside.

The Class

I chose to do the 45-minute Hot Yoga Flow class, which was ideal and the heat really helped to give my body a full workout.

The heat was set to 37 degrees and you would think it would feel quite overwhelming but you mainly feel the heat once you really get into the flow as you will sweat more and more. You are always advised to take these classes at your pace and do not push yourself too much especially with the addition of the heat.

Towards the end of the class as we went into Shavassana, Victoria came around with a Rosemary and Menthol gel to rub on any muscles that felt a bit tighter. I popped it on my lower and upper back, it felt so nice and cooling to end the class. The aromatherapy from the gel added to the relaxation, it was an addition that I have not had in a Hot Yoga class before.

Time flew by so quickly.

My Thoughts

I honestly really enjoyed the class. Now, to be honest it was not massively different in comparison to another Hot Yoga class that I have done but that is to be expected. However, saying that I really liked the difference with the Pod. The aromatherapy idea was brilliant.

It felt very new and refreshing especially in these cold winter months you can enter this pod and for no longer than an hour you can focus on your mental headspace and your body. Just take some time to really check-in and see how you are doing.

I left the class feeling really positive and welcomed by both Oli and Victoria. I have massive respect to them for running this space and would really recommend it to everyone. If you have not tried Hot Yoga before, just give it a go it’s such a good workout. I feel like sometimes we are all looking for the next class that’s different that challenges us in different ways.

Costs & Memberships

If you head on over to their Instagram page @hotpodyogayork, you can keep your eyes peeled for any membership deals.

Being a first-time member means that you can opt for the 10-day unlimited pass. It only costs £12.00 which is an extremely competitive price compared to other studios that I have attended. Once you book your first class with your pass it is valid for those 10 consecutive days. Ideal for this time of year when most of us have time off in the run up to Christmas.

If you check out their website you can see they have so many different passes and membership options that can suit you and your budget. If you want to try it out then you can purchase one of their passes, then if it is the one workout for you that you really enjoy then go for a membership and build it into your routine.

Thank you

I just want to thank Victoria and Oli for inviting me over to try out a class with them. They contacted me over Instagram and were so lovely and I couldn’t wait to check them out.

I really enjoyed the class and I will be back – they have so many classes and events coming up so you can get involved.

Head to their Instagram and tell them I sent you, and at the same time why not check out my page @bookitblogger. I constantly update there on my stories and feed with upcoming posts and trips.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it might have inspired you to try it for yourself with Hot Pod Yoga. You can subscribe to my blog and receive updates when new posts are released, why not leave a comment below with your thoughts and tell me what workouts you love?

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