My Adventures in 2019

Follow me on my 2019 review on all my adventures from Prague to Liverpool and from Vietnam to Cyprus.

I set my New Years Resolution in 2019 to travel more and I think I might have just achieved it. I am really proud of myself I set myself a challenge and the main goal was to go somewhere on my own. I wanted to feel that sense of independence and it was wonderful. There was a little surprise holiday in 2019 that I never could have predicted. Let’s start with March.

Prague: 10th – 15th March 2019

Back in March I set out on my first ever trip on my own. I had wanted to go to Prague for so long and I kept trying to rely on other people to go away with me. I had some time off of work and just thought you know what I’m going for it. The flights were super cheap with Jet2 and I just booked it, I felt so nervous but excited at the same time.

I booked into the Roadhouse Hostel in Prague as it had amazing reviews, specifically for solo travellers. My entire experience was incredible. The Hostel was out of this world, I met some lovely people from all over the world and I felt so comfortable there. I spent pretty much every day, all day out walking around as there was so much to see.

If you are debating on travelling solo, I say go for it. Start off with an easy city break where there is plenty to see first. I felt really proud of myself and set off my 2019 to a brilliant start.

Ravenscar to Robin Hoods Bay: 13th May 2019

It’s quite easy to just let time go by and you get lost with it. You realise you haven’t contacted your friend and you’ve both been so busy working. In March I decided to join one of my best friends and her mum on a walk. The weather was beautiful and we walked between Ravenscar and Robin Hoods Bay, making it around 14km in total. The scenery was breathtaking and I kick myself in the bum now that I haven’t done more of this in the rest of 2019.

In 2020, I want to do more walks because it’s great for your headspace and it also is a perfect way for me to see more of the UK. As I passed my driving test back in April 2019 I do not really have an excuse to not go on more little adventures.

Cyprus: 2nd – 9th June 2019

One of the reasons I studied and work in the Tourism Industry is because of my fond memories from my childhood. My absolute highlight from each year was our 2 week summer holiday and about 9 of those years were spent in Cyprus, specifically Protaras.

This year we went back to Protaras as mum treated us all after a bit of a tough time in 2018. I absolutely loved every minute, I got extremely tanned and just all the fond memories kept flooding back. We even got to see some very close friends who we met in Protaras and seeing them again was an absolute blessing.

Vietnam & Cambodia: 11th – 18th June 2019

Now, this is the curveball of 2019. I’ve studied Tourism since 2012 and I’ve worked for a Travel company based in York for around 3 years now, currently with Sales for over a year. One of the main bonuses of working within this industry is often you can be sent on trips to experience it just like your customers would.

A trip came up with Vietnam Airlines to go to Vietnam and Cambodia as part of a sales trip to experience the airline. It was quite last minute and as most people had visited the area already or been on trips recently it was my turn.

I went with a group of people from other companies and it was my first familiarisation trip and not knowing the people you’re going to be away with was slightly daunting. I met some of the most amazing people on this trip and experienced my first every long haul flight, seeing Angkor Wat at sunrise and floating along the Mekong river seeing the floating market with them. I had such a laugh with them all and count myself as a very lucky individual.

Vietnam and Cambodia were so vastly different and I wrote about both of them on my blog. I am excited to see what the future holds and where my next long-haul trip could be…

Split: 19th – 26th September 2019

Now, at the start of this year I did not think that I would be writing this into my adventure. 2019 has been a pretty good year, I started dating James back in January after meeting at work. We see each other all the time at work and spend pretty much every weekend together. This boy is the sweetest human on the planet (I know, cringe) but it is true. We both needed a holiday to look forward to at the end of the year.

I had a little browse on Jet2’s website and saw cheap flights to Split for the end of September and we decided to go for it. We went for around a week and fit so much into our time together. We stayed in an Airbnb just outside the main centre and we booked a couple of experiences as well. We visited the Fortress of Klis and Krka National Park, as well as visiting Sibenik and Dubrovnik.

Split was gorgeous and the beaches were really nice and peaceful at the end of September, the weather definitely cooled down quite a lot in the evenings but we were really lucky that it stayed pretty warm for us. We do want to try and go back and see Dubrovnik properly as doing that as a day trip is not the best idea as there is just way too many people doing the same thing.

Liverpool: 18th – 20th October 2019

It is quite easy to set your goals to travel more and think further afield. I have said for quite a long time that I need to do more travelling in the UK. One of my best friends from university moved back further north to Liverpool and I knew I just had to visit her. I had never been to Liverpool before and I decided to book some train tickets to go and see her.

I spent a long weekend with her and we did plenty of walking, we walked around Albert Docks and visited the Liverpool Cathedral which was beautiful. We also went over to Baltic Market and the surrounding area was full of really eye-catching graffiti. The Market itself was right up my street with different food and drink stalls set in the iconic Cains Brewery.

Let’s see what 2020 brings as I’ll explore more of the UK.

Bruges: 25th – 28th November 2019

Back in January I won a competition at work and won 3 nights in Bruges including all rail travel to/from. I took my mum and we had the most lovely time. Spending a festive time away together, we ate plenty of waffles, chocolate and drank our body weight in Hot Chocolate.

Bruges was really beautiful, the Christmas Markets were nothing out of this world however the actual city with its architecture and canals were perfect in this Autumn/Winter period.

It made a perfect way to end 2019, spending it with my mum and seeing her have a great time made it for me.

Looking forward into 2020

Now, I have one main exciting plan for 2020 which may mean that larger holidays may not be the main focus. However, after doing this review it has made me consider that I can do more trips in the UK and shorter weekends away. Especially doing more countryside walks will really help me do this.

I would really love to hear about what your plans are for 2020, do you have any big trips planned or are there places you have made your ‘Book it List’ for the new decade?

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