My March Lookbook

A new addition to my blog will be my monthly lookbook. Here’s March for you with a feel of the 60’s and Imitation Leather.

It’s the the end of the 2nd month in this brand new decade and I am feeling inspired. 2020 has been a productive one already I’ve moved out with my boyfriend and we now finally have Wi-Fi! This post was meant to be in January but as it was so busy i’ve decided to start back up in at the end of February.

This lookbook is to help inspire you going forward into the next month – pick some bold fashion choices and do not be afraid to stand out a little.

I have decided to really focus my creative energy on this blog, I am so proud of the effort I made in the 2nd half of 2019. I want to carry this on and keep on blogging. I have decided to do a monthly lookbook for the clothing and styles that inspire me. I hope it inspires you to.

Bring back the ’60s

There is something about bold prints and colours that can really brighten up my day. Topshop in 2019 was my brand of the year I purchased a high proportion of new clothes from there and they for me have kept up the game. I can make some bold fashion choices and I absolutely love it, brightening up both my work outfits and my everyday.

In 2019, I started following the absolutely incredible @foreveryoursbetty on Instagram and good lord she is just a Tangerine Dream. Her feed inspires me so much to push myself and try new things and I am just obsessed.

How is it even possible to be this fabulous?

I can see that the 60’s are a major inspiration coming in for 2020 with bold prints, and colour clashing co-ords. I have selected a few of my outstanding favourites below – (left to right) The Vinyl Stud Mini Skirt £32.00, The Floral Print Midi Dress £39.00 and IVY Green Structure Shoulder Bag £25.00.

Oversized Organza Eleganza

I can see another trend across many brands including Topshop, New Look and & Other Stories. The Oversized Dress and Blouses with big puff sleeves and Organza details.

I wasn’t originally sure how I felt about this look but the more I see, the more it is growing on me. I have just started following @oliviaandalice over on Instagram and they both look incredible in their Puff Sleeved Dresses which they wore to The British Fashion Awards. I am tempted to give it a try for a bolder choice. You could easily fit this into your everyday outfit and there are some more subtle choices.

I have selected some more bold and subtle choices if you fancy giving this trend a go – (left to right) Puff Sleeve Jacquard Blouse £65.00, Yellow Check Tie Wrap Midi Dress £39.00 and the Black Ribbed Leopard Print Flocked Sleeve Top £14.99.

Rock the Leather Look

I have always been a lover of a leather jacket but any other items of clothing I have never taken that risk. Now many brands are releasing leather dresses, trousers and shirts. I remember trying on some leather dresses in the past and felt like I was in straight jacket. Recently I have actually added two leather dresses to my wardrobe and they are so soft and comfortable. I have a Pinafore style dress from Zara and a Shirt Buttoned dress from Mango.

I started following @sammijefcoate at the end of 2019 and there is no better person on my Instagram feed to inspire me to embrace all the black vibe and leather look outfits. If you need any inspiration head on over to her page and she is my goal on styling outfits in the future.

I thought i’d share some staples that I’ve added to my shopping list as you can really dress them up with some chunky ankle boots and mixed metal accessories, and you can easily dress them down with some converse and cosy knits – the items I have linked are all imitation leather – (left to right) Imitation Leather Shirt £24.99, Black PU Paperboy Shorts £29.00 and Faux Leather Dungarees £49.99.

The Designer Dupes

I do love Fashion and I always have. I do appreciate the designer brands clothing and bags but price wise at the moment I can just not justify it. That is why I love when our high-street ‘go-to’ brands create incredible dupes for those iconic looks from the catwalks.

I started following @katiebethpayne back in 2019 and if you look at her feed she is also up on ‘what is in’. I do also hold her partly to blame for all my visits to Topshop last year as she is a Personal Stylist for Topshop in Brighton.

If you fancy rocking the designer look and keeping up with the new ‘in’ fashion without the major price-tag then check out the following, keep your eyes peeled for your high-street brands as especially Topshop have some cracking new products – (left to right) ASOS Chunky mid-heeled loafers in black croc (Gucci Loafer) £35.00, Quilted Black Clutch Bag (Chanel Classic Handbag) £16.00 and Sock-Style High-Top Trainers (Balenciaga Knitted Sneakers) £39.99.

My Current Wardrobe Faves

Now as I have some exciting news coming up I am lowering my spending on anything unnecessary that I do not need and I completely sorted out my wardrobe when we moved out. I want to update you each month on what items in my wardrobe I am loving. In February we have had some awful weather and I am all about the layers and wrapping up, I used to not wear any dresses but now they are all I wear. Especially for work just throwing on a pair of tights and a nice dress is easy, warm and smart. Zara for smart, comfy dresses is great, the quality sometimes can be a little bit variable but I can not stop wearing my dresses.

I bought a brand new padded coat for keeping me warm and I absolutely love it, I bought mine from Marks and Spencers and it’s super lightweight and even has fleece pockets. There’s still time to grab a new coat to keep you nice and toasty as it’s still cold out there – Thermowarmth™ Padded Coat £45.00.

I love accessorising around wintertime and Monki is a fantastic place for chunky knit beanies and I have 3 different colours and I love every single one of them. Check out their vast range of Wood Blend Beanies £8.00.

Thank You

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and taking a peek at my March Lookbook. I want to make this a monthly staple on here and inspire you throughout 2020 to push your fashion boundaries. I would love to know your wardrobe essentials, and what you’d like to see in my March Lookbook – it’s a work in progress so any feedback is greatly received.

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