Taking back my mind in Lockdown

It is Mental Health Awareness Week, I wanted to write something really true to my thoughts and share how I have been feeling and coping and I hope it helps you.

Now in no way, shape or form do I think i’m a master in Neuroscience, however what I strong believe in is that you can become a master of your own mind. For me my biggest problem is letting negativity fuel my anxiety.

During this lockdown, towards the start I would look on social media, scrolling through and I would get lost in rants and personal opinions from others. Not facts, no scientific facts, personal opinions from other people. I would overthink everything and my brain would go into a spiral of making myself feel worse, so much so I would make myself feel sick (actually feel physically sick).

I want to share with you guys some things that I have been doing that have really helped me take back my own mind. Now I have been doing exercise but these suggestions are a little bit more relaxed I suppose:

1. Switch off from social media.

Something that I did last week was come off Twitter, I actually deleted the app. The main reason for that is because it was full of people ranting. Now don’t get me wrong you are all entitled to your own opinion but I don’t need to read through your 12-tweet rant because it will send my mind into a downwards spiral thinking that the world is going to end tomorrow. I no longer have the temptation to click onto the app late at night and drive myself crazy.

Put the phone down, delete the app. If it is making you feel anxious or negative then come away from it and focus your mind elsewhere.

2. Immerse yourself in a different world.

Two things that I have started doing is I have picked up reading again and instead of laying in bed and scrolling through social media, I read my book and it really helps me switch off before sleeping. I have also started playing games again on my Playstation and without realising I have immersed myself in different worlds. I suppose you could say it has really helped distract me, I think we have all got our own ways of doing this. You can see people are baking, gardening and exercising, all ways of taking ourselves out of our mind and focusing on something else.

I would love to know what you are all doing to take yourself out of the negative space and focus on the positivity. I’ve seen so many people doing amazing things, which has helped inspire me so much.

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3. Be Honest with your emotions.

I think something probably even more important is keep an eye out on other people for how they’re feeling, talk about it because we’ve all had our off days/weeks of feeling down and really unmotivated. Trust me I have been speaking with my friends and we’ve all had these moments at different points it is completely normal.

I had my moment within the third week of lockdown, I kept crying randomly my heart kept racing a lot because I felt so anxious. I spoke with my girls and my boyfriend and told them how I felt and even just doing that helped because they felt exactly the same way as I did.

If you see someone posting on social media and it doesn’t seem like their normal self, drop them a message or give them a call. Speaking with someone can really help and showing that you are there no matter what could help even in the smallest way.

4. Focus on yourself.

Do not compare what you are doing to what other people are doing. We are not living within our regular routines so whatever you are doing feel proud of yourself. Just because you didn’t go out on that run you said you would, or you didn’t finish that book. Who cares? Do what you want to do, focus on yourself and your mental health because that is vitally important.

5. Set some motivating goals.

Something I found really useful at university or when I have been going through a challenging period, I set myself some motivating goals. What I mean by this is saying to yourself, go and buy yourself something or look forward to a takeaway at the end of the week.

I have found these can help the weeks go quicker, for example on a Thursday I will FaceTime my parents and on a Friday I will FaceTime my girls and then on a Saturday we’ll do a long walk and see family at a social distance. I have even bought my occasional treat online for example some new skincare products and I am even planning on doing an Ikea shop to brighten up our home.

Little goals to look forward to during these weeks. It may sound really simple but these weeks have been flying by and looking forward to little things and looking after yourself is really important.

Mental Health Awareness week during this time seems even more important. We are all at home or working during these unusual times, being out of our regular routines could make you really realise what is most important to you.

Hopefully we will come out of these times focused on our Mental Health and caring a lot more about what we do for other people. The occasional message or FaceTime with a loved one, staying in touch and talking about our feelings. I know I feel different and I need to remember that having these anxious moments are completely normal but I need to remember to talk about it and focus on me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it helps you realise that you are not going to be the only one feeling the way you do, talk about it with other people because no doubt they may feel the same way or can help you feel better.

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