Five Easy Ways to Support Local Businesses in York

Now, this post is not just coming purely from the current situation going on in the world. I honestly love supporting local businesses as much as I possibly can in my everyday life. I feel like it is even more evident now to prioritise where you are spending, I truly believe that when you spend and support local businesses it is much more evident how they truly appreciate it.

Instagram I believe is an amazing way to find local businesses. I use Instagram all the time when I visit new cities as well as at home to track down some local coffee shops and food places.

Hopefully as businesses are starting to open, we all can still prioritise spending money locally. Recently as being in lockdown can feel very monotonous we have tried to vary up our routines and treat ourselves and it feels even better to know that you are purchasing from someone who will truly be grateful for the support.

I thought why not share some examples, so here are Five Easy Ways to Support Local Businesses in York:

1. Share the love on Social Media

The first way I thought is the easiest way if you are active on Social Media including Facebook and Instagram why not share their pages, show them some love?

It does not cost anything, and I know money for many of us can be a concern during times like these. You can show your support with a kind comment or telling others about their business, this will be worth a lot to them and it is completely free.

There are some great accounts on Instagram that can really help to discover places in York including @indieyork and @york.independentlife. Those over at Independent Life have put together a Local Survival Guide which is a ‘digital celebration of all things local‘. Their main aim really is to change buying habits for good and honestly I think this will.

Head on over and check it out here.

2. Switch your take-out to Spark:Go

On some lost archives of my blog I previously spoke about when Spark’s idea was being created and proposed and now they are killing it. I absolutely love Spark’s vibe it is the place for start-up’s to begin, they get to build up a customer basis and grow gradually surrounding by other small businesses.

Spark is fantastic, they have partnered up with Fleetways Taxis to bring a streamlined service of take-away to your door. We have ordered around 4 times so far from them with Clucking Oinks and RAD Pizza Shop, they arrive really hot and of course very tasty.

What I love about supporting the businesses in Spark is that you can see the impact it has and how they can grow. They have such a variety of food places to choose from you are really spoilt for choice. They have been so popular that they have now started the service on a Thursday as well and are introducing new businesses including Taste of Budapest and Dogs Nose Taqueria which is amazing news.

Next time you think about ordering a takeaway think of Spark:Go – we normally order via Deliveroo.

3. Bring Local Art into your home

It is always nice to brighten up your home with a bit of artwork. I always like to buy some kind of unique artwork when I go abroad to display the memories up on the walls. Ever since I moved into my own place we have spaces where we can hang artwork, it gave us the perfect opportunity to look for something a little closer to home. We have some amazing artists in York so we are quite spoilt for choice.

I bought a really unique bit of artwork from Lincoln Lightfoot, it shows York in such a different way. I honestly think if you want a quirky, bright bit of art you can’t go wrong – head over to his website and check it out here.

Lincoln Lightfoot artwork

If you head onto the York Open Studios site you can see a list of the local artists including Painting, Photography and Jewellery for just a few examples – here.

I have been eyeing up some artwork from Elliot Harrison on York 360, the art is styled like Old School Vintage posters and I love that you could pick a place that may have some special memories. For example for me the old Odeon Cinema reminds me of going to see the Harry Potter films with my dad – check out his work here.

An alternative way could be to support your local tattoo artists, Jess who does my tattoos and her boyfriend are based in Sheffield but I have purchased a couple of items from them to support them whilst the studio is closed. Check their Instagrams over at @senseoftheterrific and @tubbybeartattoo.

4. Brighten up your home with Flowers

This is something I like to do all the time, there is something about having flowers in my home that I love and I feel like they bring such a positive energy.

I enjoy buying them as a gesture of love to my relatives and friends as well as they really can cheer someone up. Recently a family friend went through a really tough time and I knew I had to order some flowers for her, I had recently discovered Belle Blooms on Instagram through some friends of mine and had been admiring all of her posts.

I decided to message her on Instagram and made an order, paid via Paypal and within the next two days I had the bouquet delivered to my doorstep. In normal circumstances bouquets can be done the next day which is amazing, because the weather was windy as well Laura messaged me later in the day to make sure they were okay.

I could not recommend her enough and being a local girl like myself it makes me more than happy to support her business, just look at the bouquet below!

Belle Blooms Bouquet

Go and share some love on her Facebook (Belle Blooms Florist) and Instagram page on (@bellebloomsflowers), tell her I sent you and next time you’re thinking of treating yourself or a loved one drop her a message.

5. Get your Caffeine Fix

Spring Espresso

It is quite nice to try and keep some sense of normality in our routines. Normally when I’m working in the office my boyfriend and I would go and grab a coffee from one of the independent retailers around town. When Spring Espresso announced they are starting to open up I was so excited they have even started a click and collect service which is a brilliant idea.

My boyfriend and I normally go on a long walk on a Saturday into town and knowing that we can support some local businesses whilst doing so made it even better. We popped into Spring Espresso on the bank holiday weekend, then after that weekend we found it had been so popular they have decided to open every day, how amazing is that?

More and more businesses in York are opening back up and now is the prime time to show your support to your local retailers, before deciding to head to McDonald’s or Primark head into your local shops. They will appreciate it so much more.

This is a post that I really enjoyed writing and it is so easy to spread the word, I want to do more of these. Possibly looking at features on particular businesses spreading the word and doing it this way using my voice, I want to be able to help maybe even in the smallest way.

If any of you know of any local businesses in and around the York area let me know by commenting below, or messaging me via Instagram on @bookitblogger

Show your support and hopefully this has inspired you to switch up your purchases.

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