About The Book It Blogger

Welcome to The Book it Blogger, I started this blog back a few years ago and it is my creative outlet. I never labelled myself as a creative person but I definitely am.

I have grown and lived my life in York with a brief period of living in Sheffield for my studies. Definitely a Yorkshire lass through and through.

I want to be able to use this blog to inspire others with my travels, my lifestyle tips and with a bit of self-motivation. I do have a First Class Honours in Tourism Management so Travel and Tourism will always be my favourite topic.

Treating yourself is something I hugely condone this can be in anyway, whether it be doing a face mask once a week, running yourself a bath or taking time out to read. It’s best to put yourself and your mental health first.

I, as of 2019 am starting a journey on Body Positivity. For too long I have been focusing on how I look and not my own achievements. I have been putting myself down for ages and there is no need I want to share my inspirations and ideas to others. Hoping that we can altogether create a more inclusive and positive community.

There is no set topic for this blog but as The Book it Blogger, I want you to go ahead and book that holiday, book that time off from your stressful everyday life and relax. Just Book It, we can make so many excuses but having that method to doing it and being more spontaneous helps you live everyday you have to the fullest.