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I will never shy away from new opportunities, I am quite well-known with my friends and colleagues to take on any new kinds of work.

I do work in the Travel Industry myself and have studied it through College and University, however my creative passions lie within all kinds of industries with Beauty, Fashion and Wellbeing.

As my blog does not have have a fixed topic, I just want to be able to inspire others with my positivity whether it be through Travel, Pampering or just a bit of simple motivation that we all need. I would be so pleased to work with many different brands, however it will always be linked to the work that I do. If it doesn’t resonate with me and I do not feel personally motivated by it, then I will not promote it.

I will remain very honest and open with you all and give you my opinion remaining honest and open to my readers.

If you do want to find out more about me then head to my About Me page!

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I am will always be happy and grateful to work with brands, local businesses and fellow bloggers. There are several ways that we can do this:

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Freelance Writing

Event attendance

Press Trips

If you are interested then contact me on the details provided including my email;

Stay tuned as I will be creating a media kit which will be available on request.