How to Smash Your Final Year at Uni

Hello, you lovely people, As you can probably guess by the title of this blog post I am an almost graduate (my graduation isn’t until November). It has been four years in the works but…

I want to give you the best opportunity to smash your university life especially how to make the most of your final year.

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The Reality of Moving Home

Hello, you lovely people, As you are reading this I am just starting my 3rd week in my new job back home in York. That is right I am back home living with my family.…

Moving back home after being a student can be hard but I want to share my advice with those of you feeling the same.

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Placements: Are they worth it?

Happy 2018 guys! I have good feelings about this year and just like my placement year I want to take every opportunity that comes at me. I want to make this year the best one…

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Being a 2nd Year Tourism Student!!

It’s been a long time! My apologies that I haven’t posted in a while but I have just been getting into the swing of my second year at university. It is honestly so crazy to …

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The University Life!

Just starting my university life and would love to give some advice to any of you guys who are just starting out this new chapter!

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