Being a 2nd Year Tourism Student!!

It’s been a long time!

My apologies that I haven’t posted in a while but I have just been getting into the swing of my second year at university. It is honestly so crazy to  think 1 year ago I was posting about starting university and how I was meeting all these new people. Maybe we should all have a little update about what is going on.

Whilst I have been gone there has been so much going in the tourism industry (unfortunately some very sad stories) and it is just so heartbreaking to see people going on their holidays to be faced with such awful tragedies, my thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected.

If you are planning on going on holiday and want to book it yourself, I would highly recommend on doing some research on where you are going, learn about the local culture and even learn of the popular restaurants and attractions you can go to. A great way to do this is by looking on the Lonely Planet Guide they have information on just about anywhere and currently that website and their guides are like my bibles.

I have so many plans for travelling next year and it is going to be really exciting.

>>The first place on my agenda is Lyon, France which was a prize I won with the Eurostar (which you can learn about from a previous post). I would love to plan a cute break with my boyfriend and also a really fun girly summer holiday with my housemates at university. I’m not gonna lie i’m going to get really nerdy planning them!

As the title states I am currently in my second year as a Tourism Management student things have got a little more crazy but I am starting to study topics that are making me really motivated. These are Ecotourism and I am also looking at inequality in the tourism industry especially focusing on accessibility and mobility when wishing to travel.

I would be really interested to hear if you have any opinions on these two subjects and maybe we could get a little discussion going on that would be pretty interesting. If you can comment on this post and we can get some cool ideas from each other.

Finally if any of you  are starting university  let me know if there are any helpful handy tips you would like me to tell you about my own personal experience as I met some incredible people and ‘fingers crossed’ my university experience so far has been unforgettable!

Thank you guys for reading my blog and as a motivator to keep my brain going for my university coursework I will be regularly posting on here!


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