Pray for Paris 🇫🇷

Hello guys,

As a sign of respect I really wanted to make a post about the recent going’s on around the world.

You have all probably seen from yesterday the terrible news with gun and grenade attacks across Paris killing at least 128 people and leaving dozens of others injured. It is times like these that make us so much more aware of how vulnerable we all are but it also shows as a community how strong we can all become together in showing support. These photos below I feel represent the strength of humanity in all coming together and paying our respects.

San Francisco City Hall Berlin London Eye Sydney

The story of what has happened in Paris has gone widely noticed across the world and can be seen all over social media through people sharing posts on Facebook and changing their profile pictures to show the French Flag.

Let us not forget the other tragedies that have happened across the world after a crash of a Russian Airliner killing all 224 people on-board a flight from Russia to Egypt. Last night The Red Cross has said at least 239 people were wounded, several in critical condition, in a twin bombing that hit a busy shopping street in Beirut, Lebanon last night as 44 people were killed. These all come after an attack on a beach in Sousse and shot dead 39 people, including 30 British holidaymakers back in June.

Pray for Paris and Pray for Beirut.

Thank you for reading guys and I hope we can all pay our respects and I really hope that I will not have to publish another post about another tragedy.

I have a new post coming up next which is about my trip to Manchester Christmas Market so if you wish to see this post then stay tuned for that but in the meantime I hope we can all pay our respects.


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