Top 6 Quirky Hotels.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I really want to lighten the mood as currently in the tourism industry there have been a lot of unfortunately tragic stories and my heart goes out to everyone involved.

I have been reading a lot of different travel stories and one that kept popping up was all these different crazy hotels. This brought a great idea to share some seriously crazy ones!

  1.  Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Arlanda Airport

This is a Boeing 457 jet that was retired and turned into a 33 room hotel. It was created by Oscar Dios and cost around £1.5 million. It is a really clever idea and it looks like such a cool and different place to stay. It costs around £320 a night and is located just 65ft from Stockholm-Arlanda airport.

2. The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

This is a two bed B&B in Cottonwood, Idaho which opened back in August 2003 and has become a very famous landmark in the state. It has also been named ‘Sweet Willie’ by the local residents.  It is an amazing looking B&B and even the contents are completely dog themed. The backstory is lovely as the creators (Dennis and Frances) wanted to show of their chainsaw sculptures. It will cost you around £64 ($98) and of course if you want to take your pet it will cost an additional £9($15).

3. Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji

This is a Five-star luxury underwater hotel which is currently 13 years in the making and was due to open back in 2008. It has a guest list lined up of around 150,000 guests! It is rumoured to cost around £9,000 per week to stay in one of the 25 suites.

4. Hobbit Houses, Bodmin Moor Hotel,  Cornwall

Now these are slightly less crazy but I would love to stay in one of these. They are styled like little Hobbit houses and can accommodate around 5 people. They will have a double bed or two singles. There are 8 Hobbit houses in total with a gorgeous BBQ area and a fire pit. This would be a perfect area to go with your family or a big group of friends on a summer break. It will cost around £12 per person per day.

5. CasAnus Hotel, Antwerp, Belgium

How about ending your trip around Europe on a bum note…(sorry). Yep you read the title of the Hotel right it is designed to look like a colon! It sits inside the Verbeke Foundation Art Park. It includes a double bed, shower and central heating and will set you back £100 a night.

Not quite sure on how it looks myself…

6. Henn-an Hotel, Nagasaki, Japan.

This is the world’s first robot hotel, which opened July 16th 2015. It’s a 72 room hotel which is serviced by 10 ‘human-like’ robots. Luckily for us English-speaking guests we get to be greeted by a robotic dinosaur! They speak Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. These robots will do everything from delivering room service to carrying your luggage. Amazingly the rooms will cost £40 a night (single) and £50 a night (double). To get into your room you don’t need a key…all you need is your face (has facial recognition technology).


Hope you enjoyed this little piece on some of these really cool hotels, I know when I go travelling I will definitely look at staying in hotels like these.

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  1. Greg Long Reply

    The jumbo jet definitely struck me as interesting and affordable ☺

    • Rhimaec Reply

      That is what I thought, for most of these hotels despite being different are still a really reasonable price 🙂

  2. vinneve Reply

    Interesting 🙂

    • Rhimaec Reply

      Thank you 🙂 there were a lot more I could have written about!

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