There’s No Place Like Home

Hello Guys,

Dorothy was not wrong when she said “There’s no place like home”. I am the luckiest person ever to live in such a beautiful city.

That city is York.

As I walk the streets of York I am immersed in history as I walk past a 13th century castle keep atop a hill (Clifford’s Tower) and I follow the walls that surround the city and come across the mesmerising Minster which takes my breath away. Then all of a sudden a group of vikings walk past transporting me back to 866 AD when York was captured by a Viking Army and in those days York was known as Jorvik.

…this is just a normal day in the life for me born and bred in York and as I do my placement year I am so appreciative of my luck to live in such a beautiful city. We are so lucky in this city to have incredible attractions and people dedicated to displaying the history of this city, unfortunately due to heavy flooding at the end of 2015 the Jorvik centre which is one of York’s most popular attractions was hit by heavy floods and is now shut until Spring 2017 but you can go and help by donating to them to help get it back up and running so I am gonna leave this link here if you wish to help (

There are always exciting events going on in York and Visit York the DMO (Destination Management Organisation) for the City of York aren’t wrong when they say “You’ll fall in love the moment you arrive…”.

Visit York released an awesome video which made me appreciate my home so much more and at a time when there are such horrible incidents going on in the world to see a video with such love and appreciation made me so happy. Here’s the link to go check it out because honestly if this video doesn’t make you wanna visit York then I have no idea what will… (

Although York is stunning and I can see myself staying here for a long time I still have a need to travel the world and my travel list just keeps on building. As I listened to Blink 182’s new album ‘California’ today it felt like they were drilling in my need to go to the US of A with 3 songs titled ‘California, Los Angeles and San Diego’…yeah thanks Blink 182 I know I want to travel to America don’t rub it in.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my home town it is a slightly random post but hey I love York so why not share it on my blog?

Thank you for reading,


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