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It has been a while since I last posted (I know I say this every time) but I honestly have no idea where time has gone! How is it December? We are nearly in 2017 which is absolutely mad.

Anyway I thought I would finally create a post talking about my trip to the Isle of Man in September.

I was really lucky that I managed to join and help organise a Fam trip to the Isle of Man as part of my placement with Great Rail Journeys. Originally I was not on the list to go but at the last minute I was given a space which was great. I have family history from there on my mum’s side of the family she used to go over there every year to visit her Nanna and Grandpa which made me even more thankful that I could go and visit.

19th September:

On the 19th September me and three other colleagues of mine met at York Station and departed on the train to Heysham Port. We had to change in Leeds but it was really straight forward and before we knew it we were at the port.

We collected our tickets and then waiting around 10-15 minutes before boarding the ferry I decided to get my suitcase loaded on for me (because I’m lazy…or I was trying to get the experience of our customers…). We boarded the ferry over to Douglas and had some lunch. Then I decided to go up with colleague to the top deck and oh my goodness it was so windy but it was we had beautiful views up there.

The journey to Douglas
Arriving into Douglas









Thank god we had calm seas and then after hardly any time at all we arrived into Douglas we were met by the great guys from Tours Isle of Man and we met our driver for the tour Dave. They took us to our hotel ‘The Ascot Hotel’ and we were greeted by a warm welcome. All of the rooms were named after racecourses and were decorated with pictures to reflect the name which I found to be a great detail.

We took a walk after a buffet dinner along the coastline which was stunning and stopped off at a pub to relax. After a lovely rest we wandered back to the hotel to sleep ready for a busy day ahead.

20th September:

I woke up after a perfect nights sleep and headed downstairs for an amazingly assorted breakfast. We then headed out to start the day at around 09:00am.

Our first destination was heading to board the Manx Steam Railway up to Laxey.

We then headed up the Snaefell on the mountain railway which was incredible although I do admit slightly scary at times but the views at the top were out of this world. It is said that at the top you can see the ‘Six Kingdoms’: Isle of Man, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Heaven. After we got back to Laxey we had time for lunch in the sun which was extremely relaxing.

We then headed towards Peel via the TT course where our driver told us so many details about the history of the TT races on the Isle of Man. We arrived in Peel and had time at the House of Mannanan & we ventured to Peel Castle. Peel is a lovely small fishing port and I wish we had some more time there because it was beautiful.

Peel was very…a-peel-ing

On our way back to our Hotel in Douglas we stopped at Tynwald Hill where the Manx parliament gather on Tynwald day which has been held for more than 1000 years.

Us girls at the top of the hill of course!

After another beautiful buffet dinner we headed to our rooms and relaxed before our next jam packed day.

Ballacregga Corn Mill Cafe
  The Laxey Wheel


21st September: 

We left the hotel after a great breakfast and headed towards Cregneash. Cregneash is an old Manx Folk Village which still helps to characterise old traditional farming techniques and we even got to see some Manx Loaghtan which is a native breed of sheep to the Isle of Man.

After Cregneash we continued to The Sound on the far south of the Island. It felt absolutely incredible with the view of the Calf of Man. It may have been ever so slightly windy there but it was such a refreshing feeling stood right on the edge gazing at the seals below.

The Sound with a view of the Calf of Man

We then headed to Castletown with a very brief stop at Port St.Mary for some lunch. Once in Castletown we had time to go to Castle Rushen with an audio-guided tour and it has been so well preserved and I could have stayed there all day feeling like I’m in Game of Thrones.We then had a sitting at the Old House of Keys which was such a great way to get involved in the history as we set as members of the House of Keys which is the lower house of Tynwald parliament. We sat with some other visitors and it was a really fun experience to be voting on topics such as Women getting the vote. We then ended our time in the lovely Castletown at the Nautical Museum. At the Nautical Museum they recently uncovered an 18th century yacht named Peggy which was left uncovered for almost 100 years.

Castle Rushen

After another long day we headed back to Douglas but on the route back we stopped at Rushen Abbey an old monastery near Ballasalla. After Rushen Abbey we headed over the Fairy Bridge and we greeted them for good luck.

On our final evening we had our last buffet dinner and had a couple of drinks before heading to bed as we had an early morning the next day.

22nd September:

I was up at just before 06:00am which for me was extremely early I headed downstairs with my suitcase after packing up some souvenirs I had bought including a TT photography book for my boyfriend, some beers for my dad, some rock for my mum and I pinned my Manx cat pin to my backpack.

We all met in reception and got some breakfast to fill us up before heading down the hill to meet our amazing coach driver Dave and he drove us to the Ferry terminal. I handed our tickets to the desk and we got our boarding passes. We then said our goodbye’s to Dave and thanked him for his amazing driving and extensive knowledge.

We boarded our Ferry back to Heysham at 08:45 and had a very relaxing journey back as we sat in comfortable seats and I thought of what a lovely time we had and I am so thankful I was able to see so much in a couple of days. I also got to spend it with some lovely people and as we boarded the train back to York on arrival into Heysham it felt surreal that in such little time I was able to travel to such a lovely part of the world.

Honestly I am 20 years old and never thought I would enjoy going on a holiday so close to home but there is so much of this part of the world that I have not visited yet. Anybody of any age can travel to the Isle of Man and appreciate the beautiful scenery just look at the picture below and I promise you #nofilter.

Douglas from one of my many walks

I hope you all liked this post it has been a long time since I last posted and I know I say this all the time but I really need to start posting more because it is such a great thing for me to do. If you have any suggestions then please leave a comment and if you want to see more posts in the future then follow my page and it will notify you when I make a new post.

Look out over the next couple of weeks for some ‘Christmassy’ posts as I’m currently listening to “Pentatonix-A Pentatonix Christmas” Album and as it’s the 1st of December I am officially in Christmas mode.

Thank you for reading my post,



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    We are also beginning to explore closer to home. But we like yours better!

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      Aww thank you very much. It is great to hear that you’re exploring closer to home I am definitely going to be doing more of that!

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