Berlin 10.01-11.01.2017

Good Evening guys,

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my Berlin blog and if you haven’t checked it out go and read it that way you will be able to see the whole trip!

I also have just done some sprucing up of my page and I am rather liking the layout…it is still a work in progress but let me know in the comments what you think.

I suppose it is time to get on with part 2…shall we?


We had a great nights sleep despite going to sleep really early and both waking up at 10pm looking at our phones and thinking it was 10am and I slightly panicked thinking oh no we’ve slept in!! Luckily it was 10pm and we fell back to sleep and woke up at about 9am.

As soon as I stood up out of the bed my calves felt so tight from all the walking the day before but I had to say “I am sorry legs but today is not going to be easy for you either.” Anyway we got ready, Phil prepared his camera gear and we headed down for another filling breakfast to fuel us for our day.

On this 2nd day we tried to carefully plan where to go and we decided to use the trains to get a little bit further around, which thanks to our Welcome Pass made it very easy. We heading to the station and headed to the Ostbahnhof so we could walk the 1316 m long section of the Berlin Wall and we were both really excited to capture some iconic photos. We made it and headed across the road to the wall. It is striking right from the very start of this wall there were works of art with such strong powerful imagery and messages written from passers by on the wall.

East Side Gallery 10.01.2017
East Side Gallery 10.01.2017

I included the photo above not only because I love it…but because I think it is a very relevant picture to a lot of people right now.

We carried our coffees with us as it was absolutely freezing!! We got some great pictures to start off with and then we discovered the fence which was covering the large works of art and I completely understand why they are doing it to protect them from people writing their names and messages on the powerful murals. I feel like maybe they could have found another way around this as it does ruin the feeling when there is a fence blocking this wall but I do feel very strongly that this wall does need to be maintained for future generations.

East Side Gallery ‘fenced off’ 10.01.2017

The wall represents so much freedom especially having each section of the wall covered in art from so many different amazing artists from around the world. We spent so long walking down this open air gallery looking at the different messages and taking plenty of pictures. I loved seeing all the pieces of artwork next to each other showing the incredible variety of talent.


After our long walk and freezing our bums off we headed back to the Station. Just before we got back to the station a little van had pulled up which had an artist inside creating these amazing pieces of art on fabric and I bought myself a piece and I felt like I had taken a piece of the incredible artwork with me.

The Artist 10.01.2017

We then took the train straight to the Berlin Zoologischer Garten. We stopped off for a quick fuel stop in the Bikinihaus and honestly hands down everything in there was my absolute house goals. I had to resist buying so many quirky items but we had a sandwich and I had a green juice named ‘Princess Leia’ which made me feel very refreshed and I toasted it to the beautiful Carrie Fisher. We looked out into the Berlin Zoo with some very disappointed looking tourists as it was freezing and all the animals were asleep which to be honest I would have been doing exactly the same.

We then headed out to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and we came across a beautiful memorial with candles and images to remember those that we lost from the attack on the Christmas markets. I felt from the very moment I knew we were going to Berlin that I wanted to light a candle in their memory and we headed into the church and lit a candle. We also headed into the new church and I lit another candle.


After paying our respects we headed towards the KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens). We got ever so slightly lost on the way and magically stumbled across a camera shop which we had a look around and an old man owned the shop and I have honestly never seen so many cameras in my entire life… it is safe to say my boyfriend was in heaven but I eventually dragged him away.

As soon as we stepped foot in the KaDeWe we immediately took our backpacks off and I literally stood there in awe as I was greeted by a sea of Chanel. We headed to menswear, womenswear…and then a whole floor of accessories. I saw the Christian Louboutins’ and I was extremely tempted to try on a pair but thought I have been wearing these boots all day and I am pretty sure it would be a crime to put my feet in them. We then had a little look around technology and then we got to the holy grail of floors…the food department. We spent so much time on this floor but we eventually got a huge salmon sandwich which was the most beautiful sandwich I have ever had. After that we bought ourselves a Mocha Eclair to share in memory of my boyfriend’s Nan who sadly passed away just before our trip but we made sure we got something she would love and we sure did too.

After falling in love with absolutely everything and realising our budget is not stretching to any of the luxury items we headed back to the hotel on our last train journey of the day. We were both absolutely exhausted so we relaxed, packed our suitcases a little and then headed out for our last dinner in Berlin.

It felt like we had walked for a long time trying to find a restaurant as we really wanted to treat ourselves. We then took a corner down a side street and came across a beautiful looking restaurant. It was a really small place and we headed in and were greeted by a wonderful lady who sat us down. We were at a table in the window  with a candle between us we then ordered a large beer each and steak with a side order of garlic bread. A German couple then came in with their dog and sat across from us and it was just us 2 in this cute restaurant. Our huge beer was brought over to us and then not long after our food was brought over. We were so relaxed and the food was absolutely delicious and this steak was honestly the best I have ever had.

Vincent Piano Bar & Grill
The Best Steak I have ever had 10.01.2017

If you are ever in Berlin I would strongly recommend this place called Vincent’s: Piano & Grill. The staff were absolutely outstanding and the atmosphere was perfection I was so comfortable I could have fallen asleep in there. We then eventually paid up, said Thank You and headed back to the Hotel.

We did our final bit of packing and set our alarms for 05:00am.


We woke up at 05:00am which is definitely the earliest I have woken up in a very long time. Luckily we were packed and had bought a sandwich the day before to take with us. We headed downstairs to check out and walked to the station. We headed to the platform and waited for the train to arrive, Phil went and bought us both coffees. Unfortunately the train for some reason did not arrive and we headed back to the hotel to get a taxi just to be safe.

We got our taxi which came to 40 Euros which was an amazing price and we felt really relaxed. We got to the airport really early went through security and got to duty free. We treated ourselves to some alcohol (as it was my 21st the next day it would be wrong not to) and I also picked up some chocolate for my work colleagues.

I also picked myself up a keyring of the green man who is a true gent and for some reason I became obsessed with him.

Ampelmann Grün 10.01.2017

We relaxed, had our breakfast and soon after we boarded our flight.

It felt really sad to say goodbye to Berlin as it was our first trip together and it was amazing.

It is safe to say we are definitely going back as there is so much more to see and was truly a perfect experience. I could not have wished for a better travel partner and I can not wait to travel together again…but where to next?

Do you guys have any tips on where we should travel next?

I hope you enjoyed reading this second part to our Berlin trip and I would really appreciate to hear what you thought.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for more posts coming soon.

(P.S please go and check out P.R Barker Photography on Facebook as he is the amazing photographer and my boyfriend who captured our travel pictures).


  1. Karen Barker Reply

    This is such a lovely description of your trip. It did bring a tear to my eyes, thank you. I’m so glad you both had such a fantastic time. Looking forward to reading about your next one!!

    • Rhimaec Reply

      Thank you so much!! It is my absolute pleasure I will definitely write about our trip to Italy and we will get plenty of pictures xxx

  2. William Bratley Reply

    Interesting read, I needed some more inspiration for mine and Lily’s next trip!
    We are currently undecided on our next trip location but we do know we are sick of grey Lincoln.

    • Rhimaec Reply

      Well if you need some advice let me know 🙂 just drop me a message anytime

  3. Wanderfully Living Reply

    Hey great blog! I am going to Berlin in 3 weeks time and I can’t wait to get my camera out and fill my memory with snaps of the amazing artwork. Nice one

    • Rhimaec Reply

      Have an amazing time it is great over there 🙂

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