Which Travel Magazine Subscription is the best?

Hello guys,

I don’t know about you but I find myself flicking through pages of several travel magazines finding endless pages of inspiration. They are packed full of amazing new destinations and sneaky hints and tricks of the trade.

They all offer magazine subscriptions, whether this be monthly or annually and I have found myself recently asking myself which is the best?

This is where you guys come in, I am going to list 4 of the ‘Top Travel Magazines’ with some of my own opinions and other bits of information and I would like you to comment which you think is the best. I will then be able to finally make my decision on which subscription I will go for. I bought all 4 of the March 2017 magazines and they are what I will be reviewing on.

These will really help me find more inspiration for future blog posts as well as inspiration for my own holiday planning.

1.                                                                   Wanderlust 

Wanderlust Website.png

It was pretty hard to work it out the subscription information on the website as it seems quite outdated and I feel like it needs to be modernised especially comparing to the other websites that I will mention below.

They also have an Instagram but only around 2,120 followers which is a very small amount compared to the others below. But it is not all about their ‘social media following’ it is about the magazine itself so let’s have a look.

For the magazine itself the cover is definitely eye-catching and is one of the main reasons why I always seem to find myself going for Wanderlust with it’s bright colours and an for this issue an lovely lemurs face. The issue included a great article all about Madagascar and ‘the 12 things you need to know this month’ was really easy to read and covered off some interesting information including ‘Drones could film our future travels’ and a recipe on one of Peru’s staple foods ‘Choclos Andinos’.

Per issue price £4.50

Subscription £15 every 6 months & £30 for a year (includes 10 issues, £50 voucher off a holiday booked through an operator on their travel scheme & exclusive benefits with their ‘subs club’).

You can also try 6 months of the Wanderlust magazine for £5 and that also includes the £50 travel voucher. They also provide the opportunity to purchase back issues of the magazines which I did at the recent Destinations Travel Show in London as they had an issue of the December 14/January 15 featuring Machu Picchu.

 2.                                                                 Lonely Planet 


I feel like Lonely Planet are the most iconic magazines and their guides are top sellers! I own quite a few myself so I often feel like if their guides are so good… then surely the magazines have got to be the best. Their website is beautiful and feels stylish with large images that capture your attention straight away. This follows the style of their magazine as well

Per issue price: £4.00

Subscription for 12 issues by direct debit is £36.99. You can choose this to be a print or a digital edition and you also get ‘The Travel Book’ for free a photography book including a 850 images of 230 countries which is worth £40.

The latest issue focuses on Festivals all around the world with the cover showing Thailand’s Water Festival in the 2nd week of April all about washing away the old and starting the official new year on 15th April. They then end this celebration on 16th April by paying respects to their ancestors. This issue also included many other really interesting festivals and destinations for alternative honeymoons including Cuba & Myanmar.

3.                                                      National Geographic Traveller 


I find National Geographic Traveller’s branding very easy to identify with their statement colours so you immediately know of the iconic brand. Although the website itself as you scroll through the front page is overwhelming as they have so many different articles. I feel this needs to be simplified by possibly just having the image and title as they have so much text on there but they do feature their magazine subscription clearly right at the top.

Per issue price: £3.95

The subscription offer is very basic and simple as £25 for 10 issues which is saving you £14.50 overall.

I really enjoyed reading the National Geographic Traveller magazine, you get a lot of information for your money. The front cover was really eye-catching for me with Copenhagen, Denmark on the front cover which is somewhere I would like to travel to over the next year. This issue was all about city breaks and even included some really interesting parts about tips for travellers with food allergies and the rise of homestays in Japan.

I also picked up a mini magazine all about South Korea from the Destinations Travel Show which had some really interesting information and was extremely easy to read.

4.                                                               Condé Nast Traveller

CN Traveller Website.png

Condé-Nast Traveller have a simplistic yet eye-catching website and this is another website to actually feature their magazine subscription right on their front page. The website itself is in a clear format and is not cluttered which means you are not overwhelmed to click on the different topics they feature. It also links clearly to their Instagram page right at the bottom with their 1.2m Instagram followers, why would you not feature it?

Per issue price: £4.30

Subscription offer is 1 year of issues to your door before they are in stores and you also get access to iPad and iPhone editions for £24.

I personally love the style of Condé Nast Traveller and their whole focus seems to be very fashion-forward and luxury. Definitely more high-end but it is really interesting to read as the magazines are full to the brim of hotels and beaches you daydream about. Their new issue which is not out yet looks to be aimed towards the younger generation advertising hotels for under £150 so I am intrigued to see what the new issue has to offer.

I am still quite undecided as to which magazine I should subscribe to. I am swaying towards National Geographic as they covered some really awesome destinations and I found some of the articles to be really inspirational for my blogs as they featured some really different topics. Although their website was slightly intimidating once you read through and have a look the articles themselves are really well-written and they gave me a lot of creative ideas.

I would love to hear what you guys think, do you subscribe or ready any of these magazines? If so, leave a comment with your opinions.

I always like hearing from you guys and if you have read something you found interesting then let me know I love writing these blogs so any ideas are welcome.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to hit the follow button to be notified when I write a new post and go and check out my previous post all about Space Travel! 



  1. Sartenada Reply

    All travel magazines never tell what happens in the world. Blogs tell! 🙂

    • Rhimaec Reply

      I could not agree more, I love doing my blogs and reading other peoples you get some really great information and it is perfect to share ideas.

      • Sartenada Reply

        Thank You. Here is one gorgeous (unknown) example from my posts from Finland:

        Reindeer race.

        I guess that there few people who have heard about this unique happening, which is open for everyone.

        They have most probably heard about World’s Biggest Snow Castle:

        Best Snow Castle photos.

        In addition, people know Santa’s home at the Arctic Circle:

        Roosevelt log Cabin.

        All the best to You.

        Happy Sunday!

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