Keep safe when you travel!

Good Evening from York,

Unfortunately on the anniversary of the Brussels attack it is a day of not only remembering but reliving an awful attack. Today we are unfortunately witnessing another dreadful attack and this time in London.

I can not believe it was a year ago since the attack in Brussels, it only seems like yesterday since this tragic event happened but Europe is still struggling to come back from these events. It only makes it harder after seeing what has happened today in London.

Theresa May our Prime Minister said something that really resonated with me and that is:

“Parliament will come together as normal… and Londoners will get up and go about their day as normal… they will walk these streets, they will live their lives… never giving into terror and never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart.” (BBC News, 2017). 

I am going to be travelling to London this weekend and yes at first seeing what has happened made me think ‘should I still go?’ but then I thought ‘Yes I will’ I am going to have a girly weekend with my fellow placement girls and nothing is going to get in the way!

Do you have the same attitude? 

The reason I ask this is that working in the travel industry I see the decrease in holidays to certain destinations that have been in the public eye for reasons of terror. Some people think ‘well these things can happen anywhere and I won’t let this affect my holiday planning’ but some others will completely cancel their holidays and avoid the area completely.

What do you think?

When you travel do you look at emergency contact details?

I know when we travel abroad needing to call the police or your local embassy is the very last thing on our minds but with recent events over the past year don’t you think it is important?

Here’s a tip when you have everything booked make a list whether it be on your phone, in a notebook or one a piece of paper to keep in your purse/travel wallet. Note down your travel companies 24/7 helpline and find out where your nearest British Embassy/consulate is go and check out this website: it will literally take a few minutes so no excuses!

Another helpful tip is that if you are travelling in any EU Country if you dial ‘112’ you can contact any emergency services.

You can even sign up to travel alerts either for every country or just for the ones you will be travelling to you can get immediate, daily or weekly alerts to keep yourself up to date.

Is your holiday protected?

Working in the travel industry I see the ATOL and ABTA logo all the time but do you know what they mean?

ATOL logo small ATOL:  Air Travel Organiser’s License 

Check out for this logo as legally every UK travel company that sells air and hotel packages is required to hold this. If the company you are travelling with ceases trading whilst you are abroad it means you don’t get stranded! If you have a holiday booked with them it means you don’t lose out on your money!

9464972ABTA: Association of British Travel Agents

If  who you are travelling with is part of this association it means they are a part of this trusted group and abide by their ‘Code of Conduct’. They help support high service standards, health and safety, and promote responsible tourism. Check it out here: 

The very last thing which I urge every single one of you to do is get insurance it is really easy I managed to get great insurance for me and my boyfriend when we went to Berlin for £6! There really is no excuse I got mine on Compare the Market and I even got 2 for 1 cinema tickets for a year so please I urge you get insured it can be the difference between getting medical help and covering you over delays & unexpected expenses.

I really hope this post is helpful and makes you think a little more when planning your future trips abroad.

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Thank you for reading and my thoughts go out to anyone affected by past events and for today in London stay safe!




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