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Happy Monday Everyone,

I am quite pleased with the weather we are having at the moment so much so that I have started applying my favourite tanning moisturiser. I use Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Body Lotion and it is honestly incredible as I am terrified of using actual fake tan because that would not end well for me at all!

Of course with this same feeling of sunshine I am starting to plan my summer holiday plans for a spot of relaxation. I’m also looking at some different experiences that I can try out to make my holiday a little bit different.

As it is Monday I have a wonderful topic to talk about today as you can guess by the title it is ‘Alcohol + Holidays’ , sounds good to me.

We have seen Whiskey experiences be extremely popular in the tourism industry and in Scotland alone its worth to the economy is more than £5bn and 9 new distilleries opened in 2016 with around 40 more planned (The Week Ltd., 2016).

Now everybody hold on we know whiskey is good right? Well now we have a new contender and that is ‘Gin’. It has taken me a while to actually acquire the taste of gin but I love it so much. My boyfriends parents had a bottle of Brecon Botanicals Gin and ‘Oh Lordy’ that stuff is amazing, even just the smell makes me want to be sat on a sunny beach soaking up the rays.

Gin is estimated to be worth around £1.8bn to the UK’s economy and 70% of our gin is produced in Scotland (Williams, M., 2016) . It is safe to say you can have a boozy holiday in Scotland with a mix up of Whiskey and Gin tasting.

Eden Mill Gin, St. Andrews & Edinburgh

Love Gin, Eden Mills 

The marvellous Eden Mill company launched to help revive the ‘lost art of distilling and brewing in St. Andrews’. They employ 6 fully qualified distillers and 2 trainees and it is based on an old distillery, which was the first to make spirits in the region for over 150 years. It is safe to say they know what they are doing and they have several types of Gin including ‘Golf Gin’ which pays homage to the history of golfing in St. Andrews.

Fancy a tour you can have a 1hr Gin tour which includes your very own Gin & Tonic to kick start from £10pp or if you’re not a Gin fan you can take a Whiskey or a Beer tour. Don’t find yourself in St.Andrews often well why not look at organising a Gin Tasting Experience at Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh? Go to their website and have a look: 

It was pretty hard to choose from all of the incredible Gin distilleries in Scotland so if you just have a little Google when planning your trip to Scotland or take a look at the Scotland Gin Trail below for inspiration.

Scotland Gin Trail

Sipsmiths Distillery, Chiswick, London 

Sipsmith Dry London Gin 

Sipsmiths opened in London back in 2009 as the first brand new copper distillery since 1820. They have then since outgrown their original distillery and moved recently in 2014. The distillery is based in Chiswick and on their website they have a great timeline with some history on Gin so go and check it out, it even mentions in the 1700’s people would go and buy hot gin and gingerbread from stalls dotted along the frozen River Thames.

For £25pp you can have a tour of this unique distillery on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s from 18:30-20:00 or you could even try and go on certain Friday’s if you look in advance. You start off the tour with a Gin drink, then commence the tour and end it with a tutored tasting of their Gins. Or they do a great treat if you are planning it for a birthday or anniversary celebrations which is a Gin & Fine dining experience. You will have your tasting and tour at the distillery and then enjoy a 3-course supper at Charlotte’s Bistro ending with your very own complimentary bottle of London Dry Gin for £85pp.

Go check out their website and have a look at these experiences for your weekend in London: 

Fancy something a little bit more different…how about a Gin Cruise?

Gin Cruise, cheers to that.

The first of these incredible sailings is set to sail on April 7th 2017.

Dorset Cruises a luxury charter cruise company have been very clever indeed. These Dorset Cruises operate from Poole Quay and have just released 2 gin tasting cruises on board the Dorset Queen:

The Artisan Gin Cruise with two types of tickets available as below giving great value for money for a truly unique new experience.

Single £35:

  • 3 hour Vintage Cruise from Poole Quay.
  • 3 handcrafted artisan cocktails.
  • Canapés

VIP Table £300 (6 guests per table):

  • 3 hour Vintage Cruise from Poole Quay.
  • 3 handcrafted artisan cocktails for each VIP guest.
  • 700ml bottle of Gin.
  • Mixers for your tipple on board.
  • Canapés

The Conker Gin Cruise as Dorset Cruises pairs with Dorset’s first gin distillery with only 28 VIP tickets available. These 2 departures are setting sail fairly soon from 11th & 25th April so if you’re feeling spontaneous this is a great choice.

VIP Tickets £125:

  • Luxury Cruise aboard the Dorset Queen from Poole Quay.
  • 3 Course Dinner at Prestigious Restaurant tbc.
  • 3 Handcrafted Conker Gin Cocktails.
  • 700ml Hand Signed Bottle of Conker Gin.
  • Opportunity to meet the owners of Conker Spirit.

Check these out and have a look at the sailings for the Artisan Gin Cruise as they go all the way through to 1st September: 

It was really hard to choose the gin experiences as there are so many to choose from but I know when I plan some of my trips over the next year I am very intrigued to include a gin experience.

Let me know what you think and if you have done any gin, whiskey or unique food/drink experiences why not leave a comment? 

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I will be doing my London post I promise but I though as it is Monday why not do a post to make us look forward to the weekend again with a bit of gin but keep your eyes peeled as it will be out this week.

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