Get ready for the Vikings…

Good day from a Sunny York,

I hope you are all doing well.

As we are reaching ever closer to the peak travel season I can definitely tell my home town is getting busier. There are more and more events going on and this next couple of weeks are especially busy.

For those of you that do not know about York we have a wealth of Viking history and was the Viking Capital. York was known as ‘Jorvik’. Of course this means that in York we have many tourist attractions and we even have a Viking Festival which occurs normally around February 20 to 26.

Some events of the Jorvik Viking Festival include:

  • Strongest Viking Competition
  • March to Coppergate through York City Centre.
  • Best Beard Competition

One of the main highlights of this festival is ‘Bloodaxe’s Last Stand’ which is a reenactment with Viking warriors, Sound effects, Pyrotechnics and even a performance by a Viking musician.

The Jorvik Viking Festival is always a success and makes around £6 million and this year was the 33rd year.

Unfortunately our most loved attraction the Jorvik Viking Centre was closed throughout 2016 and whilst the Viking festival occurred due to devastating flooding in York on December 2015.
Last day of the Viking Festival

We do have good news!

This weekend is the grand re-opening of the Viking Centre and has undergone a ‘Multi-Million Pound Re-imagining’.

Some of the new parts to the centre include:

  • New ride experience with a full sensory experience including smells of the Viking Age.
  • Updated historical interpretation and the chance to see 1,000 year old artifacts in the newly designed galleries.

If you do find yourself in York over the weekend it is re-opening this Saturday 8th April 2017 go and check out this attraction. You may want to book ahead on

It is perfect for all ages and it has full disabled access to all areas of the attraction including a Hearing loop on the ride & in galleries and Audio descriptive commentary on the ride.

I would say it is perfect and very popular with families as in the gift shop they can pick-up their own wooden swords and helmets and walk around York city centre as a little viking. Trust me…we are all used to vikings walking around it isn’t unusual!
The Finale

Let me know what you think if you have been to the Viking Centre and if you do plan to visit York!

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Go on go and support this wonderful attraction on your visit to York and get the full Viking experience.

Thank you from Jorvik,


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