The High Street City Break.

Merry Sunday everyone,

As the weekend reaches the end I have found myself scouring the high street this weekend for some summer clothes trying to revamp my wardrobe. You’re probably wondering how is this travel related but trust me I will change your mind very quickly.

I have recently read a sponsored post by Refinery29 which talks about the ‘Best Alternative City Breaks’ that the wonderful @alliemayredmond shared on twitter. I absolutely love the mix of Fashion & Travel Inspiration and never thought of doing it myself until now.

I would love to make this a regular theme on my blog as I always have been very inspired by fashion and if I can mix that with my passion for travel then that is a recipe for something wonderful.

I have found myself floating towards Zara and Mango recently as they have a great collection of eye-catching summer items. I have been getting some serious Latina and Caribbean vibes. Let me show you some of my favourite items and some clothing that will just get you more motivated to book that long awaited trip.

Havana, Cuba

Eye-catching colours and frills have been a definite trend in Zara. A few pieces have captured my eye and had me dreaming of the bright colours and retro cars of Cuba…

These clothes are giving me some serious Cuban vibes all from Zara. The Printed dress with Zip is gorgeous and perfect for the British summer being slightly longer in the sleeves showcasing some Cuban vibes with the retro cars. The Printed Scarf brings a subtle hint to a chic outfit in the workplace & this Printed Pyjama gives you both  the look comfort and being smart and I definitely love the Pyjama shirt look paired with a pair of black skinny jeans. You also need that little clutch bag for your nights out and what better way to state that you’re going out for cocktails than having them on your bag? Zara has lots of little cross body bags and this is one of many of my favourites.

Cuba as a destination is becoming rather big in the travel universe and rightly so. Cuba is soaring with tourism rapidly as Airbnb opened in April 2015 and grew over 40 days doubling its numbers. Approximately 4 million tourists visited Cuba in 2016 which is an astonishing 13% increase year on year. It will be very interesting to see  the numbers from 2017 as it is definitely a popular and eye-catching destination.

The word is that a growth in tourism can seriously affect a destination making it more crowded but this is actually positive as it means that all this money is being put into the local ecosystem. Improving the quality of life for the Cuban people. Who is to say about travelling to a destination before it is changed by tourism, I think places can be changed for the better as money is invested into the infrastructure and bringing more jobs to the locals.


Hawaii is my dream destination. For ever I have dreamed of sipping on cocktails whilst absorbing the incredible culture taking part in an authentic Hula class. Take a look at these cute pieces that help you bring that Hawaii brightness to the gloomy days back home.

I am in love with Hawaii and I know it is risqué but I want to rock some Hawaiian shirts this summer. I am in love with the Satin Pyjama Jumpsuit  from ASOS with the subtle Hawaiian print or the very subtle Hawaiian print off-shoulder blouse from Mango. I am also a sucker for quirky t-shirts to pair with a pair off loose blue jeans or shorts and the t-shirt with the front appliqué of the hula dancer from Zara and the Postcard t-shirt from Mango are perfect for those holiday dreams.

Just like Cuba, Hawaii saw a record year in tourism in 2016 8.9 million tourist visiting, that is a 3% growth from 2015. Hawaii thrives from tourism and this means of course it needs to be sustainably managed in order to not affect the stunning natural scenery. Locals jobs depend on tourism and therefore want to maintain this increase of tourism throughout 2017.

Hawaii is developing and gaining visitors as many people are looking at venturing somewhere different after concerns with other destinations. People are also looking at authentic experiences that of course we can show off to our friends. Hawaii is definitely the place for this. You can take part in ukulele and lei making lessons. Or if you are a thrill-seeker take part in a Lava Boat tour as you get to see the lava flow from Kilauea Volcano straight into the sea.


I am always talking about my desire to travel to Japan and I will not stop. Now the fashion is making it even harder to resist.

I am in love with these Kimono looks. They look so elegant and make a bold statement if you are going out on a date or for cocktails with the girls. Whether you wear this gorgeous green kimono from Zara by itself or the black kimono from Zara with some jeans and heels. You could even bring the pyjama style shirt to work with subtle hints from Japan including the Koi fish shirt  I own this and it is so comfortable. You could also rock the denim jacket trend but instead of a jacket why not this unique statement from Mango?

Japan is growing constantly as we seek new experiences. Japan has been featured on documentaries including Joanna Lumley’s Japan on ITV which I absolutely loved. Definitely filled me with jealousy. I would love to experience such a wonderful and unique culture. Taking part in both the authentic tea ceremonies in Kyoto and shopping in the Shibuya and Harajuku district in Tokyo.

Overseas visits to Japan has already seen a growth of 9.8% from March 2016 according to JTB Tourism. It has also been named the cheapest long haul destination for 2017 from the Post Office‘s Holiday Money Report. Many airlines are offering great deals from the UK to  Tokyo. Of course when you are in Japan you want to travel around and just like I did on my trip to Berlin I bought a pass. Japan offer the JR Pass ‘Japan Rail Pass‘ for 7, 14 or 21 days for approx. £200 for 7 days and gives you access to all rail travel. It helps you to get around easier without worrying about buying separate tickets everyday. It is definitely a big trip for me to plan in the future but it is going to happen!

I really enjoyed doing this post and I hope you liked it too. I have already found more inspiration for more holiday destinations. If you would like to see more let me know in the comments.

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