My Great British Kitchen Experience

I think one of my favourite ways to spend time with friends and family is having unique experiences which include Food and Cocktails.

I have just spent a wonderful weekend with my best friend in Leeds. With her being the great friend that she is booked us both into a new restaurant in Leeds. They have opened restaurants in Nottingham, Newcastle and now Leeds.

The whole concept is about showcasing what we are passionate about our country. They help to represent some of Britain’s most loved food in quirky ways. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are going to the seaside and going on holidays filling myself with ice cream and spending time with my family. That is one of the main reasons why I study Tourism and want to work in this industry for the rest of my life.

I feel like Andrew and Nick the two creators have truly encompassed these feelings. The development chef Duncan and the guys truly pride themselves on finding the very best local produce they can get their hands on. That really makes the pride of it being a ‘Great British Kitchen’ even better.

The Cocktails: 

A girly date would not be complete without some cocktails. We dined from their ‘Pick & Mix’ Cocktails which were 2 for £8.00…so of course we tried 2 each. The first we tried was the Parma Violet and I am not kidding it tasted exactly like the sweet and we got so excited. We finished them way too quickly and ventured on to our next cocktail named ‘Fab’ after the delicious ice lolly finished with sprinkles around the edge of the glass just in case you did not already appreciate that is tasted like a Fab.

The Food: 

We were definitely spoilt choice from the delicious menu. They differ the menu dependent on where the restaurant is located and that all links back to the local produce they can get.

In Yorkshire we are welcomed choices such as traditional Fish & Chips, proper Pigs under Duvets & a Yorkshire Steak, Ale & Henderson’s Pie.. We decided to go for their ‘Proper Dirty Double Burger’ and my friend chose their ‘Chicken in a Basket’. The mains were actually incredible and the chips were utter perfection I honestly did not think I had room for any more food.

That was until we saw the desserts we opted for their Doughnuts served with a casual side of Candyfloss. They even offer deep fried Cadbury fudge bars…next time I go there they are on my list. Our dessert was so much fun to eat and we saw the Candyfloss all over Instagram and knew we had to try it.

Doughnuts & Candyfloss with the Fab Cocktails – Georges GBK

If you find yourselves either in Nottingham, Newcastle or Leeds I would strongly advise checking out Georges Great British Kitchen. If you book in advance you may be lucky and sit in one of their seaside huts we unfortunately did not as there were only 2 of us but get your family or friends together and get the full immersive experience.

Take a Seat in the Seaside Huts

Be transported back to your childhood and feel patriotic in this proper spiffing restaurant.  If you need more persuading…they have a gin bar…that is all I need to say! Check them out on 

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