Unusual Accommodation: Part 3

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We are being blessed here in Yorkshire with some incredible weather and I thought I would share one of my most favourite posts to write about with you. I have done two of these posts previously and I just love seeing the variety of experiences that we can have when booking trips or holidays. Of course some of them are very dependent on budget as some can be quite extravagant but I thought I would vary it up even more in this post.

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Top 6 Quirky Hotels

The Future of Vacations

We are really lucky nowadays that on Social Media we are surrounded by inspiration and that is how I find a few of these quirky places to stay. We can scroll through Instagram and Facebook or create boards on Pinterest to fuel our inner travel bug.

So here we go first one up is:

Casa Malca – Tulum, Mexico

This one has to be one of the best ones I have come across on Facebook. The page Ladbible shared this one and it immediately caught my attention.

Many of you may have watched the great Netflix TV Series called ‘Narcos’ which follows the follow of world famous drug lord Pablo Escobar and the Drug Enforcement Agency trying to hunt him down.

Now in this TV Series we are constantly shown the mass amount of wealth that Pablo gained from his drug cartel and his mansion was extremely extravagant. This mansion is based in Tulum, Mexico and believe it or not us travel bugs can now stay in this mansion.

It is called Casa Malca, the proprietor has carefully restored this mansion and it has a really great aesthetic. With an equal mix of the obvious luxury and a touch of the eco-friendly and art it has such a lovely peaceful look.

There are 35 suites and rooms ranging from the Junior Suite Garden View to the Malca Suite.

Casa Malca’s instagram is incredible and if I had the budget when I eventually go to Mexico even for one night I would just have to do it!

You can stay for yourself from approx. £380 per night.

Go and check it out on their website: http://www.casamalca.com  You also have to check out their Instagram @casamalca.

Bed n’ Binge Retreat – Osterley Park & House, Isleworth

Three mobile has launched this wonderful retreat. This was running from Thursday 6th July to Monday 10th July 2017.  Tickets are released every day at 2pm for the overnight stays and are selling out very quickly.

The last day is unfortunately today as this has been posted but it has been so popular and such an incredibly unique idea they just have to do some more.

What is it? 

Now we all love a good Netflix binge, I know I have lately after getting through Orange is the New Black, Glow and Riverdale. I just can not stop!

Sometimes I fancy going to stay in London for the weekend but I know it’s a tad expensive, well now if you wish to go and stay in London you can. In Greater London where this retreat has been popped up you pay by binge-watching your favourite Netflix tv shows.

There are 15 suites which are all inspired by our well-loved Netflix tv shows. On arrival you are handed a Samsung S8/S8+ before heading into your themed pop-up accommodation.

It is such an incredible idea and tickets are available at 2pm each day for the overnight stays. Obviously now unfortunately this is over but we should all keep an eye out for more of these in the future.

It is all inspired by Three’s new ‘Go Binge’ Service this means you can binge watch your favourite TV shows and steam music without using up your data! This is really clever marketing and as they said it’s better than just an advert in a newspaper…it definitely caught my attention.

Keep an eye out for more of these dates, I am really hoping they open up more it is definitely making consider switching to Three. If this doesn’t do it just look at their image for the ‘Go Binge Campaign’ they are hitting all of the internet trends in one go!

Go Binge Sloth!

Long croft Luxury Cat Hotel – Norbury, London

Now us humans are very lucky to escape our everyday lives and get booked into a hotel. Now it is not just us that can do that, we can get our cats booked in.

This is no joke and as a fully admitted ‘crazy cat lady’ this is wonderful to me. This wonderful idea was brought to life by Abi Purser who opened the first back in 2010 in Welwyn Garden City. This was a ‘roaring’ success and multiple have been opened across London and the South East.

Abi came up with the idea as she could not find a luxury cattery for her cat Norman. Abi makes sure that each cats stay is personalised so they have the best experience.

They provide several options including:

  • Ultimate Spa Day – Full body groom, room service from their ‘A La Cat Menu’ & an evening Milky Whiskers Turndown Service. This costs £45.
  • Total Indulgence Full Body Groom – Eye & Ear Massage, Paw massage, Waterless coat massage and refresh & a Gentle undercoat removal. This costs £35.

The room rates are: Large Suite – £17 per day, Extra Large Suite – £20 per day & if you have many cats which is my future goal for Interconnecting Suite – from 1-4 cats  – £54 per day.

They have won several awards including: Guardian Home Business Winner 2016 & The National Family Business Awards 2017.

It may sound extreme to some of you but if you believe your family pet deserves the best whilst you go on your holiday go and check it out and find the nearest to you: http://www.longcroftcathotel.co.uk/hotels/

I absolutely adore these posts and if you enjoyed reading this then let me know if you want more!

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