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I have recently returned from a rather magical weekend in London with my boyfriend. As a treat I booked us in at an Air BnB and tickets to the Harry Potter Studios for his graduation/21st birthday.

We stayed at an Air BnB in Brixton with a lovely family. They mentioned how many people come and stay with them from all over the world and the majority are going to the Harry Potter Studios or doing something Harry Potter themed.

This incredible attraction attracts over 6,000 tourists every day and in its first full year of opening in 2013 the tour contributed £57m of revenue. Now this is only one part of how you can make an incredible weekend centred around Harry Potter.

I wanted to help share with you how you can treat yourself to a nostalgic magical weekend in London.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour, Leavesden Studios.


Of course to start off the weekend you need to make sure you have your tickets booked to visit the site of all 8 films!

Leavesden Studios is based in Watford and you can get there by train to Watford Junction with a rather obvious bus waiting outside takes you to the Harry Potter Studios.


The wonderful thing about Harry Potter is that it suits all ages. The prices are as follows:

  • Adult (16 years +) – Standard Price £39.00
  • Child (5 – 15 years, accompanied by an adult) – Standard Price £31.00
  • 4 + Under – Free of charge, but on the website you technically still buy a ticket, as they will need it for the entry.

You can get packages as a family which will save you a little bit of money, it is all accessible for those with pushchairs/wheelchairs and carers go free!

What is it?

This studio tour takes you around the very place where all 8 Harry Potter films were created. You start off in the Great Hall and wander through seeing real life sets, props and during our time there was the ‘Wizarding Wardrobes’ feature which runs until Sept 27th and we got to see the real costumes worn in the films!

You get to wander through the Hogwarts Express, pretend you are running through Platform 9 3/4 and see how they create these films from drawings to reality.

Oh also don’t forget to try the Butterbeer!

The Library, London.


Instagram and Facebook have become great places for me to find new places to share on this blog. This one came up on Time Out London and is such a good idea. This is a members club in Covent Garden and they are currently holding a ‘Top-Secret- Dinner series throughout August & September on every Friday & Saturday from 7pm.

The Library offers a Membership and is all about offering creativity and innovation to everyone. Members can get use of live music, art exhibitions & film screenings find out more on their website:

Do not fret though guys, you do not have to be a member to attend this exclusive dinner, book in advance on their website for £75 per head and you get a Day Pass so you can enjoy this wonderful venue before your dinner.

What makes the dinner special? 

You must turn up in your best School + House Colours. Each course of the dinner is based around each book (7 in total) it is all very decadent and makes you feel like you are enjoying a dinner in the Great Hall.

Spoil yourself and enjoy this exclusive dinner, it’s a great thing to boast all over your social media and make people jealous!


The Cauldron Pub, London


This is one with a bit of difference and is not actually open yet. This is a Kickstarter campaign set up on 26th June and is a very exciting prospect for London. I really support new and small businesses and I would love to support these guys to get this open!

If this opened it would make an absolute fortune. They have amazing ideas and by starting this up by a Kickstarter campaign it gives you guys the opportunity to truly make a mark on the pub itself. You could get your own moving picture in the pub & your name in permanent invisible ink. The staff would also get to use wands to work the lights, fire & beer taps. Eventually they may even open up an inn and instead of key cards, you will get a wand.

I absolutely adore the idea and they will provide food & drinks which are all inspired by what has been mentioned in our favourite fantasy novels. Novels will also be covering the place encouraging us to pick up one and read, or plug and listen to an audiobook. School trips are also welcomed as the founder began his career as a reading teacher. They will be able to showcase the science & technology behind this pub.

I myself will be pledging and you should too on their Kickstarter page ! Head over to their website: and find out even more about this incredible campaign and head to them on twitter and tell them I sent you @thecauldronpub

They aim to open by March 2018 and I would love this to happen, if I could celebrate my year of Graduating university with a trip to the Cauldron that will be a pretty great year.

In the meantime we are blessed with places in London that provide rather Scientific/Magical Cocktails such as:

  • ABQ London: They use their molecular cocktails to bring science and our much loved cocktails together, check out their website for there insane menu – 
  • The Alchemist: This is more well-known and wider spread and they have a vast menu of very creative cocktails –
  • Callooh Callay: They have won many awards and have a really great style set in Shoreditch:

House of Mina Lima, London


Fancy seeing some art then head over to the House of Mina Lima on Greek Street. Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima are the incredible designers behind all the artwork in Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts. It is a free exhibition and showcases all the incredible artwork from the films such as the Marauder’s Map & the infamous Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. As it’s free entry they do have a great gift shop with replica prints which would be a great reminder of your Harry Potter Weekend.

harry-potter-and-fantastic-beasts-graphic-art-at-house-of-minalima-73a1949e99b052cc92db4fe588ab70c8Go and check out their website:

The British Library, London 


Last but certainly not least, go and head over to the British Library. They have an exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone being published. It is running from 20th October 2017 – 28th February 2018. Tickets for Adults (18+) cost £16.00 & Students get in for £8.00 (members will be able to get in for free). You’ll not only get to see original drafts & illustrations but you get to see ancient folklore that inspired the very tale we love now.

Get yourself booked in this is bound to be a very popular exhibition:

I hope I have given you many options to plan your very own Harry Potter Weekend. We celebrated Harry Potter’s 37th birthday on Monday as he was born on 31st July 1980 and what better excuse to get a weekend away booked than that?

We’ve had our very own Harry Potter store open in York called: The Shop that Must not be Named which opened the Shambles and it is constantly queued and even the cafe opposite jumped on the bandwagon and offers Harry Potter themed treats including Butterbeer. It’s incredible to see how popular it is after all these years with more and more generations becoming obsessed.

Me and My Butterbeer in York

Keep an eye out for my blog post coming up telling you all about the full experience I had at Leavesden Studios & also what else I did in London. If you aren’t already make sure you click on the Follow button so you get notified when I do a new posts!

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