The Yorkshire Guide: Knaresborough

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I feel very lucky that I live in Yorkshire, I definitely take it for granted though. I live in York which is a beautiful and very popular city but I very rarely venture outside of it.

When we have our very rare, beautiful sunny days, that is when I always try and explore further. I remember when I was younger going to Knaresborough with my best friend and absolutely falling in love with the place. I have not been since and my boyfriend lives close-by to Knaresborough, just a small-drive away. We had beautiful weather last weekend and I finally put my foot down and said ‘We are Going!’.

Going around Knaresborough and exploring made me think about doing this as a part of a series on my blog. Creating a ‘Yorkshire Guide’ so those of you who fancy venturing outside of London when you come to the UK or just fancy travelling domestically. I can share with you some of my favourite parts about my home county.


Knaresborough is a beautiful, historic market spa town in the Borough of Harrogate. The town centre is perched on the cliffs of the River Nidd making the scenery absolutely stunning. When I imagine Knaresborough all I envision is the striking railway viaduct which towers over the River.

You can get there by train as it is on the line from York to Harrogate, or you can easily travel by car and park in the centre but you will have to pay for parking. I would advise coming on the train as the station is only a 5-minute walk from the centre. There are also several great places to stay if you fancied spending the night, there are many B&B’s, Cottages & Hotels, perfect to make a weekend out of your visit.

Just walking around Knaresborough, you really can absorb it’s beauty and honestly it has to be one of my favourite little places where I feel completely relaxed.

It has something for all ages, it is even home to England’s Oldest Tourist Attraction; Mother Shipton’s Cave. You can find there the Petrifying Well, where you can see how pairs of shoes, teddy bears & even teapots are turned to stone, as if by magic!

Remember before you leave to make a wish, in the wishing well it’s a tradition you have to!

After you’ve visited the cave, why not relax by the river and grab a bite to eat in one of the lovely cafe’s and grab an ice cream all freshly made in Yorkshire. You can go to Marigold’s Cafe based right on the waterfront with seats outside and they even have their own place to hire boats from.


If you do feel a bit guilty after your lovely meal then why not hire a boat, it’s a must when visiting Knaresborough. They even have one with my name on it ‘Rhianna’ which is very rare I can never find anything with my name written correctly but there we go I have a boat. Get yourself rowing, trust me it does work out your arms quite well, I classed it as exercise anyway…


If any of you do go to Knaresborough and are lucky to get the ‘Rhianna’ boat, post it on Instagram and tag me @bookitblogger

Me and my boyfriend had an amazing time on the boat and we swapped over half way, it’s only fair that we both have a go at rowing. It took me a while to get the hang of it but I did it, we may have got stuck in on a branch, but we made it out without falling in the water. That is an achievement!


You can hire out one of the boats for Adults it is £6.00pp and you can have the boat for approx. 1-hour , they won’t time you but it’s just something to remember. You can get a boat for up to 6 people, so it’s great for families, or days out with friends. The minimum number is 2, so of course perfect for couples as well.

We picked up some delicious ice cream to accompany us on our walk up the stairs to Knaresborough Castle with a beautiful view over the river. You can explore the Castle ruins and even venture into the Courtroom Museum with it’s original Tudor Courtroom.


Top Tip: Why not take a short drive to Nidderdale, an Area of Outstanding Beauty, perfect for a spot of walking to burn off the yummy Knaresborough Ice Cream.

Before you leave once you’ve explored the Castle ruins, you can visit the Market Centre with it’s cute shops including many antique places to find plenty of quirky goodies to take home with you.

IMG_9343 2

Why not give yourself a challenge and find all of the ‘Town Windows‘ they are wonderful art pieces dotted all around Knaresborough blending into the environment…go on give it a go (can you spot the painting below?)


I hope you enjoyed this post, I enjoyed writing it and I look forward to writing about many more places. It gives me an excuse to do some exploring as well!

If you have any suggestions for places that I should visit or if you’ve been to Knaresborough, let me know in the comments below.

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Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend full of exploring,



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