Domestic Travel, do we do it enough?

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As part of my new series The Yorkshire Guides, I thought I would look into the whole travelling domestically and if we all think about it enough.

Now I’m a great lover of travel but when I think about it, I have not travelled around the UK enough. Yes I’ve gone down to London but there are so many places that people mention to me and I always say ‘I must visit there one day’. I think it is about time we stop making excuses and actually just get up and go.

I know we all talk about the weather that it always changes and is very unpredictable. We are rather lucky in this country that there are some gorgeous hidden gems that are either a short train ride or drive away. My challenge for you guys is if you wake up and we have sunshine, find a place to visit and just go there.

I know we all like to plan in advance but if we do that in this country then sometimes it’s most likely to rain on our ‘parade’. Let’s be more spontaneous because sometimes those days are the best.

Visit Britain launched a campaign in 2016 all about #OMGB. It is basically helping to market and speak about all the amazing moments we can make that only happen in Great Britain.

We are definitely blessed with a nation of many different cultures and areas to discover. I think we take it for granted and because of the weather & ease of travel we just book a cheap flight and head abroad. I have actually made it my new years resolution for 2017 to explore the UK more. I had never been up to Scotland at all until April of this year and I went with work and I ventured to Isle of Mull, Isle of Skye, Morar, Inverness, Edinburgh & Glasgow. 

I never realised how truly beautiful the beaches and landscape is in Scotland and if you fancy seeing some gorgeous pictures from my trip go and check out my blog post that I did on my return from Scotland and find out more: The Visit Scotland Expo (sneak preview pictures below). 

This campaign for #OMGB brought forward the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards which has been running for 3 years now & I think it is a really great way to show not only those in the UK but people from abroad that it is not just the Capital that gets all the fun. People should start venturing out of their comfort zones.

Some of the winners of the Landscape Photographer of the year awards are truly astonishing if I were to see these photos elsewhere I would not have guessed they were in the UK, go and take a look and trust me you will be amazed:

The overall winner is an absolutely gorgeous picture and is a photo from Cumbria and it almost doesn’t look quite real. A place I have not been to but I am planning on investing in some walking boots and really taking in the beautiful landscapes around me. My boyfriend is a photographer which of course is a bonus so I can showcase these incredible places to you.

The #OMGB Winner, 2016 

If there are any places that you have been to that you recommend or would like me to venture out to, then let me know in the comments. I really would love to inspire some of you reading to explore the different regions in the UK as we have so much to offer.

I am of course a little bit biased as Yorkshire is my home county and it’s stunning. We are blessed with the wonderful Yorkshire Dales and little towns to explore. I am from York which I like to say is the ‘Heart of Yorkshire’ and is close-by to so many places that even I haven’t ventured to (yet). I would say if you do fancy coming to Yorkshire and doing some exploring around that York is a great hub with wonderful transport links as it is on the line from Edinburgh to London.

York is next on my list to add to my ‘Yorkshire Guide’ so keep your eyes peeled and if you aren’t following already make sure you click on the Follow button to be notified when I release new posts. The first on my list was Knaresborough, if you haven’t heard of it or fancy learning more go and check it out: The Yorkshire Guide:Knaresborough

Lastly here are 3 reasons why I challenge you all to venture out more to those places that you’ve always said you should: 

  • Life is too short, and I think we are all rather aware of that, let us all live in the now (I know it sounds cringey but it’s true) and go to those places that we want to.
  • Take time to relax and get out of your everyday routines. We are all very busy nowadays with working and it is so important for us to spend our weekends not thinking about work and distracting our minds by exploring new places. We get stuck in our daily routines and it’s healthy to change this up every once in a while.
  • Become more Travel-Savvy, I think that if you are able to plan spontaneous trips regularly in your own country, you can then grow your confidence and start venturing further and further abroad.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, if I have inspired you to take time and venture out more.

If you do fancy venturing to our wonderful capital city ‘London’ but fancy mixing it up with a bit of magic, go ahead and read my post all about How to: The Harry Potter Weekend

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