Hot Yoga Review!

Hello guys,

I know this post isn’t necessarily travel related but it is all about helping you relax your mind & body, just like a holiday does.

I have been on a journey recently trying to train myself into becoming healthier and more fit. As I will be going into my last year of University I would like to go into it with a clear, healthy mind. Let me tell you guys, it is working!

I have noticed a change in my mindset as I have been able to wake up earlier and feel more positive and energised throughout the day. My mood has definitely increased as I feel myself being more positive and smiley.

I have only started to make these changes over the past couple of weeks but having such clear changes in my mind and how I feel is really motivating.

What is Hot Yoga? 

Well it is quite simple really. The one I have started at is based on Vinyasa yoga which relates to breathing and movement all synchronized so the moves all flow together.

What makes it hot is the room is generally heated to approx. 38-40 degrees Celsius with the humidity level going between 40-60%. The great thing about performing yoga in such a hot environment is that it helps you to sweat out all your stress and is great to detoxify your body.

The yoga itself helps you to fully stretch out your body, moving in positions you never thought you could move into. It helps you to loosen any tension you may have from your everyday working life and you truly work muscles that you didn’t even know you had.

I think yoga is made for everyone, we all could do with a spot of relaxation and although it is a tough workout, afterwards you will feel more relaxed than you have ever felt!

Where do I go? 


I had heard about Yoga Bomb at work and me and my colleague were really interested in it. I finished placement back in June and we never had time to actually go but now that I’m back for a little bit, we both thought lets do this!

Yoga Bomb is based in the lovely York. It was started up by Lou in who owns Hedley House Hotel with her family, she was introduced to power yoga by a friend and was treated to hot yoga for her birthday. She saw nobody was offering it in York and she then did 6-months Yoga training with hours of self-practise, she then created a custom-made hot yoga studio in the basement of the hotel. This opened in November 2015 and within it’s first year they got 860 clients and it just keeps on growing.

It is a lovely studio and I’m not gonna lie…I want one in my future house!

I have only attended Lou’s classes but they have several different variations going on throughout the day with different yoga instructors. I have been attending her Hot Beginners Class which is 1-hour long and is the perfect starting point.

I am going to be attending a 90-minute session tomorrow with a couple of my friends who got interest from me telling them about it. We shall see how I handle 90 minutes, I’m pretty excited!

If you are from York go and check Yoga Bomb out for yourself, I highly recommend it:

They recommend that you book through the Mind Body App and from there you can look through the schedule and when you book classes you can link them to the calendar on your phone. They also have several deals with your first session for £5 & a new client special which is 20 days for £25 it’s an unlimited class pass for 20 days. Normally costing around £10 and for Students they have Student Wednesdays with a £5 session helping with all that deadline stress!

The Mind Body App 

My first experience & tips: 

I was a little under-prepared and forgot a towel and make-up wipes. It was a wonderful first session but I was right at the front of the class which seems to be the hottest and I have never sweated so much in my life. It did drop me right into the tough end of Hot Yoga which actually is quite a good thing.

Here are some tips if you are to attend Yoga Bomb or another Hot Yoga Class for the first time: 

  • You can usually borrow a yoga mat for the first session but it’s definitely worth taking your own mat if you do enjoy it.
  • It was hard work and I was wearing loose shorts which for some moves maybe weren’t the best choice. I would recommend either wearing shorts that are more fitted or leggings which I think are the best option.
  • Make sure you have something to take your hair out of your face.
  • Don’t forget if you are coming straight from work to take make-up wipes to clean your face before the class as it is bad for your skin to sweat so much with make-up on.
  • Bring plenty of water and don’t feel like you have to try super duper hard on your first go.
  • Make sure you rest when you need to as instructed with the ‘Child’s Pose’ & don’t feel defeated if you can’t quite do a move like everyone else.
  • It is a build-able workout and I can already feel that I am able to be more flexible.

I would highly recommend that you search for a Hot Yoga Studio near you, If you are from York please go and check out Yoga Bomb and tell them I sent you!

I am very excited as I have found one in Sheffield for when I return to University that I can try out. Hot Yoga has brought a lot of interest with my friends and many of them have asked to join me. I hope you go to a class, try it out and let me know what you think!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I know it is slightly different from what I normally post but I thought it’s great to share my experiences with you no matter what. It might have peaked your interest and I encourage you to give it a go.

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Thank you so much and have a relaxing weekend,



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