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Good Evening guys,

How very exciting, I attended my first ‘blogging event’ hosted by Em Sheldon on Tuesday night. Em Sheldon is a multi-award winning blogger with her marvelous blog ‘Emtalks‘. Her blog is my ultimate goal, it is so well laid out and she gives great advice from anything from fitness to fashion. She also has a Youtube channel with around 26,000 subscribers.

She advertised an opportunity for 20 people to attend a Launch Event for the new Origins Store in York. I was super lucky to be given the opportunity to attend, not only to see Em Sheldon but to be pampered by one of my all time favourite skincare brands Origins.

I am starting to get into being in touch with more and more local bloggers as it helps to see what others do, get advice and just understand the blogging world.

I absolutely adore Origins and have done for many years. I went through a really bad phase with my skin around 5 years ago, I watched one of Tanya Burr’s skincare routines and it pretty much changed my life. That does sound a little extreme but it is true, I use the Clinique Cleansing Balm, Clinique toner and Origins Moisturisers. I have also been a dedicated Origins face mask user for years trying 4 of their face masks including: 10 minute Out of Trouble Mask, the Charcoal mask, the Rose clay mask & lastly the peel off mask.

I think giving myself time during the week to sit and do a face mask is really important and taking my make-up off properly at night is something I can’t go without. I used to just use make-up wipes but that just does not cut it. I used to be left with so much dirt on my skin from leaving make-up on that now I just can’t wait for the end of the day to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

This was my first ‘blogging’ event and I am not going to lie, I was slightly nervous as I didn’t personally know anyone. The best way to get to know people is to be completely pampered together I hands down believe that.


Although this blog does not have a huge following, attending an event like this has made me feel like an official blogger and has lit a fire in me to get posting even more regularly.

Would you guys like to see more varied posts, I have some of my skincare favourites that could make for an interesting post for all my oily- skin girls out there?

All about Origins


Origins started in the late 1980’s by providing a stand-out product of minimalist beauty by using the power of plants. I never realised this but their logo of the two tree’s represents Yin and Yang (representing their slogan of Powered by Nature, Proven by Science).

Now Origins is 27 years old, with an incredible array of wonderful products and they are still producing more and more products that I wish to try. I honestly am so excited that Origins has a store in York as strangely the only other store in the UK is Cambridge and that is where half of my family live (my dad’s side)…I think Origins is made for me.

Origins is so dedicated to making us all feel better and relaxed that you can go into one of their stores at any time for a facial…for free! I never knew about this but now I think the store might get sick of me. Now there is no excuse to treat yourself!

The Event:

The event was hosted at the brand new store in York. The shop is in the old space that was Jo Malone which has recently moved, the building is on Stonegate a beautiful historic street near the Minster.

We were welcomed by a glass of prosecco and headed upstairs to meet Em and have a chat whilst trying the stunning treats provided by Potage. Potage is an all natural, sustainable food delivery service which provides food across homes and offices in Central London. It started off by deliveries by bicycle and has grown massively with chefs making the food fresh everyday.


Everyone was so warm and welcoming and I got chatting to people and met a girl who went to Sheffield Hallam which is my university that I’m going back to in September for my final year. There were many girls from York & Leeds and it just felt so great to get in contact with these girls and we had such a good time.

We then were asked who wanted a treatment and myself and another girl who lives in York went first. I got a facial using products that i’ve never tried before and it felt amazing to get my make-up taken off and the staff were so lovely. I felt so relaxed and surprisingly confident at the event with a completely nude face!


All the furniture is amazing and the decor is exactly how I want my future home to look like with natural wooden features, gold accents & plenty of plants (oh and full of Origins skincare). It had such a nice homely feel that I can imagine when it is quiet and you pop in for a facial that you will feel completely relaxed, they are even trained to give Indian Head Massages!

The products they used on me are from the ‘Zero Oil’ range which I am shocked I’ve never tried before as my skin is very much an oily type. I thought I would have tried all the products but…I was tempted to purchase some more…


After my facial we were treated to cocktails provided by The Botanist which were absolutely gorgeous and went down way too quickly! First up was a cocktail served in a giant test tube and the next one was in a plant pot, they both tasted so nice and I’ve never been into The Botanist but now I must try it.

We chatted with Em for a long time and she was so great and made sure she spoke to absolutely everyone and we all got a group selfie that you can see towards the start of the post. We went on so many tangents talking about Love Island, Naked Attraction & discussing what we study and do for work. I was really nervous about attending my first event by myself but I felt so comfortable and made sure that the girls I spoke to that we followed each other on Instagram & Twitter.

I now understand the importance of creating contacts in the blogging community as we all help to support and grow our ‘brand’. I feel really motivated to create my own events to get local bloggers together as it felt really great to talk about my blog and experiences to people doing something similar. Everyone was so lovely and if any of you girls are reading this post that attended the event thank you for making me feel so comfortable and I hope we meet up again soon.

Did I purchase anything…?

Yes. Yes I did.

I bought the Zero Oil Moisturiser as I have just conveniently ran out of my pot of the Ginzing Moisturiser and I fancied trying something new. I also purchased the Super Spot Remover treatment as everybody was saying how good it is.

Do you guys fancy a review on the products I’ve purchased?

We all got some freebies as well and the Origins miniatures are amazing and perfect if you are going on holiday or just away for the weekend. I could not recommend Origins enough and I’m so grateful for this opportunity to attend.


Did you guys enjoy this post? Let me know if you do wish to see some different posts about my skincare and the products that I bought. 

Also if you are bloggers in the Yorkshire area let me know in the comments or via Twitter / Instagram @bookitblogger if you fancy organising some social events!

Lastly if you aren’t already please follow my blog and become a part of The Book it List, you’ll be notified when I post & you’ll help this little community of mine grow even bigger.

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Thank you Em and Origins (and Potage & The Botanist for the food + drinks)!! 


P.S. I’m already booked in for my next facial, they will not keep me away! 




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    Looks like a really fun event!

    • RhiMaeC Reply

      It was lovely! 😊

  2. thegarsowtwins Reply

    Looks like fun! We love Orgins! xx, Britta & Carli from

    • RhiMaeC Reply

      It was so much fun, I’m glad you like the post! xx

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