The WB Studio Tour Experience

Good Evening guys,

It is time for me to share with you my amazing experience at Harry Potter Studios, Leavesden.

I have been wanting to go for years and as my boyfriend turned 21 and graduated this year it seemed like a great excuse. I booked us both tickets to go the week after his graduation. I wrote a little bit of information on what the studios is on a previous post so go and check it out: How to: The Harry Potter Weekend

We made a full weekend of it and stayed in Brixton. I was a little bit nervous about getting to the studios as they are on the other side of London but honestly the transport system in London is great and it wasn’t an issue.

Getting there: 

There are several transport options, we went by train from London Euston to Watford Junction. It took us approx. 40 minutes as there were multiple stops but if it is straight to Watford Junction you can get there in 15 minutes on the London Overground. The return tickets for both of us cost around £18 , we did book these the night before so if you get them in advance i’m sure they will be cheaper.

We then got the shuttle bus from Watford Junction to Leavesden Studios which costs £2.50 return per person and you need to show your valid booking confirmation. It is directly outside of the Station and is clearly heading to HP Studios (picture below). The bus takes approx. 15 minutes and it is recommended that you give yourself 45 minutes on arrival at Watford Junction to get to the studios.


Give yourself plenty of time, make a day of it slowly wander the studios and get there without having to run for any trains…that is just the worst! Plus they do have bag checks at the studios for security reasons so make sure you do leave yourself around 45 minutes from Watford Junction.

They do have a journey tool on their website so you can enter the address where you are coming from and it will let you know the best options. You can also splash out with the Golden Tours Package which includes your coach transportation from either Central London or Birmingham.

On arrival: 

The bus pulls up directly outside the studios, you can then proceed to collect your tickets from the machines with your booking number. Once you get through the doors you will get your bags checked and you can head into the queue. You will be in a queue of people who are there for the same time slot so you all enter together.

For children they can collect their Activity Passports, with 6 stamping stations dotted around the tour to make going around even more fun!

You start with the introduction, then a video that gets you feeling all nostalgic about the whole Harry Potter series and then you go onwards to The Great Hall, carrying on throughout the studios.

The Great Hall – @prbarkerphotography

They recommend you take approx. 3 hours to go around the whole studios, there is no need to rush as you are not restricted by time limit. Take plenty of pictures and of course selfies in front of your favourite sets & props.

The Highlights of the tour: 

It is very interactive, you can go inside the Hogwarts Express and pretend to re-enact the famous scenes inside the train.

Getting ready to board the Hogwarts Express

Get your picture taken as if you are running into Platform 9 & 3/4.

Witness how the characters are created and then brought to life. You get a really great insight into how much work goes into the films, I truly underestimated it.

Snape’s Potion Class – @prbarkerphotography

Explore Diagon Alley in all it’s magical glory!

Diagon Alley – @prbarkerphotography

You also can wander through the Enchanted Forest and meet Buckbeak, but beware as around the corner you will find a certain large spidery friend…


Aragog – @prbarkerphotography


Buckbeak – @prbarkerphotography








We went to the studios at the point where they had the ‘Wizarding Wardrobes Exhibition’ which is on until 27th September. We got to see the original costumes and even some of them in action. The next exhibitions they have on are:

Those two exhibitions are both really great opportunities to go to the studios, I can imagine they constantly have different things going on so keep your eyes peeled for what’s happening.

Another incredible event, which I am quite jealous I didn’t get to go to is the ‘Breakfast at Hogwarts‘ running on Sunday 20th & Sunday 27th August, tickets are now sold out and would have cost you £99pp for adults and £79pp for children.

The only downside I would say is The Gift Shop, it is absolutely massive which is great but the prices are pretty expensive. You can buy everything from your Hogwarts House scarf to a tiny Hogwarts School Outfit Baby-grow. There is a gift for just about everyone if you are willing to spend the money. We didn’t buy any souvenirs but you can get butter-beer at the half-way point and you can pay a little extra to keep the glass, so we did that.


The Price: 

Lastly if you do wish to go I thought i’d tell you about the prices so you guys can get a rough idea on costs.

Prices do differ depending on date & time that you like to book but tickets costs approx.

  • Adult (16+) – £39.00
  • Child (5 – 15) – £31.00
  • 4 + Under – Free

You can also find special deals for families and if you wish to you can purchase a Full Studio Package Ticket which includes a Studio Tour Ticket, Digital Guide and Paperback Souvenir Guidebook.

I hope you enjoyed my little review on HP Studios and that you found the information helpful.

The amazing this is that if you know someone or have a loved one who worked on the many films, you can go and find a wand box dedicated to their names! There is a room full and you can ask the workers to show you where it is.

The incredible wand room.

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Thank you so much for reading and have a magical weekend!



  1. Kat Reply

    It’s wonderful you had such a good time. I went a few days after it first open, but sadly I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would’ve liked. Mainly because I went with someone who didn’t like HP at all. But this reminds me to re-visit it and, like you, take my time! Especially with all the new things to see too.

    • RhiMaeC Reply

      Definitely go back! It is worth it and you need someone with you who can enjoy the experience as much as you, I can understand how that would affect your enjoyment!

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