Dating a Photographer

Hello + Happy Friday,

I am absolutely obsessed with getting new posts out lately and making a variety of different things. Anything that springs to mind or is interesting I want to tell you all about it.

I’ve also found that I really want to share more about me and have a sense of personal touch to the blog. Something that you can relate to and so that this blog is less like a news article but more like a friendly chat over a delicious coffee.

I’ve found that the time I find most inspiration is when I’m out for a walk and thoughts just come into my head and I just know I have to write a blog post. I just took my dog Lola for a long walk and thought why not do a post dedicated to my boyfriend.

Sounds super cheesy right? Well he has been super supportive with my whole blogging experience so far and a large part of my life passion is travel and he is my travel buddy so it just make sense.

I thought i’d add a little bit of humour and not just have this long lovey dovey post so here we go, here are the positives & negatives to dating a photographer:

                                         1. You have a photographer with you all the time! 

Whether it be going out for the day or going on holiday it feels amazing that I have someone there that I trust to take photos and capture those memories. We have already had some great trips together including Berlin & Venice where he has taken amazing photos. He also takes perfect selfies which nowadays as well all know is very important.



      2. The judgement’s! 

We could be watching a film or walking around town if he see’s someone with a camera, they better watch out because all I will hear is ‘ooh they shouldn’t be using that camera’ or ‘they don’t even know how to use that properly’. We had ‘professional’ photos taken at his sister’s Uni Summer Ball and the set-up wasn’t the best in the world and he was not having any of it. It does make me laugh sometimes but I do just have to tell him sometimes to be quiet haha!

        3. The Packing & Security Scenario! 

Be prepared for your partner to bring the heaviest backpack/suitcase with them when you go away. Phil brought a large camera and multiple lenses to Berlin and I honestly couldn’t even pick up his bag, he did learn his lesson for when we went to Venice and lightened up his kit.

The funniest moment though was coming back from Berlin. Phil has a hard-drive sellotaped to his laptop case so he can put his photos on there & as a back-up memory (I know it even sounds dodgy). He also had a large amount of photography equipment and they looked slightly concerned when we went through security and ended up taking him into a separate room and swabbing all of his equipment for drugs/explosives. It was slightly scary after I just had to stand and wait for him while he got ‘probed’, but it makes for a great story to tell people.

       4. It is not for the shy person. 

I hate getting my photo taken and if he wants to take a picture of me by myself it takes a lot for me to muster up the courage to let him. We have been together for over 3 years now so I don’t really mind that much anymore but I still prefer to have photos with other people. It is also quite nice to think that we can have some really great, high quality images if we attend a party, family celebration or some sort of event that we can have nice photos to look back on. I much prefer if he takes candid photos of me walking about and I know I will gradually grow more comfortable with getting my photo taken.



5. Keep an eye out for them!

One thing I have found if we are walking around is that he has eye’s like a hawk. He will see ‘prey’ – (photo opportunity) and will just go silently towards it without me noticing. I can be half-way down the road, turn around and he can be far off in the distance. It does mean it takes a bit longer when you are going around places but you have great photos to look at. It also has opened my eyes to explore and appreciate little tiny streets and buildings that I may have not ventured into before. My artistic eye has definitely got stronger being with him.

6. We make the perfect team. 

A lot of people who are very much into travelling would absolutely adore to have a photographer with them all the time. I have exactly that! Should I become a blogger/travel writer either part time or even full-time at some point in the future, I already have my trusty photographer that I can bring with me. It also works vice/versa if he gets travel opportunities with his photography I would always happily volunteer to be his assistant (if he trusts me with his equipment). We can most likely work from anywhere and we both want to travel so i’m pretty excited for our future.


I hope you enjoyed this post and appreciate it being a little bit different. Let me know if this is something any of you relate to or have funny experiences with your photography friends, partners or family members.

I really enjoyed writing this and if you fancy knowing a bit more about me. I will be doing some posts all about my university experience, placement experience & any advice I can give being a student to others!

As I’ll be going into my final year at the end of this month, I’m working on several posts to get scheduled for posting so any suggestions from you guys will be really helpful.

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