Breast Cancer Awareness

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As it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October I thought this was a really important post to write.

1 in 8 women can be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes making it one the most common types of cancer. The important thing about this month is that its a worldwide awareness affecting all ages and having something dedicated to breast cancer is really helping to increase our knowledge.

My Experience: 

I’m 21 years old and I thought that something like Breast Cancer would never affect me and you’ll be glad to know that it still hasn’t but I really wanted to share something with you.

At the end of July I was just laid in bed and I’m not quite sure what made me check but I felt a lump in my left breast. Of course I panicked as I don’t remember that being there before and I immediately spoke to my mum. She reassured me that it’s probably just a bit of gristly tissue but if it is concerning me I should ring up the doctors the following morning.

That night I did struggle to sleep as my mind was racing of course with the completely negative thoughts ‘Have I got cancer?’ ‘Is this really serious?”. The following morning I called up the doctors and couldn’t get in that day but the lady I spoke to was so understanding that she said I should try the next day and she’ll make sure I get a lady doctor. So I did and managed to get in that same day.

I made my mum come with me because to be honest I was really nervous especially about getting my breasts out in front of a doctor. Now I know they see all sorts everyday but I just felt really self-conscious as it’s something I’ve never thought i’d have to worry about.

The doctor I had was amazing and made me feel really comfortable she could see I was concerned and did all of her necessary checks, she said that it didn’t feel like anything to worry about but that I should wait a month and then return.

So, I waited a month and the lump was still there this did make me feel quite nervous again I found myself asking “Why hasn’t it gone” & “What does this mean?”. My parents were on holiday at this point but I took my grandma with me and I’m not going to be ashamed to say that I cried at the doctors when I sat down as I just expected the worst. She did the same checks as the previous time and mentioned how it hadn’t changed which is a good sign. As she could see I was worried she got me a referral to the hospital for a breast check in the clinic. As I moved back to Sheffield I haven’t managed to book the appointment just yet but I will just to be safe.

Sharing my experience is something that I hope is really helpful to any of you reading this. Being aware that breast cancer doesn’t just affect women over 50 it could affect anybody at any age. Just doing those small checks every once in a while making yourself familiar with what your breasts look like and any changes at all just go and get it checked. It was so easy to ring up the doctors and although ‘Yes’ I was nervous but I brought support with me.

That is another part of advice I want to give to you, tell your close friends or family members. Don’t keep it a secret it’s nothing to be ashamed of that’s what people are there for, to give you support when you most need it.

It is important to know the signs of any breast changes so watch this video and it only takes a few minutes, so no excuses ladies! We all have breasts so we shouldn’t be ashamed of getting them checked it especially if we think there’s some changes.

TLC (Touch, Look & Check). 

Now I know we are all bit more high-tec nowadays and you can even download a Breast Check App; It helps to remind you every month when to check your breasts so I would highly recommend doing this. Especially after my experience I know I check regularly from now on.

I hope you all appreciate this post and get out this month and show your support by wearing the pink ribbon. It’s 25 years of the pink ribbon campaign this year so show it with pride and donate to breast cancer and help kick it’s butt!!

If you fancy really showing support why not hold a fundraising event: you could do it At Home, At Work or just in your local area, register for your free kit here: The Big Pink 

By raising something as little as £50 can help the online community maintain its support to help those who may feel lonely have a sense of

Thanks so much for reading and make sure to share this post with your friends and family to share the awareness.


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