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I am doing something a little bit different with this post as a friend of mine has recently returned from the Cayman Islands and as I can’t see myself going anytime soon as I’m at university then I thought why not share his thoughts?

He was on the same course as my boyfriend and they both graduated this year. He is a really great photographer and I thought if I can use my blog as a platform for not only just my boyfriend but my friends then why not?

Here are his contact details below:



Instagram: @jackjohnsonphoto

The Cayman Islands:

The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory consisting of 3 islands ‘Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac & Little Cayman’.


Incredibly the Cayman Islands is only 22 miles long with 1 road going straight through it. You can go from one side of the island to the other in around 1 hour. In Jack’s very own words ‘It’s Insane!!’

Jack and his family flew into Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) Via Miami Airport. It is located on Grand Cayman and is located in the capital of the islands, George Town. This airport of course serves the island incredibly well and as from 2018 they are undergoing a redevelopment of the airport with popularity growing all the time it is important for the airport to be developed.

The only downsides that Jack mentioned from his stay was that it is an expensive place to go and just like many hot islands you will have to protect yourself from the wrath of mosquitos.

Jack and his family travelled in October and the weather was still incredible meaning that you can go outside of the main ‘Summer Peak Season’ and still appreciate the beautiful weather.  The best season to go is during Jun – October and during December – April the weather can stay an average of 24 degrees celsius with low humidity which sounds perfect for me!

Of course other essential information is that the language on the island is English, the current is US Dollars ($) and US, Canadian, most European and Commonwealth countries (apart from Jamaica) do not require a Visa to travel there.


Coconut Joe’s Beach Bar & Grill:

A really underrated place that him and his family went to was Coconut joes, from the outside you wouldn’t think anything of it but the food was delicious. He said the food was simple but was done really well offering choices such as fish pasta, amazing homemade burgers and quesadillas. Offering everything from Breakfast, Lunch to Dinner and you can sit back and relax and watch the sports.


They even have signs up for loads of different countries with little signs below saying how many miles away they are from the Cayman Islands, for some reason that makes a travel nerd like me really happy.

Bombay Chopsticks:

They offer Fusion cuisine as a mix of Indian Spices and Chinese comfort. They offered excellent service which explains their 4.5* rating on Trip Advisor with an Excellent rating of 82%. Another positive which Jack mentioned is that they had mosquito nets around the outside area which obviously will help you stop getting bitten and we all know that is a positive. He said the chef was really hands on and has travelled all over the world and make serious effort to make sure that everyone loved the food, just that extra bit of care makes people’s experiences even better!

One thing that Jack mentioned about everywhere they went is that fresh fish is really easy to come by so you could tell in all the restaurants how fresh and local the food is and that just makes all the difference.

The Whitehouse: 

Jack and his family ate her for his uncle’s 50th birthday and he said it was absolutely incredible. I mean just googling image of The Whitehouse it takes my breath away. One important part to note is that Jack wasn’t overly impressed with the service and sometimes the more ‘higher end’ restaurants may not have the best service because they think that the location just speaks for itself? On their website they advertise themselves as ‘Cayman’s newest and most exclusive waterfront fine dining experience’ yet Jack and his family weren’t wowed by the food despite the heftier price tag.

What do you think, with a location like that (below) would you pay that extra price for the food, despite maybe the service not being the highest standard? 


Kaibo Grill:

Very simply Jack said that the food was great, the location is excellent the only downside was that you can sit out on the beach (which is amazing) but when the sun went down the mosquitos came out and they got eaten alive. That’s definitely something to consider if you are going to dine outside at any place make sure you take precautions. The same instance was with The Whitehouse as you could dine outside the mosquitos could then get you. He mentioned the food may have been simple but their speciality pizzas from their pizza over were incredible.


Fidel Murphy’s Public House:

On their last night they ventured over to this lovely Irish pub. It is a family run pub with wholesome food…so wholesome in fact that Jack had two portions of the roast because the turkey was that good! He said that the service was great and they were served by an Irish waitress who said was amazing. They’ve won a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence which to me sounds very well deserved.



Stingray City:

Stingray City is a special landmark on the Islands. With around 1500 tourists visiting the park everyday by boat, which departs from several piers along Seven Mile Beach. They provide a safe environment to be able to swim with wild stingrays. ‘Stingray City’ became the name of the sandbar as so many Stingrays call it home. It is one of the only places in the world where you are able to swim with around 50 stingrays…and yes they are friendly. Fisherman used to feed the stingrays in this area and of course they just keep coming back making at a popular tourist spot. The stingrays are free to move inside and outside the park boundaries making it a very ethical place to go.

Jack mentioned how the guys that worked there were very attentive and he could tell they cared about the stingrays. Making sure you acted correctly around them as to not upset them. Once Jack and his family finished the excursion they cleaned them down with fresh water and provided them with juice for their journey back.

What he basically did was he got to stroke the stingrays cause they swam all around you to check you out and look for food then you got to hold one, kiss one and they give you a back rub. The staff then gave the group squid and were shown how to feed them and apparently squid don’t have teeth just very strong gums. Poor Jack got given a lovely love bite after one stingray thought he still had squid…uh oh…

After all of this they were then taken snorkelling to end the day to see loads of fish before being taken back to where they were staying. Jack mentioned that the company he did his trip with only take a maximum of 7 people on the boats so the area doesn’t get over crowed which not only would spoil the experience of everyone but would agitate the animals as well.

(Jack did mention that this was his top highlight! I can definitely understand why). 

Psst.. also apparently kissing a stingray gives you 7 years good luck and I love that!

Spotts Beach

This beach is a lovely little public beach which is quite, away from some of the crowds. It is also a popular feeding spot for turtles as they come onto the beach to eat the sea grass. It is a very popular snorkelling point but it can be very hit and miss as to whether you see turtles but Jack and his family did see them!!

Jack mentioned that one day him and his family went to the beach at around 11 o’clock and they didn’t see anything but they spoke to a professional who advised going earlier on in the morning. So they did and both times they went at around 7am so it was very peaceful and they saw plenty of turtles, there’s some handy advice for any of you wanting to go and see them.

You could then take your own snorkelling gear which Jack did advise as if you have your own then you can just go and snorkel as you fancy. Especially on Spotts beach as you have the incredible opportunity to swim with the turtles. He also mentioned that you should take water shoes with you because it’s not that sandy under the sea there is more coral and rocks with lots of sea urchins so the shoes would help you to not damage your feet.

Starfish Point

Starfish Point is an incredible attraction to tourists as this wonderful beach on the northern coast of the island with crystal clear waters helping you to see colourful starfish in their natural habitat. It is a very peaceful secluded spot and would be perfect to take your children as the water only goes up around your feet and you can wander around and find all the starfish.

He mentioned it was quite crazy to see them in real life and apparently they moved around and tried to touch his feet, you can pick them up but of course everyone knows just to be careful and respectful.


Calypso Blue:

Jack and his family stayed on the North Side of the islands in a house called ‘Calypso Blue’. It accommodated all 11 of his family including 2 children. It has a stunning fresh interior bringing the crisp white sands and blue waters from the outside in. It has absolutely perfect views of the beach and you can take full advantage of the views with the large oceanfront screened porch.

The house is also within walking distance to a small grocery shop, post office and within driving distance to the activity spots and restaurants.


Just walk about:

The Cayman Islands are absolutely beautiful and these pictures from Jack just show that from walking around you can find some stunning areas.


The Sunset:

Jack mentioned to me when he was sending over the photos that you got some stunning sunset images and I just wanted to keep this part very simple, just take a look at these…


I hope you all enjoyed this post and don’t forget to head over to Jack’s website and check out his photography over on his Instagram page (tell him I sent you)!

Let me know what you think of this post and if you’ve been to the Cayman Island’s why not share your thoughts and experiences in the comments?

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