How to Spend the Perfect Sunday in: Sheffield

Happy Monday Everyone,

Time is certainly flying by being at university. I am absolutely loving it, despite the stresses but out of all my years this has been the best so far. I think due to my blogging I have really been trying to do so many different things to get inspiration.

I also as mentioned in my previous post: My tips to ace the Lush Recruitment recently got a job as temporary sales assistant. Being in an environment encouraging people to take time out for themselves and helping them relax.

When I think of a relaxing day I always think of Sundays. Being snuggled up and having a day with no work to do. A day where I can check in with my mental health and relax ready for the next week. This is especially important in this final year making sure I don’t overwhelm myself and keep a steady pace of work/life balance.

I thought I can get you all looking forward to this week ahead by planning a perfect Sunday:

Start off by not setting an alarm

We set an alarm everyday of the week to get up for work, get ready for school or head to university. Let your weekends be a time for your body clock to catch up with itself.

Take time with your breakfast

In our flat we bought some ‘proper’ ground coffee to make in our cafetière. It is Pumpkin Spice flavoured and we got it from TK Maxx costing only around £5.99. This may be controversial but honestly…it tastes better than Starbucks PSL…


Treat yourself and make your favourite drink to start the day off with a warm hug. As it is getting colder I have been obsessed with making porridge and it just makes me feel all snuggly.


Take care of your skin 

I have mentioned many times that taking time at least once a week to check in with my skincare is really important , especially due to my oily skin. After my breakfast I will get my wonderful ‘Don’t Look at My Face‘ mask out of the fridge ready to apply.

I first clean my face with a charcoal based cleanser at the moment I used the Bioré cleanser which is deep cleansing and cooling on the skin perfect to wake me up. Although I am looking at purchasing the Dark Angels cleanser from Lush as a more natural charcoal alternative.

Before applying my face mask I apply the ‘holy grail’ that I have just discovered called ‘Full of Grace‘. This facial serum is perfect to apply before your face mask with portobello mushrooms as a key ingredient this helps to protect my skin and prep it for the cleansing acting as a support to the mask. It really helps you to get the most out of it!

The Routine

Full of lemon juice helping to revitalise my skin at the end of the week yet moisturising with decadent Murumuru butter. This mask is perfect for my oily skin due to the Kaolin clay which helps to absorb excess oil and drawing out any impurities that may have developed over the week. Plus check out that colour…

Treat yourself to home comforts

Being at university can be hard sometimes, especially on a Sunday. We all have our own home routines on Sundays whether it be spending it with your families or friends. For me I would normally spend it wandering around York with my mum, dad, sister & dog, have a visit from my grandparents and then end it with a delicious Sunday dinner.

This week has been a hard working week after completing the Common Purpose Leadership programme so my flatmate, friend and I decided to head out for Sunday lunch.

We have found the best place for Sunday lunch (especially for student budgets).

Head over to The Fat Cat at Kelham Island. Named as Sheffield’s First Real Ale Pub. It has such a lovely homely feel as an old Victorian pub and you are greeted with such a warm welcome.


The food is incredibly well priced with Sunday Dinners costing only £5.75! We had a choice from Beef, Pork and Chicken.

The Perfect Sunday Roast – The Fat Cat

They also have an amazing selection of locally brewed ales but I opted for a pint of Badger’s Spit made in Somerset (doesn’t sound appetising but it was delicious…if a little bit strong at 7.5%).

Don’t rush the day

We sat for such a long time just talking about our week and having a laugh. I think it is important to catch up with friends that maybe you won’t normally see and take your mind off some of the stresses you may be going through or discuss them. Sometimes it is good to mention things that may be upsetting you or stressing you out as getting people’s advice may help you feel so much better ready for the week ahead.

Be Nostalgic

After our Sunday lunch we had a wander back into the town centre and decided we wanted Dessert. Enforcing the whole ‘diet starts on Monday feeling’. We headed into ‘The Cavendish‘ and we ordered Churros & an Ice Cream Sandwich only costing under £3.00!

Not only was it great value for money but they have board games that you can pick and choose completely free. So we played a game called Wot?Zit something I had never heard of but it really made us feel distracted from our stresses and have a laugh. It was really fun and we are now thinking of buying board games for our flat.

What were your favourite board games to play that we could try? 

I am now ending my Sunday snuggled up on the sofa watching some TV that my flatmate and I have missed over the week including The Apprentice and not missing Blue Planet II!

What do you do on a weekend to relax?

Would you like to see more posts like this on my blog helping you to relax and giving yo some more diary based content? 

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Thank you so much for reading and have an amazing week ahead,


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