To The Bone: Let’s Talk About it

Good Afternoon guys,

It is my last week at university before coming home for Christmas. My flatmate went home on Sunday evening so it is just me all alone…

It has encouraged me to watch some shows and movies that I have been meaning to watch for a long time including The Crown and Feud. Last night though I was struggling to find something to watch and then I came across To The Bone on Netflix. I had been meaning to watch it for a long time but just never did.

So I put it on and my goodness it is such an incredible movie.


Now this film has been under criticism for exploiting mental health disorders and making anorexia look ‘glamorous’. We are all entitled to our own opinions but I could not disagree more, I understand that it does address several habits of those with disorders but that is one of the main points of the film. It is showing how people go through so many different disorders with each individuals habits being completely different and stemming from so many backgrounds.

Lily Collins’ character Ellen represents what I can imagine many people have gone through and even herself admitted to struggling with her weight in the past. She had to lose a significant amount of weight for the role but made sure this did not put her on the path back to her old ways.

The filmmakers worked with several important projects linked with those going through eating disorders to make it as much of a real example as possible.

I am not going to spoil the film for those of you as many may want to watch it but it is done in such a heartwarming way and the reason I wanted to talk about it is not because I myself struggle with an eating disorder but for another reason.

Why is it important to me? 

I as previously mentioned in an old blog post use to do martial arts twice a week so I was exercising quite a lot throughout my childhood and I was always a ‘fit’ person. (check out the blog post here: Learn about me – My Ninja Childhood). Of course then I moved to university and did not have that same routine, I did join a gym but it just wasn’t the same.

An issue that I have found to be so relatable of many people is contraception. It probably sounds ridiculous but I had no idea how much contraception can impact your body, there are always talks about how it changes your moods but not so much your body. I have ‘The Implant’ and have done for just under 4 years.

I can see an exact point when my body started to change from being a lot more slim to curvier and I gained weight. This is not a bad thing at all! For me though it meant I didn’t fit into the clothes I used to and I was buying larger clothes at shops which I never had to do. I feel that this is something that we don’t talk about a lot and the way our bodies change of course changes the way you feel about yourself.

Somethings that do not help is the fact that I can go into Zara or Topshop and buy a size 8/10 item of clothing yet I’ll go into H&M and try on jeans and have to go up to a size 14? This had a really bad impact on my mental health that day and I worries me the impact this has an other people. Not just girls as well as To The Bone addresses everyone goes through body image issues it’s not a female thing. This issue has been addressed so many times in newspaper articles these are only a couple:

I can’t see anything being done about this but for me I don’t want to accept the fact that I have to buy such a variety of sizes and I really hope as a society we can do something about this to help our confidence and address the impacts this issues may have.

What am I doing? 

Towards the end of 2016 I put steps in place for myself by working with a personal trainer and became more comfortable using weights and building up muscle and improving my fitness. From August to November 2016 I saw significant changes and I wanted to share this image with you:


I saw changes in my legs, my booty and my arms. My stomach was still an issue for me but I knew that putting these initial steps in place for myself will only encourage a healthier lifestyle. Now I started back at university in Sheffield it definitely has been difficult balancing coursework, work and going to the gym so I honestly haven’t been for weeks.

I am at a stage now where I think of all the Christmas food and the fact I haven’t worked out in a long time and it makes me feel terrible about myself, isn’t that silly? No. I don’t think it’s silly I think that is just a natural feeling we all get sometimes and I just need to kick myself in the butt and go for a run or do something to make my body feel better.

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. That’s what they say right?


I think that’s a pretty true statement especially for me and that is why I am putting in changes for myself to improve my body confidence, I’m even taking part in R.E.D doing a spot of exercise every day in January for charity.

Check out my blog post all about from the other day: Why I’m Taking Part in R.E.D

Something else I really want to share is that every small achievement should be celebrated from actually going to the gym, taking part in your first class and running your first mile. Celebrate everything as by praising yourself you are filling your mind with positivity and that is the way I keep going throughout any of my anxiety and stress, trust me it works.

I would love you to comment on this post and let me know what you think both about the movie and the issues I have mentioned.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post I know it is something different but I hope some of you find this article helpful and appreciate my honesty. We are all absolutely beautiful in our own unique ways and I have learned to accept that I am extremely lucky to have the most incredible family, amazing boyfriend and out of this world friends in my life who all love me for me who I am and not for how I look.


Let me know what you would like me to write about next, and if you aren’t already subscribe to the blog and be notified whenever I release a new post.

I hope you’re having a lovely week and thank you for taking time to read this.


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