My 1st Tattoo

Well…we are a week into January and I’ve already achieved a huge goal of mine.

I’ve got my first tattoo!!

I have never been so excited to start the new year by doing something i’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I documented the whole experience…well I say I did, my flatmate sat supporting me taking pictures of a very unflattering angle but I wanted to tell you all about it.


I have been following the same tattoo artist for well over a year now being absolutely obsessed with her. I found her on Instagram @senseoftheterrific, she does the most incredible tattoos that are absolutely perfect for me. I had been searching for a long time for a fine line, dot work tattooist and as soon as I discovered her Instagram page I knew she had to do mine.

She specialises in Studio Ghibli and Moomin inspired tattoos but to be honest she can do anything. Go over and check out her Instagram page and tell her I sent you.


Jessica works over at the Old Forge Tattoo Collective in Sheffield City Centre. Now I am back at university I knew it was the perfect opportunity to go and get my first ever tattoos with her. I booked in just before Christmas and asked for the remaining money for my christmas present so today was the day it happened!

Her workstation is exactly what mine would look like if I was a tattoo artist, surrounded by sketches and pop vinyl figures. It is pretty great and I know she will be doing all of my tattoos in the future, no matter where I am living I’ll make the journey!

We spoke about our experiences at university and where we want to travel and it’s safe to say my first tattoo was a wonderful experience for me.


Now I have been contemplating my first tattoo for a long time and struggled to decide what to get first. I am a lover of tattoos and I know this first tattoo will not be my last. I am quite a superstitious person and I am obsessed with good luck charms and seeing 2 magpies always makes me feel positive so that was my very first tattoo idea. However as I have my own travel blog and I’m soon to be graduating from Tourism I wanted to dedicate my first tattoo to my passion for travel.

Here it is: 


At first I was thinking of something like a map design or just basic scenery but because I completely love all of Jess’ designs I gave her creative freedom and when I went in today I was shown the sketch and immediately loved it! It is so unique, I have not seen anything like it and I think that is why I love it even more.

I love all the fine little details like the stickers on the suitcase, the little sock hanging out of it and the seashells on the beach. It is perfect for me and as you can see I chose to have it at the top of my back so if I go on holiday you can get good shots of it with strappy tops and I can wear low back outfits so I can truly show it off.


What did I think of the experience? 

I mean having it with Jess I felt so at ease and relaxed plus I had my flatmate with me so I wasn’t stressed but was slightly nervous as I don’t have the highest pain threshold. The great thing is that Jess started with the worst bit first putting in the large lines, then smaller lines, dot-work and then shading.

I had a couple of breaks but overall I manned it out pretty well. I am proud of myself as it didn’t actually hurt as much as I thought, my mum and dad thought I would wuss out, but hey I did it!

It also helped that I got to lay in the position that I normally sleep in, flat on my stomach like a plank. I was really comfortable and I could have probably fallen asleep at some point. Of course the picture below is not of the most flattering angle of my butt, but it gives you a good idea on how comfortable I was.


Now for the important part the after care…

If you would like me to post about my experience of looking after my first tattoo with some handy tips and products that I use let me know in the comments.

I’d love to know if you are thinking about getting a tattoo, and if you could get one what would you get?

I hope the start of 2018 is treating you well, it certainly is for me. I am now a permanent member of Lush Staff and have completed my 1st week of RED Journey.

Keep your eyes peeled as I will be posting over the next couple of days an update on my RED Journey so far. If you aren’t already become a follower of the Book it List and you’ll be notified by email when I release a new post just like this one.

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Thank you so much for reading,


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