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Hello guys and Happy Monday,

I thought I’d start my week by being very productive, no more Monday Blues for me.

As i’m taking part in RED January, I’m varying up my exercise that I’m doing to keep myself motivated. I have previously written about my experience at Hot Yoga back in York over at Yoga Bomb and I fell in love with it.

Check out the post here:

Now that I’m back at university (in my final semester,ahh!!) I really wanted to find a Yoga studio in Sheffield as it really helps me to relax and stretch my muscles properly. Whilst I was back in York over Christmas I saw an advert for R1SE Yoga opening up in January in Sheffield. I immediately got really excited and downloaded the MindBody App to check for any deals and signup my interest.

I was going to head to a class yesterday but of course the weird British weather brought us some snow and I just felt like doing  bit of a run instead at the gym and so I booked my class for 09:30 today.

Where is it? 

R1SE Yoga is based in the Krynkyl building over near Kelham Island. It has a really cool urban feel about the place and as I wasn’t 100% sure where I was going I booked myself a taxi.

I used the City Taxis App and pre-booked so I could wake up, jump in the taxi and it was already paid for. Super quick and easy I will definitely use it again.


The app is really easy to use and made my life so easy this morning!

The Studio: 


Its on the 2nd floor of the Krynkyl building, and as I arrived the room just gave me a calming, cool feeling. I was greeted by the lovely Chris and I got myself ready to head into the room.


I had come prepared with my own mat, but the great thing about R1SE is that they already have mats ready for you with a block and strap.

Rosie the yoga instructor arrived, and oh my goodness she is so lovely. Super bubbly and welcoming so I immediately felt at ease despite being in a completely new studio on my own. We entered the room and I got down on my mat right underneath the heat lamp so I got the full experience of Hot Yoga.


The Class: 

I took part in the Hot Flex Class which is perfect for beginners who want a full body workout to try plenty of different sequences. This workout was amazing, we did plank flows, lots of core work and even better I got to try out some poses that I’ve wanted to improve on for ages!

I did the crow pose (Bakasana) and managed to get myself off the floor (Yaaaas)!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 14.33.00.png

I loved that the session I had was a lot more personal as there were just Chris, Rosie and myself so Rosie challenged me and I attempted a headstand. I got very close but I just need to practise and learn to trust myself but I am very excited to keep up work on my yoga.

The session lasted 45 minutes and I had such a good workout, it ended and I was given a flannel for my head scented with lavender and Chris made up some fresh tea.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 14.20.53.png

They change up their teas every week and today I got to try ‘Peace Gardens‘ which was delicious with lavender, mint and chamomile. The tea is provided by the Birdhouse Tea Company and I absolutely love the added extra at the end of the Yoga session. It is such a nice experience to just completely switch off, check in with your body and I’ve felt so positive all day.

It really put me in a good mood and I am so happy that I went and gave it a try.

If you want to give it a try tell them I sent you!

They offering a deal throughout February and if you pay £60 you can attend as many sessions as you like. That’s how I got into Hot Yoga back in York and it’s well worth the treat. Give Flexible February a go, trust me you will love it!

The studio opened on 3rd January 2018 and they already having huge success with plenty of 5* reviews.

If you’re a student (like me) you can go to their student night every Thursday and take part in their student deal by booking a class and using the promo code: STUDENT for a free first session. They have the music provided by DJ Jon White and he creates bespoke soundtracks for the workouts which are incredible.


Would you every try Hot Yoga or if you have what is your favourite part about it? 

I can’t wait to go to even more sessions and improve my moves so I can show off to you all.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you live in the Sheffield area that it has given you some inspiration to try Hot Yoga and take time for yourself to just relax and get rid of all those busy thoughts in your head.

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I really loved writing this for you all and if there’s any other topics or fitness classes you want me to review then let me know.

Thank you so much for reading,

A very relaxed Rhianna


  1. Chris Downham Reply

    Thanks for coming to the studio and thanks for your lovely review / blog post. See you again soon. We have some yummy new teas on now ;o)

    • Bookitblogger Reply

      Oooh I will definitely have to come and try them!! I am aching today so the session worked all of my muscles!

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