Why you should Treat Yourself

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

I hope your week has started out on a positive note. 

Well one perfect way to remain positive is to understand it’s perfectly okay to treat yourself. Remember that jacket that you keep trying on but not buying or that favourite meal you’re craving but ‘you’re supposed to be dieting’. If you are feeling down go and buy that jacket or cook that meal. You will feel so much more yourself and of course it is good to look after everyone around you, but it’s important to put you first.


One of my many setbacks that I put on myself is I always overthink situations and make myself panic about the smallest of things. Something that I feel has improved my dealings of this is starting to work for Lush. Now bare with me I know that sounds really silly. Lush has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me with my confidence and I truly believe it’s made me think more positively.

I also feel like i’ve grown up recently in my mental attitude and as I mentioned back in my previous post: The truth about long distance relationships I don’t want to miss out on any opportunities because I worry too much.

I wanted to talk you guys through how important it is to treat yourself by telling you what I do to relax & feel positive again.

How I treat myself:

1. I bought those flowers. 

As we reach ever closer to Valentines Day surrounded by hearts, flowers and kissing couples. Although yes I am in a relationship it is long distance and we don’t get to spend  lot of time together so sometimes when I want to buy myself flowers I will. There is no reason to feel weird about it plus flowers are well known to have a long-term boost to your mental health. 

See there’s really no excuses. I was working at Lush and we surrounded the shop in beautiful roses to set the ‘Valentines Mood’. I loved the roses we had so when I finished I went and got them.


2. I take time for a pamper night 

I have written about this many times as I find it so important especially to take time for my skincare. I went through a tough time with my skin for a while and I just invested in products because I knew they’d make me feel better.

Here are some of my Pamper posts:

I don’t mind paying that bit more if I know it’s going to improve my skin and make me feel refreshed. One of the things I always say when customers come into Lush looking for any kind of products is that they should always take time for themselves.

Take a day or a couple of evenings out of your week and do a face mask, paint your nails or take a bath.

Especially as we reach closer to Valentines and if you don’t have a date why not have a pamper night with your best friend or family member?

3. Don’t feel guilty! 

This sounds really silly but sometimes if I see something that I really like and I know it will make me feel great then i’ll just buy it. Again going with that whole cringey YOLO phrase but I just go for it. So you should too, don’t feel guilty if it is going to make you happy then just treat yourself.

For example since I started working at Lush and get employee discount in order to improve my knowledge I often purchase products. Most recently I bought a brand new perfume called ‘Lust‘ it’s perfect for valentines and has romantic Rose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang oils.  It smells absolutely gorgeous and somehow makes me feel so much better. 

IMG_2895 2.JPG

4. Try out that new exercise class.

I used to attend a self defence class twice a week and you can learn more about my ninja childhood on a previous blog post.

Now I like to try many different exercise classes to improve my confidence, get fit and even relax. I recently got into Yoga and Running both help me to completely clear my head from any stresses.

If you have every fancied trying Yoga a way I started is by completing sessions in my home with YouTube on TV and ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ is incredible!

Set yourself little exercise goals throughout the week and if you achieve them not only are you treating your body and mind but it gives you a great excuse to treat yourself to that item you’ve been thinking about. 

5. Being on your own is not a bad thing

Sometimes I always used to think that if I was on my own I’d just be bored and never get anything done.

However over Christmas when I had to work in Sheffield before coming home I was really productive and went to the gym and did coursework. I also watched programmes/films i’d been meaning to for a long time.

Last week I also had a casual Sunday with nothing planned and I decided to go for a long walk to IKEA on my own and organise my room. It worked out really well and I was really productive.

Treat yourself, go on a walk or be productive on your own, or just have a lazy movie day on the sofa with your duvet. The biggest treat is to spend time with yourself, checking in on your mental health and increasing your positivity.

6. Start Reading + Switch off

Now we all may not be readers (or if you are reading my blog then you must be) but in my childhood I read about every single Jacqueline Wilson book available. For some reason I just stopped doing that and instead I watch endless YouTube videos in bed staying up till past midnight and never really ‘switching off’.

When I went to the hairdressers last week (keep an eye out for a blog post coming up about this very soon). They had some really interesting books that I had been meaning to read for a long time, as I was waiting for my highlights to be done I read a chapter from a Sarah Knight book.

I started to read the ‘Get your Sh*t Together book’ it resonated so much with me at the moment. Coming to the end of my university career about to start a new adventure. I immediately came home and ordered all 3 of her books through Amazon Prime.

The first book I am reading is ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k’ I started to read it last night.

If you would like to hear a review on how it changes my life perspective then let me know in the comments!

I hope this helps you to understand that there is no shame in treating yourself. Don’t feel bad and if it means trying out that restaurant on your own that you’ve been gazing at for  a while then just go.

Buy those clothes, start that exercise class or just spend some time on your own reading a book. 

Just from starting to read my Sarah Knight’s book it is already giving me a different perspective and telling me not to waste my time on things I do not enjoy.

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If you liked this post then let me know in the comments your thoughts and if you’ve got any ideas for any upcoming posts.

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Thank you so much for reading,


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