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I have previously blogged all about my love of brunches and for some reason I have had a serious lack of spreading this love to you all. However if you do fancy checking out something I have previously written click the link below.

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As I am currently at university in Sheffield I have suddenly realised there are so many places that I can blog about and share with you all. Now I am starting a mini-series called ‘Offbeat Brunches’ I want to help represent those little independent places that many people may not know about. I am all about helping out the smaller independent companies that really share their love and passion through the incredible coffee and food.

As a student I am always in need for a little break away from coursework and the best thing is to go and grab a coffee with my course mates. We have decided to make it a weekly thing so first up is ‘The Holt’.

Introduced to me by my friend Hannah and we went with another course mate, Harriet. I had no idea where it was and from the outside it doesn’t exactly look like your standard café.

If you ever find yourself in Sheffield and you really wanna grab some lunch but fancy trying somewhere a little ‘off-the-beaten’ path then The Holt is perfect. It is located on Arundel Street, just around the corner from Moor Market.

The Holt – @bookitblogger

As you can see it gives off this ‘industrial’ vibe straight away from the outside, it is definitely quirky and they even have some coffee beans that you can take away for yourself.

When you enter the space definitely feels like a converted garage which has been amazingly repurposed for a cafe + creative space.

They have decorated this open space with fairy lights, bunting and mismatched furniture that I love! It has a really homely comforting vibe about it and just from walking through the door we had such a lovely friendly welcome.

We went for a little coffee and snack so by looking at their menus they offer ground coffee which is made directly at The Holt by Smith Street Roasters!

The Coffee Roaster – courtesy of The Holt

I am also a sucker not only for good coffee but great tea and they source their tea from the Birdhouse Tea Company and you can even buy a selection directly at The Holt. I previously managed this tea company in my Hot Yoga blog post so check that out.

The Holt – @bookitblogger
The Birdhouse Tea Company – @bookitblogger

I, of course had to sample one of their desserts as they were just tempting me right by the till. They have a great brunch menu full of Welsh Rarebit and Beans on Toast with all vegan/veggie options. They work with so many wonderful companies and for their food they work with Urban Pantry, Gerry’s Bakery & The Herb Table.

The Dessert Counter – @bookitblogger
The Brunch Menu – @bookitblogger

I ordered a Mocha and treated myself to the Caramelised Banana + Nut Brownie and Harriet got a Mocha.

The Mocha – @bookitblogger
The Caramel Banana Nut Brownie – @bookitblogger

Then my friend Hannah ordered the Chai Tea & the Beetroot Brownie which looked amazing. Also because I’m a nerd and love my teas and they brought the teapot over with a little timer and told us to let it brew between 3 – 5 minutes just with something so little I found it really nice.

The Chai Tea – @bookitblogger
The Beetroot Brownie – @bookitblogger

We could have stayed and chatted in the cafe for such a long time as it was really nice and cosy with the heat lamps and they even provide blankets if you need it. It is the ideal place for a catch up and it was really busy despite the slightly hidden location.

It is popular! – @bookitblogger

I just wanted to end this little review to say that I absolutely love the atmosphere in The Holt, it’s industrial vibe is exactly my type of decor. I am so happy that it is already really popular and I hope that by me sharing my review it brings even more of you to this wonderful spot.

So go on…go and treat yourself to some ‘Offbeat Brunch‘ and check this place out, as it’s covered in amazing artwork and why not try something different?

I really hope you enjoyed this first instalment in my new series.

I adore brunches and trying new independent places that I can share with you all. If you liked this post let me know in the comments some of your favourite places to go. 

I will also be doing a vote on where we should go next:

This is between The Birdhouse Tea Company vs. Cocoa Wonderland!

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