My Black Cactus Makeover

Need a glam makeover and want to know how my hair has transformed. Check out my experience all about Black Cactus.

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Recently if some of you haven’t already seen, I released some images from my amazing hair experience on my instagram @bookitblogger 


One of my most favourite treats to myself is to go and get my hair done. My hair is so thick and once it starts to grow I fall out of love with it. It always feel so light and fresh when I get it cut.

Speaking of treats if you haven’t already check out my previous post all about Why you should take time to treat yourself:

Previously I used to head over to the lovely people over at Laundry in Sheffield and had many great experiences there in the past. However, one of my course mates tried a new salon and recommended it to me so I thought I would give it a go.

Where did I go?

I headed over to Black Cactus, a brand new salon in the heart of Sheffield. Located just in the West One area.


Opened last year by Danny Richo & Maxine Holland. Danny has received great success in his hairdressing career being featured on Season 2 on the E4 programme Body Fixers. As well as Maxine who has won plenty of awards for her incredible Make-up and Beautician skills.

The Salon has an ultra modern and relaxing feel. Totally ‘insta-worthy’. If I could create and design a salon it would be exactly what Black Cactus looks like.

With the clue in the title it is accented with Cacti’s, Succulents and Industrial textures.


What did I do?

For years I have wanted to lighten my hair, it always seemed impossible due to my history of hair colour.

For a long time I had red hair which for anyone who has dyed their hair red will know it is very difficult to get rid of. I tried many times to lighten my hair and either it didn’t take to it or it was just too brassy!

I finally managed to get my hair all back to its natural colour and thought that I could finally go for it and get my hair lightened.

I was not sure how light my hair would actually go but I went for it and crossed my fingers!

I was blessed by the ‘Queen of Balyage‘ the wonderful Tia Lambourn to get my dream hair complete. Before my appointment I scrolled through her Instagram and knew she would be the perfect person to do my hair.


Tia has her own little blog so head on over there and show her some support: 

The Result: 

I was totally ready to be at the salon for a while to get my true result and I was there for around 5 hours. I had my colour, toner and style and felt well and truly pampered, they even went out and bought me lunch.

When I arrived I sat around their main table, chatted to Tia and she started on my hair. I was given a lovely cup of coffee on an extremely Instagrammable slate, basically made for blogging.


Through the entire process I could not wait to see the end result as everyone kept saying how well the colour had come out, let’s have a look at the Before + After:

That before picture (Left) is actually shocking my hair looks so dull and then my new do on the right is so much healthier. Can we just appreciate them curls are absolute perfection.

I took away with me their Silver Shampoo to keep my brassiness at bay and I have used it twice now and my blonde is definitely here to stay ‘fingers crossed’.


If you want to see a post about my hair products and how I style it let me know in the comments below. 

I want to thank Tia for the incredible pampering she gave me and my hair. I also want to thank Danny and Maxine for opening up such a great salon. I will definitely be back!

For you Sheffield Students out there if you book on a Friday you can get student discount, just make sure you book far enough in advance as they get booked up fast!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 20.32.33.png

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