Offbeat Brunches: Cocoa Wonderland – Sheffield

Check out this 2nd instalment in Offbeat Brunches and learn all about Cocoa Wonderland in Sheffield.

Hello lovelies,

I hope you’ve all had a great Saturday, mine certainly has been.

I previously started a brand new series here on my blog called Offbeat Brunches the first instalment was all about:

Offbeat Brunches: The Holt – Sheffield

Go ahead and check it out for more inspiration and now here we go onto the next one.

After the last one my friends and I decided to choose between two brunch places:

Cocoa Wonderland + Birdhouse Tea Company. 

I opened up a vote on my Instagram + Facebook page and Cocoa Wonderland came out on top, so we headed there today.

Cocoa Wonderland is located on the very popular Ecclesall Road, there is absolutely no missing the store as you come across this brightly coloured building.

Cocoa Wonderland – @bookitblogger

Cocoa Wonderland has a lovely little story behind it. Cocoa Wonderland was started by two best friends who were students from Sheffield Hallam. Back in 2006, they worked in a sweet shop on Ecclesall Road whilst being students and the owner told them she was moving. The girls couldn’t stand the thought of losing the shop so they did something completely mad and bought it!

Kate and Anne are amazing and have put so much effort into making the best chocolate they can by going to Grenada and picking the cocoa beans and even going to the Chocolate Academy.

In 2017, they even started making their own chocolate in store! You can’t get more homemade than that!

Myself, Hannah, Harriet and Freya headed over their today and I celebrated handing in one of my university essays.

As I mentioned as you walk down Ecclesall road you are greeted by the amazingly bright colours of this offbeat gem.

Cocoa Wonderland – @bookitblogger

You are welcomed with a bright inside just like the outside as the walls are filled with sweets and the counter is decorated in cakes and handmade chocolates that overwhelm your senses.

The Counter – @bookitblogger
Look at those chocolates! – @bookitblogger


The Cake Selection – @bookitblogger

The choice is definitely difficult but we headed on up to The ‘Cocoa Den’ and tried to make our choice before we headed downstairs to make our order.

The Cocoa Den – @bookitblogger

The Cocoa Den has such a homely vintage feel about it. With fairy lights on the ceiling, pillows everywhere and even old school board games to make you feel right at home.

The Cocoa Den – @bookitblogger
The Cocoa Den – @bookitblogger

I felt immediately relaxed and made my choice from the menu of decadent treats.


What would you choose? – Let me know in the comments below

I ended up choosing the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and so did Hannah.

The Salted Caramel – @bookitblogger

Harriet went for The Campfire Hot Chocolate which was definitely the runner up choice for me!

The Campfire – @bookitblogger

Freya ordered the Proper Hot Chocolate and you can just see that chocolatey goodness in all of its glory!

The Proper Hot Chocolate – @bookitblogger

The Hot Chocolate’s were absolutely incredible and I sat there drinking mine from my teaspoon savouring every last drop.

Now I could not leave Cocoa Wonderland without taking some handmade chocolates with me so I bought some little mini bars of the Love Hearts & Party Popper, they will be saved for a special occasion or if I just feel like I really need a treat.

My little souvenirs – @bookitblogger

So go on…go and treat yourself to some ‘Offbeat Brunch‘ and check this place out, as it’ll brighten up your day straight away!

Head over to their website to learn more:

Now we all were super full even though we only had the Hot Chocolate so we thought let’s go for a walk around Ecclesall Road and see where it takes us.

We ended up coming across Endcliffe Park, somewhere I haven’t ventured to before but seemed like the ideal place on our slightly sunny day to walk off that Hot Chocolate.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 22.27.11.png
Endcliffe Park

It was the perfect day and this park is absolutely beautiful it was full of dog walkers and children just having fun.

Endcliffe Park – @bookitblogger
Endcliffe Park – @bookitblogger

With tiny little water features scattered around it is the ideal place to go to after Cocoa Wonderland. There are even some stepping stones and funnily we saw a dog run over them incredibly yet when we ventured across them it took us a lot, lot, lot longer…not just because we were full of chocolate.

The Stepping Stones – @bookitblogger
The Stepping Stones – @bookitblogger

If you are thinking about venturing to Cocoa Wonderland why not go here afterwards, or if you just fancy a nice walk this is the perfect spot.

I want to thank my lovely friends Freya, Harriet and Hannah for this perfect Saturday and for drinking their body weight in chocolate with me.

I also want to thank you guys for reading this post and of course just like last week I want you to help me choose where we should go next.

This time I want to give Birdhouse Tea Company another shot at the vote and going up against it will be:

The Birdhouse Tea Company vs. Made by Jonty!

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page ‘The Book it List‘ or on my Twitter / Instagram @bookitblogger to help me choose.

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Get your gloves on_-5

Thank you so much for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend,



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